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Real People (1979-1984)

Real People


Game Show / Talk Show / Variety

Real People is an NBC reality television series that aired from April 18, 1979 to July 4, 1984.  Real People had the format of a comedy talk show taped in front of a large studio audience. Each segment featured a news report consisting of visits to people with unique occupations or hobbies, occasionally bringing some of them in-studio to interact with the audience. In its early seasons, Real People was NBC's most popular series, often scoring at the top of the ratings. Segments included 'funny pictures' and funny newspaper errors sent in by viewers, who were awarded a Real People T-shirt.

Regular hosts included John Barbour, Sarah Purcell, Byron Allen, Skip Stephenson, Bill Rafferty, Mark Russell, Peter Billingsley, and Fred Willard.  This was one of the funniest, most original reality shows ever broadcast. 

The success of Real People led to a rash of imitators, the best known and longest-running of which was "That's Incredible!" which aired on ABC.  Real People gave fitness instructor Richard Simmons his major break into the mass media, and spotlighted such unique talents as Pittsburgh Police traffic cop Vic Cianca.

When the show was initially syndicated to broadcast stations, it was edited into 30-minute segments and retitled More Real People.  What we have here are the original full length 60 minute shows exactly as originally seen on it’s initial run including vintage 1979 commercials and network promos.  Taken direct from original Beta recording to a first generation digital transfer to DVD these shows offer network quality picture and sound.

A visit to Roseland Ballroom from a bygone era, A modern prize fighter who has a whole town dancing to his tune, a group of psychics who make unbelievable political prediction, people of set out to sea in boats made out of milk cartons a look at what has become of the modern bicycle and a look at Nome, Alaska…..and more

An unusual sun tan contest, a whistling contest, a 50 year old who just started college and is a star on the college football team, a college student who is a world authority on television game shows, a reunion of Japanese soldiers who fought for the United States during World War II, an 80 year old cat doctor and Byron Allen takes place in a motorcycle contest… and more

A Playboy contest with Skip Stephenson, a man who danced his way out of the heart of the ghetto, Byron  Allen attends a wedding where the first man was a jackass, the girl who gave up a career as a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader to become a professional clown to be near the man who loves, a man believes men should wear skirts, a group of senior citizens who strip tease and more.

Real People Reunion Show - A 90 minute retrospective brings you some of wildest, funniest shows ever as Fred Willard joins John Barbour, Sarah Purchell, Byron Allen and Skip Stephenson to take a look back at one of TV’s first reality shows.

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Matinee Classics - Real People hosted by John Barbour, Sarah Purcell, Byron Allen, Skip Stephenson, Bill Rafferty, Mark Russell, Peter Billingsley and Fred Willard

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