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High Mountain Rangers (1987-1988)

High Mountain Rangers

(1987 - 1988)

Adventure / Crime / Drama

60 minutes


Robert Conrad as Jesse Hawkes
Christian Conrad as Matt "Flying Tiger" Hawkes
Shane Conrad as Cody Hawkes
Russell Todd as Jim "Flash" Cutler
P.A. Christian as Robin "Frostbite" Kelly
Timothy Erwin as Izzy "the Pocatello Kid" Flowers
Eugene Williams as Tim " Black Magic " Hart
Tony Acierto as Frank " White Eagle " Avila
Robyn Peterson as Jackie Hawkes
Med Flory as Sheriff "Mac" McBride
Rick J. Porter as Merlin
Tom Towles as T.J. Cousins
Ed O'Ross as Bernie Cousins

High Mountain Rangers is an adventure and crime dramatic series which began with a pilot film in April, 1987, and then a twelve-episode series broadcast in 1988.

Set in the Lake Tahoe area of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, the High Mountain Rangers are a well-trained group of law enforcement and search and rescue officers started by Jesse Hawkes 35 years ago.  In each episode the group is involved in tracking down criminals and performing rescue operations.

In the 100 minute long series’ pilot, broadcast in 1987, Jesse Hawkes is called out of retirement when criminal mastermind T. J. Cousins escapes from prison, where Jesse had put him.  The High Mountain Rangers, now led by Jesse’s son Matt, after Cousins murders Jesse’s successor, Merlin, need Jesse’s help to track down and re-capture the murderous Cousins.

High Mountain Rangers starred Robert Conrad and, portraying his sons, his real-life sons Christian and Shane Conrad.  A spin-off series titled Jesse Hawkes was created and broadcast in 1989, but it too had a brief run with only six episodes.

High Mountain Rangers (Pilot) (4/19/1987)

The High Mountain Rangers try to re-capture three escaped prisoners, one of whom is the mortal enemy of Jesse Hawkes. Cody and another Ranger search for survivors of a plane crash.

The Only Place To Live (1/2/1988)

Jesse and Cody try to convince an elderly man and his granddaughter to leave the mountain for safer shelter after an earthquake and other Rangers have to rescue spelunkers trapped in a cave.

Old Friends, New Friends (1/9/1988)

Buck Dawkins, a friend of Jesse’s, arrives in Tahoe with his daughter, Haley. When Buck is charged with kidnapping the girl, the Rangers have to find him

The Trial Of Jesse Hawkes (1/16/1988)

Jesse is put on trial after being accused of Murder by Bernie Cousins.  Cody and Robin search for evidence to clear him of the charges.

Washout (1/23/1988)

Roy Culhane returns to Tahoe after being released from prison with a grudge against The High Mountain Rangers and Matt Hawkes.

Cross-Sierra Run (1/30/1988)

The Rangers have to find missing runners when a blizzard strikes the area.

The Assassin (2/6/1988)

The Rangers are assigned bodyguard duty for a honeymooning ambassador and his wife.

The Bear (2/13/1988)

When a bear invades a campsite and two girls disappear Cody and the Rangers have to find the girls before the wounded bear does.

Sacred Ground (2/20/1988)

Frank Avila asks for the Rangers help in searching for a missing burial ground that will prove the land belongs to the Native Americans and save it from developers.

Jesse Hawkes Shot By Hunters (2/27/1988)

On his own in the mountains, Jesse is shot by drunken hunters.

Defection Of A Russian Skier (3/5/1988)

A Russian woman disappears when she goes off course in a ski race, and the Rangers and her KGB bodyguards have to find her.

Anniversary Chopper Crash (3/23/1988)

Called away from Jackie’s parents’ anniversary party, Matt is needed to find two missing skiers, but when their helicopter crashes because of an avalanche , they wind up in need of rescuing.

War Games (4/9/1988)

After Cody witnesses a murder he is pursued back to the cabin and is trapped inside with Jesse.  Cody has to scale Dead Drop Wall to find the other Rangers for help.

Actors: Robert Conrad
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