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The Lone Wolf (1955)

The Lone Wolf


Cast: Louis Hayward

Television / Adventure / Series / Crime / Drama

Michael Lanyard, better known as the Lone Wolf, is a rapscallion gentleman who travels the world to fight the proponents of crime. Although, it is not unusual for he himself to cross the line. The Lone Wolf was a Gross-Naser Production, and starred veteran screen actor Louis Hayward as Michael Lanyard, a individual who works alone. He has no office nor secretary he would call his own. By profession, Lanyard is an adventurer and he often travels around the world to do his detecting, most of the time being on call from a close friend in need of his service. One episode could find him in New York City or another in Europe, solving a crime, murder or even faced head on with the crime boss or unknown assailant. Lanyard's calling card is his emblem, a metal piece in the shape of a wolf.

The Las Vegas Story (05/14/1955)

In this first episode of the series Lanyard arrives in Las Vegas on vacation, where he gets involved with a cop and his brother who is wanted for murder.

The Oil Story

Lanyard searches through the oil fields of Oklahoma for a boy kidnapped by his father from his mother's home.

The Karachi Story

Mike finds a surprise waiting for him when he goes to Pakistan to protect a religious leader's son whose life has been threatened.

The Stamp Story

Mike is hired to locate a stolen rare stamp and return it to its rightful owner.

Beverly Hills Story (01/07/1955)

Lanyard flies into Beverly Hills from Reno and checks into the Beverly Hills Hotel . The clerk informs him he's already checked in, by his wife. Mrs. Michael Lanyard is waiting in his room with a story that they married in Reno and a license to prove it. Lanyard plays along for awhile as he tries to figure out who is playing the joke on him. The game stops being amusing when one of his friends is furious with him and Lanyard has no idea why.

Actors: Louis Hayward
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