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Frontier Doctor (1958-1959)

Frontier Doctor

(1958 - 1959)

Cast: Rex Allen

Television / Series / Western / Medical

A western TV series about the adventures of Bill Baxter, a doctor in the town of Rising Springs, Arizona , during the early 1900's.


Queen of the Cimarron (09/26/1958)

The doc patches up cowboys attacked by rustlers and meets the gambling hall queen.


San Francisco Story (10/04/1958)

Dr. Baxter meets a lawyer who is wounded in a hold up. He follows up the case and uncovers murder.


Three Men Wanted (10/11/1958)

Doctor Baxter is captured by a gang of outlaws who need him to patch up some wounds.


Crooked Circle (10/18/1958)

The doc is called to heal a stern cattle baron who has been ambushed. His grand daughter wants him out of the way.


Apache Uprising (10/25/1958)

Doctor Baxter attempts to affect a truce between residents of Rising Springs and their Apache neighbors.


Double Boomerang (11/01/1958)

Doctor Baxter is perturbed by the many mine casualties he is being called upon to treat.


Mystery of the Black Stallion (11/08/1958)

The doctor helps horse breeders how insure a race horse with a crook who will benefit from the horse's death.


The Outlaw Legion (11/15/1958)

Butch Cassidy's gang is injured on a raid. They kidnap the doctor to help the wounded.


Fury in the Big Top (11/22/1958)

A lost, ill girl who cannot speak leads the doctor to a mysterious death at a traveling circus and her wrongly imprisoned father.


The Desperate Game (11/29/1958)

Doctor Baxter attempts to upset the plans of a gambler who has been blackmailing a respected doctor into signing false death certificates.


The Great Stagecoach Robbery (12/06/1958)

Doctor Baxter gets involved with a famous theater actress, the Dalton Gang , and stolen jewelry.


Shotgun Hattie (12/20/1958)

Doctor Baxter risks his life and reputation to stop an eccentric widow and her accomplices from declaring her stepson insane.


Trouble in Paradise Valley (12/27/1958)

Ranchers stricken by drought are being repossessed. The doctor helps a poor family with health problems.


Shadows of Belle Starr (01/03/1959)

Doctor Baxter saves an adolescent boy from juvenile delinquency.


The Bittercreek Gang (01/31/1959)

Doctor Baxter poses as an ex-convict to aid the law in tracking down a gang.


The Big Frame-Up (03/21/1959)

A girl announces that her husband and his brother have quarreled and killed each other, but Doctor Baxter is suspicious and starts an investigation.


Drifting Sands (03/28/1959)

A nurse on her way to visit Dr. Baxter is kidnapped and replaced by a woman who plans to rob a hypochondriac of her diamonds.


The Homesteaders (04/04/1959)

A young cowpoke finds himself caught up in a range war with his girlfriend's homesteading family.


Danger Valley (04/11/1959)

The doctor joins a posse chasing an escaped train robber who may carry the contagious disease diphtheria.


A Twisted Road (04/25/1959)

A psycho killer strangles young women and steals their shoes. Could it be asthma patient Robert Vaughn? Guest Starring: Robert Vaughn.


Gringo Pete (05/02/1959)

A dying outlaw is pardoned from prison to help bring his old gang to justice, but he double crosses the authorities.


Superstition Mountain (05/09/1959)

Doctor Baxter makes a hazardous trip into Comanche territory to give medical aid to a cavalry trooper.


Man to Man (06/21/1959)

Doctor Baxter becomes involved with a boy and his drunken father, who once served with Teddy Roosevelt and his Rough Riders.


Flaming Gold (06/20/1959)

Settlers are being driven off their land by oil drillers. The doctor investigates the death of a lawyer who was defending them.

Actors: Rex Allen
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Matinee Classics - Frontier Doctor starring Rex Allen as Doctor Bill Baxter
Matinee Classics - Frontier Doctor starring Rex Allen as Doctor Bill Baxter
Matinee Classics - Frontier Doctor starring Rex Allen as Doctor Bill Baxter

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