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The Mickey Rooney Show (1954-1955)

The Mickey Rooney Show

aka Hey Mulligan

(1954 - 1955)

Sitcom / Variety

26 minutes per episode

Cast: Mickey Rooney

The Mickey Rooney Show, also known as Hey Mulligan, was produced by Volcano Pictures in association with Mickey Rooney Enterprises. Mickey 's comedic talents were brought for one season to the small screen. The premise for the show was Mickey played a page at the IBC television network who is trying to become an actor.

The Pilot Show (08/28/1954)

Mickey Mulligan has a dream of becoming an actor.  He starts out his career painting scenery and moving props for a theater in hopes of eventually achieving his dream.  He finally gets his chance when the lead develops laryngitis.

Disc Jockey (09/11/1954)

Mickey gets a moonlighting job as a Disc JockeyThe show runs from 4:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m., which kind of explains how he gets himself mixed up with a gang of robbers that the police are looking for.

Double Trouble (09/18/1954)

Mickey envies a successful French author and when he learns the author is in town for a personal appearance, he goes to see him.  Mickey , believing the author's life is in danger, doubles for him.

The Grunion Hunt Mystery (10/24/1954)

Mickey gets in deep water when his steady girlfriend can't make his date planned for a grunion hunt.  He takes a blind date out for the fishing adventure where they encounter a beachcomber of mysterious origin.

Tiger Mulligan (10/30/1954)

Mickey Mulligan aka Tiger Mulligan, enters a Policeman's Boxing Bout to raise money for the local charity.  The betting is heavy, but most of the wagers are placed on Mickey 's opponent.

The Séance (12/04/1954)

Mickey 's mother Nell Mulligan decides to sell the family house when advised to do so by her deceased sister.  Joe enlists Mickey 's help in debunking the spiritualist who held the séance for his wife.

The Voice (12/11/1954)

Mickey goes to the doctor after his allergies cause him to lose his voice.  The doctor gives him an injection which has surprising results; Mickey now has the most beautiful singing voice, maybe another Mario Lanza!

Miss IBC (12/18/1954)

Mickey and Freddy become involved in a beauty contest sponsored by the IBC network .  The contestants consist of the female employees of the network , causing much turmoil for Mickey as the girls begin to bicker over one another.

Fan Mail (12/25/1954)

Mickey Mulligan and his pal Freddy help out their boss Mr. Brown when he's called on the carpet for producing a low-rated TV show.  The boys plan on sending in tons of fan mail to appease the network brass.

Scoop Mulligan (01/01/1955)

Mickey decides it's time for a change of workplace and applies at the local newspaper.  His previous experience at the network lands him the job and locating the long lost financial wizard may just get him that scoop to prove his worth.

The Fur Coat (01/08/1955)

Mickey finds out how much a fur coat means to a woman .  Problem is he can't tell the difference between muskrat, chinchilla, rabbit and mink.

Basketball Star (01/15/1955)

Mickey conspires to eliminate the star center from the network basketball team when he is bypassed because of his shortness.  He buys a pair of trick shoes to improve his game.

The Wedding Present (01/22/1955)

Mickey is selected by the network staff to collect money to purchase a wedding gift.  Mickey places the money in a paper bag and a laborer innocently takes the bag, thinking it's his lunch.

Mickey and the Mummy (01/29/1955)

Mickey receives a mysterious letter intended for his father and enlists his pal Freddy to apprehend an international jewel smuggling ring after an Egyptian mummy's jewels.

Seven Days to Doom (02/05/1955)

During a routine medical examination, Mickey 's physical report is accidentally typed up incorrectly.  The doctor misinforms Mickey that he only has seven days to live.

Cinderella Nell (02/12/1955)

When Mickey 's mother wins a giant TV jackpot everyone is excited and happy until Mickey 's boss and the officials announce that employees and their families are not eligible for the winnings.

Star Struck (02/19/1955)

Mickey is asked to escort the gorgeous movie queen, Mona Sanders, around the TV studios.

The Average Man (02/26/1955)

The network makes a startling discovery that their own employee Mickey represents the 'average' man and that he is worth millions to them.

Friends and Foes (03/05/1955)

Mickey and Freddy celebrate their 21st anniversary of friendship when an argument erupts over how the first met.

The Giant Killer (04/02/1955)

While babysitting Mickey tells the kids a fairytale Jack and the Beanstalk , his version of it with his pal Freddy as Jack and Mickey as the Giant .

The Moon or Bust (09/04/1954)

Mickey and his pal Freddy launch a home-made space ship to the moon. They land in outer space, but there are no moon men around only cows.

The Lion Hunt (10/16/1954)

Mickey and Freddy join a city-wide hunt for an escaped lion.

The Bronc Buster (10/23/1954)

Mickey 's girl Pat falls for a tall Texan and Mickey goes West to win her back.

Diamond in the Rough (11/06/1954)

Mickey shows some home movies which include a scene of his boss embracing a beautiful women. When his wife threatens to his supervisor, Mickey and Freddy decide to pretend to be Arab princes to lure the 'other woman' away.

The Other Woman (11/20/1954)

Undaunted by his lack of golf skills, Mickey enters the company's annual tournament to take a shot at its top prize of 50 dollars. A pair of jewel thieves grabs a valuable diamond and hides the jewel in Mickey 's golf ball.

The Executive (11/27/1954)

Mickey learns that his size may be impeding his growth in the business world.

The Producer (03/12/1955)

Mickey unwittingly hires a chimp to star in the company show.

The Guardian (04/23/1955)

Mickey becomes the guardian of a beautiful "baby" and her huge inheritance.

House Party

On his day off Mickey decides to help his mother clean the house, and the ensuing events leave his mother limp.

Big Business

Mickey has delusions of becoming a tycoon .

Actors: Mickey Rooney
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Matinee Classics - The Mickey Rooney Show starring Mickey Rooney
Matinee Classics - The Mickey Rooney Show starring Mickey Rooney
Matinee Classics - The Mickey Rooney Show starring Mickey Rooney

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