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Zane Grey Theatre (1956-1961)

Zane Grey Theatre


Anthology / Western

Created by Luke Short and Charles A. Wallace

Dick Powell's Zane Grey Theatre, sometimes simply called Zane Grey Theater, is an American Western anthology series which ran for 5 seasons and 149 episodes on CBS from 1956 to 1961.  The series was originally based on the short stories and novels of Western author Zane Grey, but as the episodes continued, new material was included.  The program opened with a prelude of the episode followed by the introduction, the firing of a gun, with the proclamation: "From out of the West, Dick Powell's Zane Grey Theatre."    

You Only Run Once aka "The Hangin' Tree" (10/5/1956) 

Cast: Robert Ryan, Cloris Leachman, John Hoyt, Howard Petrie, Stuart Randall and Parley Baer.

Fearful Courage (10/12/1956) 

Cast: Ida Lupino, James Whitmore, Michael Pate, Paul Hahn and Robert Karnes.

Long Road Home (11/23/1956) 

Cast: Dick Powell, Ray Collins, Ainslie Pryor, Jean Willies, Robert Armstrong, Francis J. McDonald, Alan Wells and Conrad Janis.

The Unrelenting Sky (10/26/1956) 

Cast: Lew Ayres, Phyllis Avery, Walter Sande, Steven Geray and Willis Bouchey.

Lariat (11/2/1956) 

Cast: Jack Palance, Constance Ford, Addison Richards, Robert Anderson, Michael Garrett, Guy Teague and Buff Brady.

Death Watch (11/9//1956) 

Cast: Lee J. Cobb, Bobby Driscoll, John Larch, John Alderson and Abel Fernandez.

Stage for Tucson (11/16/1956) 

Cast: Eddie Albert, Mona Freeman, John Ericson, Rusty Lane, Ian MacDonald, Jaclynne Greene, DeForest Kelley, Bing Russell, Ray Baxter and Tyler McVey.

A Quiet Sunday in San Ardo (11/23/1956)

Cast: Wendell Corey, Gerald Mohr, Peggie Castle, Harry Lauter, Morgan Woodward, Robert Burton, Tim Graham and Sam Flint.

Vengeance Canyon (11/301956) 

Cast: Walter Brennan, Ben Cooper, Sheb Wooley and Robert Griffen.

Return to Nowhere (12/7/1956) 

Cast: Stephen McNally, John Ireland, Audrey Totter, Jimmy Baird, Ralph Moody, Dan Riss and Chris Alcaide.

Courage is a Gun (12/14/1956) 

Cast: Dick Powell, Beverly Garland, Robert Vaughn, James Westerfield, Claude Akins, Leonard Penn and Robert Bice.

Muletown Gold Strike (12/21/1956) 

Cast: Rory Calhoun, Barbara Eiler, Bobby Clark, Parley Baer, Dabbs Greer, Denver Pyle and Arthur Space.

Star Over Texas (12/28/1956) 

Cast: Ralph Bellamy, Gloria Talbot, James Garner, Beverly Washburn, Guy Teague and Dick Farnsworth and Max Wagner.

Three Graves (1/4/1957) 

Cast: Jack Lemmon, Nan Leslie, Frank Ferguson, James Best, Terry Frost, Dan Kennedy, Richard Cutting, Pat Collins and Michael Galloway.

No Man Living (1/11/1957) 

Cast: Frank Lovejoy, Margaret Hayes, Judson Pratt, Russ Conway, Peter Whitney, James Anderson, William Newell and Stafford Repp.

Time of Decision (1/18/1957) 

Cast: Lloyd Bridges, Diane Brewster, Walter Sande, Bill Erwin, Tommy Cook, Jean Howell, Mort Mills, Regis Toomey, Trevor Bardette and Mimi Gibson.

Until the Man Dies (1/25/1957) 

Cast: Stuart Whitman, John Payne, Carolyn Jones, Steve Darrell, Dick Rich, Stuart Randall, Gregg Barton, James Seay and Richard Newton.

Backtrail (2/1/1957) 

Cast: Dick Powell, Catherine McLeod, James Anderson, Raymond Bailey, Robert Crosson, Emile Meyer, John Pickard, Kim Charney, Arthur Q. Bryan and Theodore Marcuse.

Dangerous Orders (2/8/1957) 

Cast: Mark Stevens, Jack Elam, Willis Bouchey, Robert Cornthwaite, William Leicester, Thomas B. Henry, John Eldredge and Simon Scott.

The Necessary Breed (2/15/1957) 

Cast: Sterling Hayden, Jean Willies, James Griffith, Carlyle Mitchell , Strother Martin, Gregory Walcott, Bill Henry, Roy Barcroft, Frank Scanneli, Bill Fawcett and Fred Sherman.

Village of Fear (3/1/1957) 

Cast: David Niven, George D. Wallace, Ross Elliott, Peter Hansen, DeForest Kelley, Don Diamond, Harry Lauter, Dan Barton, Anne Barton, Bill Catching, Troy Melton and Gary Hunley.

Black Creek Encounter (3/8/1957) 

Cast: Ernest Borgnine, Jan Merlin, Norma Crane, Billy Chapin, Lou Krugman and Howard Negley.

There Were Four (3/15/1957) 

Cast: John Derek, Dean Jagger, David Janssen, James Gavin, Dick Rich, Grant Withers, Jimmie Komack and Kenneth MacDonald.

Fugitive (3/22/1957) 

Cast: Eddie Albert, Celeste Holm, Peter Votrian, Richard Shannon and Denver Pyle.

A Time to Love (4/5/1957) 

Cast: Ralph Meeker, Julie London, Forrest Lewis, Ken Lynch, John Larch, Walter Barnes and Alan Wells.

Black is for Grief (4/12/1957) 

Cast: Mary Astor, Beulah Bondi, Skip Homeier, Chester Morris, Mala Powers, Tom Tyron, Tom Tully and Richard Anderson.

Badge of Honor (5/3/1957) 

Cast: Gary Merrill, Tom Tully, Robert Culp, Peggy Webber, Dick Gardner, Mike Ragan, Walter Coy, Bill Henry, Bill Leicester and Richard Devon.

Decision at Wilson's Creek (5/17/1957) 

Cast: John Forsythe, John Dehner, Bart Burns, Willis Bouchey, Harry Lauter, Joe Di Reda, John Wilder, William Swan, Don House, Bill Boyett and Marjorie Lord.

Man on the Run (6/21/1957)

Cast: Scott Brady, Nancy Hale, Eve Miller, Hugh Sanders, Mort Hall and Adam Kennedy.

A Gun for my Bride

A Gun for Willie

A Thread of Respect

A Threat of Violence

Blood in the Dust

Bury Him Dead


Cry Hope, Cry Hate


Death in a Wood

Debt of Gratitude

Desert Flight

Episode in Darkness


Hanging Fever



Killer Instinct

King of the Valley

Knife of Hate

License to Kill

Man From Yesterday

Man of Fear

Man Unforgiving

Miss Jennie

Pressure Point

Rebel Range

Ride a Lonely Trail

Seed of Evil

Shadow of a Dead Man

starring Stephen McNally

Sundown Smith

The Accuser

The Bitter Land

The Freighter

The Ghost

The Law and the Gun

The Mormons

The Ox

The Promise

The Reckoning

The Scaffold

The Sunrise Gun

The Tall Shadow

The Vaunted

This Man Must Die

Three Days to Death

To Sit in Judgement

Trail to Nowhere

Trouble at Tres Cruces

Utopia , Wyoming



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