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Judge Roy Bean (1955-1956)

Judge Roy Bean

(1955 - 1956)

Cast: Edgar Buchanan

Television / Series / Western

A Western set in the Texas town of Langtry. When storekeeper Roy Bean becomes fed up with the lawlessness in the town, he sets establishes himself as a judge and introduces a system of law and order .

Judge Roy Bean Intro

The Judge of Pecos Valley (September 1955)

First show in the series. Filmed in color, although it was broadcast in black and white. The Judge nabs a train robber and hands him over to the Texas Rangers for trail.

Family Ties (October 1955)

A dance hall girl tries to marry a poor Mexican to gain his railroad right of way.

Sunburnt Gold (October 1955)

The judge goes after a gang that steals gold coins, melts them down and turns them into nuggets so they can't be identified as stolen coins.

The Runaway (October 1955)

A young boy thinks his father is “yellow” because he takes abuse from his boss to provide for his family . The boy runs away, and it is up to Judge Roy and Jeff to find him, and renew his faith in his father.

Black Jack (November 1955)

The Judge pursues a notorious train robber that has escaped from prison, and then murdered the fence that betrayed him.

Murder in Langtry (December 1955)

Judge Roy's deputy, Jeff Taggart is framed for the murder of a horse trader who had cheated him.

Connie Comes to Town (December 1955)

Judge Roy is after three people from the east: two men and a woman . They have committed robbery and are on the run. They Judge must catch up to them before they divide the loot and split up.

Letty Leaves Town (December 1955)

Letty decides to leave Langtry as she feels her tomboyish ways are overshadowing her femininity.

The Fugitive (December 1955)

Judge Roy helps out a respected rancher who is being blackmailed by three crooks claiming to be newspapermen.

The Travelers (January 1956)

A rancher murders his neighbor, then hires two gunmen to silence the witness that escaped.

Outlaw's Son (January 1956)

Judge Roy helps the son of an outlaw choose between right and wrong after his father is murdered.

The Reformer (January 1956)

Judge Roy locks horns with a fanatical female reformer who is determined to remake Langtry to her liking.

Checkmate (January 1956)

While trying to steal a payroll, a wanted killer is gunned down. But, later on, Judge Roy isn't so sure the funeral being held is real.

The Judge's Dilemma (January 1956)

Judge Roy launches a campaign against swindlers who are trying to take control of Langtry.

Eyes of Texas (January 1956)

Judge Roy temporarily loses his sight, but still manages to uncover a plot to steal Indian reservation land.

The Katcina Doll (January 1956)

Judge Roy tries to help the residents of a Mexican Indian village recover their sacred idol, which has been stolen by outlaws .

The Hidden Truth (January 1956)

Judge Roy tries to clear an ex-convict who is innocently involved in a murder/robbery.

Bad Medicine (June 1956)

Judge Roy goes after twin brothers who have confused authorities by giving each other alibis for their hold-ups.

The Defense Rests (June 1956)

When his deputy Jeff is arrested and accused of robbery Judge Roy Bean tries to prove the young man's innocence.

Actors: Edgar Buchanan
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Matinee Classics - Judge Roy Bean starring Edgar Buchanan
Matinee Classics - Judge Roy Bean starring Edgar Buchanan
Matinee Classics - Judge Roy Bean starring Edgar Buchanan

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