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Northwest Passage (1958-1959)

Northwest Passage

(1958 - 1959)

Adventure / Western

Directed by Otto Lang


Keith Larsen as Major Robert Rogers
Buddy Ebsen as Sergeant Hunk Marriner
Don Burnett as Ensign Langdon Towne

Major Robert Rogers organized Rogers Rangers to search for the alleged waterway across the United States during the French and Indian War (1754-1759). Helping Rogers, an experienced explorer and Indian fighter, were Hunk Marriner, another experienced Indian fighter, and Langdon Towne, a Harvard graduate who was the map maker. The episodes tell the story of their trials and tribulations searching for the Northwest Passage and their battles with both the French and Indians during this exploration.

Surprise Attack (10/05/1958)

Major Rogers plans for a decisive blow against the French army are thwarted when Ensign Towne is captured by Black Wolf's tribesmen. Rogers must rescue his young officer before the Indians can force him to reveal the Rangers attack plans.

Break Out (10/19/1958)

Major Rogers, Sergeant Marriner and Ensign Towne are captured by a French patrol and thrown into a prison stockade. There they are subject to inhuman conditions and brutal torture by the sadistic French commander, Maj. Marten.

The Hostage (11/02/1958)

During the Rangers attack on Montreal in 1760, Rogers is injured when a wall collapses, is captured and held prisoner by French insurgents. A group of children and a priest help him try to escape.

The Assassin (11/16/1958)

Kept in a French prison, Colonel Clayton is approached with a proposition. Take a message to Rogers and the Colonel can go free.

Vengeance Trail (12/21/1958)

A bounty hunter reports that the Mohegan, an Indian tribe who were previously neutral in the fight between the French and the English colonists, are preparing to go on the warpath against the Anglo-Americans. Rogers distrusts the man's story and over the bounty hunter's objections is determined to investigate first, rather than make a preemptive strike against a previously peaceful tribe.

The Vulture (12/28/1958)

Sir Martin Stanley is determined to avenge himself upon Major Rogers and his men because his wife flirted with the Ranger commander when last they met. He blocks all attempts to appropriate funds to pay his troops and then schemes to have Rogers and his two right hand men, Hunk Marriner and Langton Towne shanghaied aboard a sailing ship bound for the far reaches of the British empire.

The Counterfeiters (01/02/1959)

Major Rogers, Sergeant Marriner and Ensign Towne dine at a local tavern, and when they go to pay the bill, they find that their money--which they've just received from the military paymaster--is counterfeit. An investigation reveals that counterfeiting isn't the only criminal activity going on.

Secret of the Cliff (01/09/1959)

The French capture a British spy upon Quebec's Plains of Abraham and are convinced that he has discovered a route to climb the 200 foot cliffs that protect the city from the St. Lawrence River below. The British army believes this two and sends Rogers with a beautiful double-agent to Quebec to try to learn about the route from the spy who is imprisoned in the city's deepest dungeon.

Death Rides the Wind (01/23/1959)

Two escaped convicts break into a trapper's cabin. While the man is sleeping, they eat his food, steal his pelts and a rifle and leave. What they don't know, however, is that the trapper wasn't sleeping--he was dying of smallpox. When the Rangers discover what has happened, they set out to capture the fleeing men before they're able to get to Portsmouth and bring that contagious, and fatal, disease with them.

The Fourth Brother (01/30/1959)

When a local trapper is robbed and murdered, suspicion immediately falls on a family of troublemakers, the Wade brothers. However, Dan Wade, the youngest brother, insists that he had nothing to do with the crime and pleads with Rogers to help prove his innocence.

The Witch (02/13/1959)

While scouting French army positions, Rogers is shot. He manages to elude his pursuers and floats downstream unconscious until his canoe is recovered by an old woman skilled in herbs and poultices who recently escaped from Indian captivity. The woman is accused of witchcraft by a sick child and when a traitor learns she was caring for the injured Rogers, plans to turn the ranger over to the French for the thousand dollar reward.

Actors: Buddy Ebsen, Keith Larsen
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Matinee Classics - Northwest Passage starring Buddy Ebsen, Keith Larsen and Don Burnett
Matinee Classics - Northwest Passage starring Buddy Ebsen, Keith Larsen and Don Burnett
Matinee Classics - Northwest Passage starring Buddy Ebsen, Keith Larsen and Don Burnett
Matinee Classics - Northwest Passage starring Buddy Ebsen, Keith Larsen and Don Burnett

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