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Three's A Crowd (1984-1985)

Three's A Crowd


Comedy / Sitcom

30 minutes


John Ritter as Jack Tripper  
Mary Cadorette as Vicky Bradford 
Alan Campbell as E.Z. Taylor  
Robert Mandan as James Bradford 
Jessica Walter as Claudia Bradford 

Three's A Crowd is an American sitcom spinoff from the show Three's Company .   Three's Company was originally based on a British sitcom called Man About the House.  In 1976, Man About the House spawned two British spinoffs, Robin's Nest and George and Mildred.  Robin's Nest followed the story of Robin Trip (the inspiration for Jack Tripper) and George and Mildred followed the Roper couple who were the landlords. 

The American network followed the same format, first splitting off Norman Fell and Audra Lindley into their own series The Ropers .  While Three's Company was still going on, the network tried to work on their version of "Robin's Nest", toying with the idea of doing the show on someone other than Jack Tripper.  Finally the network settled on using Jack Tripper, but the girls from the show would not move on.  Joyce DeWitt, who played Janet on Three's Company found out at the last minute and as a result, the last few episodes of Three's Company had significant problems filming.

Three's A Crowd picks up from where Three's Company left off, and follows the plotline of the British Robin's Nest.  Jack Tripper meets and falls in love with an attractive airline stewardess named Vicki Bradford.  Of course her wealthy father does not approve of Jack, creating most of the tension for the show

Three's A Crowd was cancelled after its first season.  The ratings were low compared to NBC's The A-team, which Three's A Crowd was competing with.  ABC agreed to renew the show for half a season and see where the ratings were from there, while John Ritter stated that he would only return if a full season was committed.

22 episodes aired on ABC from September 25, 1984 to April 9, 1985

1.      Family Affair 9/25/1984

2.      The Happy Couple 10/9/1984

3.      Maternal Triangle 10/16/1984

4.      Daddy's Little Girl 10/23/1984
5.      Jack's Problem 10/30/1984

6.      Vacation from Sex 11/13/1984

7.      A Matter of Money 11/20/1984

8.      The Honeymooners 11/27/1984

9.      A Little Competition 12/4/1984
10.     A Foreign Affair 12/11/1984

11.     James Steps Out 12/18/1984

12.     Father Knows Nothing 1/8/1985

13.     A Friend in Deed 1/15/1985

14.     A Case of Sour Grapes 1/22/1985
15.     Private Lessons 1/29/1985

16.     One Ego to Go 2/5/1985

17.     September Song 2/12/1985

18.     Deeds of Trust 2/19/1985

19.     The New Mr. Bradford 2/26/1985

20.     King for a Day 3/5/1985

21.     Jack Gets Trashed 4/2/1985

22.     A Star is Born 4/9/1985

Actors: John Ritter, Jessica Walter
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Matinee Classics - Three's A Crowd starring John Ritter, Mary Cadorette, Alan Campbell, Robert Mandan and Jessica Walter
Matinee Classics - Three's A Crowd starring John Ritter, Mary Cadorette, Alan Campbell, Robert Mandan and Jessica Walter

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