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The Loretta Young Show (1953-1961)

The Loretta Young Show 


30 minutes

Anthology / Drama

Long-running, half-hour drama anthology series hosted by actress Loretta Young.  In addition to hosting the series, she played the lead in various episodes. 261 episodes aired on NBC from September 21, 1953 to September 10, 1961.   

Trial Run (09/20/53)

First show in the series.  Comic episode with Loretta playing the clerk at a perfume counter who marries an upper-class customer and meets his family.

The Mirror (09/27/53)

A lawyer’s social-whirl, frenetic wife runs into a crazy woman in her vacation home.

Prisoner at One O’clock (10/04/53)

The sheriff in the town of One O’clock helps a lynch mob that’s wanting the man accused of murder .  The officer’s wife helps the innocent man escape.

Girls on a Flag Pole (10/11/53)

A teacher wins a car on a game show, but will not take the prize.

Turn of a Card (10/18/53)

A mother fears she will lose the love of her son because of the behavior of his irresponsible father.

Earthquake (10/25/53)

A polio patient must rise to the challenge when an earthquake knocks out the power—and his iron lung.

The One That Got Away (11/01/53)

The man she didn’t marry becomes famous, but her husband doesn’t care.

Kid Stuff (11/08/53)

The successful editor of a magazine falls in love with a lovely widow with a young boy.

The Bronte Story (11/15/53)

The father of author Charlotte Bronte is against her plans for marriage.

Thanksgiving at Beaver Run (11/21/53)

After committing a burglary, three teenagers escape in the car of a pregnant woman.

Love Story (11/29/53)

A beautiful actress convalesces from a failed romance with Broadway clown Happy Hooten.

Laughing Boy (12/06/53)

A muscle-bound stranger with a glass jaw comes into a woman ’s life.

The Faith of Chata (12/13/53)

Young Chata seeks death so she can meet her patron saint.

The Night My Father Came Home (12/20/53)

A fatherless boy pesters a postal employee to send letters to Santa asking for his dad to come home.

Hotel Irritant (12/27/53)

A rich woman staying in a New Orleans hotel annoys the manager to test hotel service for the owner.

Inga #1 (01/03/54)

A Minnesota woman who hires ex-cons to work on the farm becomes involved with the troublemaking son of a local leader.

Lady Killer (01/10/54)

A mystery writer becomes involved in two murders thanks to a case of mistaken identity.

Secret Answer (01/17/54)

Alva, a successful sculptor, is reluctant to fill out the divorce paperwork that asks “reasons for divorce”.

Big Little Lie (01/24/54)

The daughter of a widowed TV star starts a rumor that her neglectful mother is about to have another child.

Hollywood Story (01/31/54)

Star-struck actress goes to Hollywood to make good in pictures.  Her big chance comes, but …

A Family Out of Us (02/07/54)

A mother attempts to give her son the attention that he isn’t getting from his father.

Act of Faith (02/14/54)

Loretta Young, Eddie Albert

Lionel takes it seriously when his sister implies that his wife is being untrue.

New York Story (02/28/54)

Snooty society mother becomes concerned about her missing son and changes her attitude.

Nobody’s Boy (03/07/54)

Delinquent young boy in reform school tries to contact the father in prison he has never met.

Count of Ten (03/14/54)

An ex-fighter considers going back into the ring.  He needs the cash to care for his seriously ill wife who’s in the hospital.

Clara Schumann Story (03/21/54)

The story of composer Schumann’s wife.

Son, This is Your Father (03/28/54)

A mother fears she will lose the love of her son because of the behavior of his irresponsible father.

The First Man to Ask Her (04/04/54)

An impossible father has managed to run off all of the men interested in his daughters, except for one rodeo bull rider.

Man’s Estate (04/11/54)

A boy runs away from home to escape his rigid, demanding father.

Forest Ranger (04/18/54)

The man responsible for putting a criminal behind bars is targeted by the convict after his escape.

Actors: Loretta Young
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