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The Lucy Show (1962-1968)

The Lucy Show

(1962 - 1968)

26 minutes per episode.

Television / Series / Comedy / Family / Sitcom

Cast: Lucille Ball, Vivian Vance and Gale Gordon

After the death of her husband, Lucy Carmichael and her friend, the recently divorced Vivian Bagley, move into a house together with their children. The series follows the adventures of the widow Lucy as she grapples with the comic complications of life on her own, and with her job working as the personal secretary to the impatient and grumpy banker Mr. Mooney.

The Lucy Show Intro

Lucy and Viv Put in a Shower (01/28/1963)

Tired of her daughter Chris hogging the bathroom all the time, Lucy asks her neighbor Harry to install an extra shower for her. Not wanting to do the job, he hires a plumber to do it instead. Lucy nags the plumber so much that he quits, leaving Lucy and Vivian to finish the jobs themselves!

Lucy's Barbershop Quartet (02/04/1963)

When one of the members of Vivian's Barbershop Quartet drops out, Lucy naturally wants to take her place. Vivian agrees, and now it's up to Lucy to learn how to sing before a big singing contest in Albany!

Lucy, the Bean Queen (09/26/1966)

Lucy finds a sale on beans that says "The Best Beans You've Ever Eaten or Double Your Money Back". Needing money for new furniture, Lucy & Mary Jane keep buying and returning more and more beans until they have collected $1,500.00! Little does Lucy know that Mr. Mooney is helping to sell them.

Viv Visits Lucy (01/09/1967)

Recently married Vivian leaves Danfield to visit Lucy and the two begin gossiping and making up for lost time. When Viv tells Lucy about a friend's son who's now sporting long-hair, a guitar and a clock earring, the duo decide to dress up as hippies and set off to Sunset Strip to find "Itchy" to rescue him from the underworld .

Main Street, U.S.A. (01/23/1967)

Lucy joins locals in protesting the destruction of the tiny town of Bancroft, slated to be ruined by a freeway.

Lucy Meets the Law (02/13/1967)

Lucy is mistaken for a shoplifter called "The Red Flash" and taken to jail, but she thinks she's in jail because she littered a candy wrapper.

Lucy Meets Sheldon Leonard (03/06/1967)

When Sheldon Leonard convinces Mr. Mooney to let him shoot a television pilot at the bank , Lucy mistakenly thinks he is a gangster who plans to rob the bank , so she and Mary Jane sneak into the bank at night, disguised as scrub women, to stop them.

Lucy Meets the Berles (09/11/1967)

Lucy moonlights again, this time as Milton Berle's secretary. After overhearing Berle rehearse a torrid love scene with Ruta Lee, Lucy decides to teach the cad a lesson.

Lucy Gets Trapped (09/18/1967)

Lucy fakes sickness to go shopping at a one-day-only sale with Mary Jane. But when Lucy becomes the customer of the year and has her photo printed in the paper, she must hide the paper from Mr. Mooney before he sees it.

Lucy and the French Movie Star (09/25/1967)

When a handsome French film star expresses interest in Mooney's bank, Lucy is sent to the actor's apartment to dictate a letter. While visiting, the redhead gets too much of a kick from champagne and makes a fool of herself.

Lucy, the Starmaker (10/02/1967)

Mr. Cheever brings his nephew to work at the bank , hoping to discourage him from entering show business. Though he's to get no special treatment, Mooney constantly sucks up to young man. The nephew impresses Lucy and she encourages his aspirations.

Lucy Gets Jack Benny's Account (10/16/1967)

Needing new accounts for the bank , Lucy visits Jack Benny to try and get him to keep his money at her bank. He agrees to do it if she can prove that her bank can build a vault safer than his. Lucy then has the bank build a burglar proof vault, and gives Mr. Benny a personal tour of it.

Little Old Lucy (10/23/1967)

Elderly Mr. Heatherton, the bank president, is in town for a visit. The bank is throwing a party in his honor, but Mr. Mooney forgets to line up an escort for the old guy. He presses Lucy into being his dinner date, masquerading as little old lady Amelia Van Dyne.

Lucy and Robert Goulet (10/30/1967)

When poor trucker Chuck Willis is turned down for a loan, Lucy decides to help him by entering him in a Robert Goulet look-alike contest. He loses the contest, but then again, so does the real Robert Goulet.

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Actors: Lucille Ball
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