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The 20th Century Fox Hour (1955-1957)

The 20th Century Fox Hour

(1955 - 1957)

Anthology / Drama

Laura (10/19/1955) 43:18 minutes

Directed by John Brahm
George Sanders as Waldy Lydecker
Robert Stack as Mark McPherson
Scott Forbes as Shelby Carpenter
Johnny Washbrook as Danny Morgan
Gloria Clark as Bessie Clary
Gordon Wynne as MacAvity
Robert Williams as Fred Callahan
Harry Carter as the Policeman

The Miracle on 34th Street (12/14/1955)
Directed by Robert Stevenson
Macdonald Carey as Fred Gaily
Teresa Wright as Doris Walker
Thomas Mitchell as Kris Kringle
Sandy Descher as Susan Walker
Dick Foran as Thomas Mara
Hans Conried as Mr. Shellhammer
John Abbott as Dr. Albert Sawyer
Don Beddoe as R.H. Macy
Whit Bissell as Dr. Pierce
Sara Berner as Woman Shopper
Herbert Vigran as Postal Clerk
Maudie Prickett as Miss Prossy
Paul Smith as Store Clerk
Herbert Heyes as Mr. Gimbel

One Kris Kringle, a department-store Santa Claus , causes quite a commotion by suggesting customers go to a rival store for their purchases.  But this is nothing to the stir he causes by announcing that he is not merely a make-believe St.  Nick, but the real McCoy.

Crack-Up (2/8/1956) 44:50 minutes
Directed by Ted Post
Gary Merrill as David Trask
Bette Davis as Marie Hoke
Virginia Grey as Jane Trask
Barbara Ruick as Julie Morrison
Jesse White as Eddie Hoke
Carl Benton Reid as Dr. Merriam
Raymond Bailey as Claffey
Clark Howat as Herbert Shreve
Tom Powers as Dr. Fernwood
Jack Gargan as Agent
Herbert Lytton as Ticket Agent
Jess Kirkpatrick as Draftsman No. 1
John Bryant as Draftsman No. 2
Lilian Bond as Hostess
Gail Bonney as Female Guest

False Witness (1/23/1957) 45 minutes
Directed by Bernard Girard
Fred MacMurray as Peterson
Joe Mantell as Leo Vardosch
Claude Akins as Anton Budenieff
Morris Ankrum as Henry
Paul Birch as John Albertson
Jean Carson as Ethel Marzack
Gage Clarke as Elwood Allen
Arthur Farlee as Arthur Farlee
Lisa Golm as Tessie Vardosch
Robert H. Harris as Barney Davis
Ian MacDonald as Mike Dukovnik
Barry Macollum as Brannigan
Dennis McCarthy as Prosecutor
Natalie Norwick as Gloria Vardosch
Grant Richards as John Clayton

Men Against Speed (12/12/1956) 45:14 minutes
Directed by Albert S. Rogell
Mona Freeman as Helen
Regis Toomey as Sam Adams
Farley Granger as Steve
Rick Jason as Hank
Denver Pyle as Charley
Frank Yaconelli as Mario
Nico Minardos as Pinelli

In this adaptation of the 1955 film 'The Racers ' a family of auto racers sets out to prove that their American car is the best by entering the Mille Miglia race in Italy.  Complications arise when a lovely press agent causes problems between the two brothers.

Men in Her Life (4/17/1957) 48:40 minutes
Directed by Lewis Allen
Sheila Bromley Helen Roberts
Beverly Washburn Kate as a child
Phyllis Kirk Barbara Sherwood
Kendall Scott Dan Hopkins
Ann Doran Miss Cartwright
Richard Hale (II) Mr. Steel
Gertrude Michael Kate
Sydney Smith Dewey Roberts
Malcolm Brodrick Dewey as a child
Parley Baer Ralph Roberts

In this adaptation of 1941's 'Remember the Day' a retired school teacher visits a former student who is now a candidate for governor.

The Still Trumpet (4/3/1957) 47:53 minutes
Directed by Lewis Allen 
Dale Robertson as Lt. Clay Tucker  
Victor Jory as Major Kenniston  
Carol Ohmart as Nancy Kenniston  
Regis Toomey as Ephraim Strong  
Patrick McVey as Sgt. Duffy  
James Griffith as Sgt. Pickens  
Douglas Dick as Captain Bradford  
Ed Kemmer as Lt. Adams  
Grandon Rhodes as Captain Stanley  
Dan Riss as Doc MacGowen  
Forrest Taylor as Rev. Simpkins 

The film takes place during the Civil War and follows the hard work of a Confederate soldier trying to keep the traveling settlers away from Native American ravages.

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