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The Roy Rogers Show (1951-1957)

The Roy Rogers Show

(1951 - 1957)

24 – 25 minutes per show

Television / Series / Western

Cast: Roy Rogers, Dale Evans and Pat Brady

Join Roy Rogers, the “King of the Cowboys ”, Dale Evans, the “Queen of the West”, Roy's horse Trigger, his wonder dog Bullet, and his sidekick Pat Brady as they strive to maintain law and order in the Old West . Roy and Dale are the owners of the Double R Bar Ranch in Mineral City, and also own a diner in town. Their friend and cook, Pat Brady, helps to chase the bad guys down in his jeep, Nelly Belle. Happy trails are here again.

The Roy Rogers Show Intro

Jailbreak (12/30/1951)

Dale helps a young man to escape from jail after he has been falsely accused of the murder of his intended bride's father. This is the series first episode!

Doc Stevens' Traveling Store (01/06/1952)

Crafty old Doc Stevens drives around with a "traveling store," actually a blind for a transmitter used to send information to a gang of dangerous criminals.

Treasure of Howling Dog Canyon (01/27/1952)

A scheming saloon hostess who married a miner and then had him murdered after gaining control of his treasure map, menaces her stepson in order to take possession of the third of the map which he holds.

The Train Robbery (02/02/1952)

The local postmaster, who also runs the general store, hires two crooks to blow up and rob a train carrying a valuable bank shipment.

Badman's Brother (02/10/1952)

Eleven-year-old Larry Trumball is loyal to his brother Stu, and thus keeps Roy and Dale from catching Stu after he has killed a man and committed a robbery. Although Larry appears incorrigible, Dale believes that, "fundamentally, he's a fine boy," so she and Roy set out to teach him about misplaced loyalty.

Outlaw's Girl (02/17/1952)

Thelma Young, a waitress in Dale's cafe, is interrogated by a Pinkerton because she is romantically involved with Chick Dillon, a cheap thug who subsequently returns to Mineral City and kidnaps Dale and the foolish Thelma.

Outlaw's Town (02/01/1952)

A town in the desert, not surveyed and thus under no township or county's jurisdiction, is a haven for criminals who are safe from the law in their community. Roy and Pat pose as outlaws in order to invade "No Man's Land" and lead the criminals away from their protected area.

The Desert Fugitive (02/24/1952)

Bill Harris is mistaken for his twin brother Jim, who was convicted for stealing important government documents.

The Unwilling Outlaw (03/08/1952)

Bank Employee Jed Collins is framed for embezzlement by the bank 's head bookkeeper, who is in cahoots with the notorious Lawson gang. Jed is forced to join the gang until Roy can help prove his innocence, to the delight of Jed's trusting little daughter.

Dead Men's Hills (03/15/1952)

Roy, Dale, and Pat help a wounded sheriff to hold the Hannon gang at bay in a desert oasis town near Dead Man's Hills.

Minister's Son (03/23/1952)

A government agent poses as a minister's son in order to capture a gang of counterfeiters.

Ghost Gulch (03/30/1952)

Jim Barton finds himself in considerable trouble, much to the distress of his wife and housekeeper. He is captured by an unscrupulous rancher who wants to buy his ranch, on which a gold mine has been discovered.

Ride in the Death Wagon (04/06/1952)

An elderly invalid donates a large sum of money in cash for the construction of a clinic. When her cash is inadvertently turned over to a crook posing as an armed guard, Roy and Dale must track down the imposter.

Peril From the Past (04/13/1952)

Dude Dalhart and Cherokee Tim arrive in Mineral City and blackmail a bank teller who once killed a man and served a prison term. They threaten to reveal his past unless he helps them stage a bank robbery.

Ride of the Ranchers (04/20/1952)

Don Jose traditionally leads the annual Ride of the Ranchers in Paradise Valley. This year, during his absence, a gang of outlaws attack his hacienda where Dale and the other women are gathered. Roy returns in time to prevent Don Jose's strongbox from being taken.

Shoot to Kill (04/27/1952)

Dale is on a stagecoach carrying her father's cattle money, as is a picture-taking dude named Elmer Kirby. Elmer asks Pat Brady to pose as a desperado for a photograph. He later tells everyone that the picture depicts vicious outlaw Mark Opal.

The Hermit's Secret (05/04/1952)

Indian Ruby Barton's husband has been murdered by a former racketeer, now posing as a harmless old invalid. When guilt seems to point to Ruby's uncle, Roy and Dale investigate the case and clear the Indian of all charges.

Ghost Town Gold (05/25/1952)

Pat Brady buys a disreputable old ghost town called Lucky Springs, inhabited by an old desert rat named Webb Jenkins who has found a cache of counterfeit gold pieces.

The Doublecrosser (06/01/1952)

Dale pretends to have funds she wants Mayor Ralph Colton to help her invest-actually a pretext for her visit to the town where Colton is suspected of being dishonest. Coincidentally, the mayor's mother arrives in town along with Roy and Dale, unaware that her son is being blackmailed into shielding an outlaw gang.

Carnival Killer (06/08/1952)

A young whip artist in a carnival is framed in the murder of his boss, who has opposed the young man's courtship of his daughter.

Flying Bullets (06/15/1952)

Pat Brady is elected sheriff of Martin County just in time to apprehend the man who shot Appalachian mountaineer Cliff Miller.

Death Medicine (09/07/1952)

An elderly diabetic is kidnapped and held for ransom by a dishonest employee and his gang. Roy and Dale attempt to find the old man in time to give him the insulin injection he must have to survive.

Outlaw's Return (09/28/1952)

Roy befriends an ex-convict and gives him a job at the ranch. When several holdups occur, the convict is put in jail, although Roy suspects that someone else is impersonating him.

Go for Your Guns (11/23/1952)

Dale's nephew Bob idolizes a dreadful gunfighter who is working as a front man for a gang of robbers.

Mayor of Ghost Town (11/30/1952)

A haughty young woman from Connecticut arrives at the Eureka Cafe seeking her father, who has established himself as Mayor of Red Dog, a nearby ghost town. Dale, who suspects the girl is a, "sweet person in spite of her high-falutin' manner," gets Roy to help the "mayor" and his daughter to hold onto their property.

Blind Justice (12/14/1952)

A greedy veterinarian plots to murder an old prospector who has been blinded and is using Roy's dog, Bullet, to guide him to his diggings.

The Knockout (12/28/1952)

Roy and Pat try to learn about a boxer's possible connection with a criminal gang. When Roy frees the boxer from the gang's control, the fighter helps to round up the wrongdoers.

Run-a-Round (02/22/1953)

A clever group of confidence men trick Dale into signing a bill of sale to her ranch, which they promptly palm off on an unsuspecting Easterner.

Phantom Rustlers (04/05/1953)

Rustlers who use trucks are ruining small ranchers in Paradise Valley. Roy's first clue as to the identity of the crooks comes when the ringleader tries to sell stolen beef to Dale's cafe.

Loaded Guns (04/12/1953)

Tom Larrabee's gun is used to kill a rancher, although Tom swears he never pulled the trigger. Roy believes him and helps to prove his innocence.

The Silver Fox Hunt (04/19/1953)

Roy and Dale discover the murdered body of the chief of the Acuna Indians near the tribe's silver mine. Earlier, the old chief had told Roy that someone was stealing the silver from the mine. All of the evidence appeares to point towards the trading post operator.

The Mingo Kid (04/26/1953)

When the Mingo Kid over-powers Roy and changes clothing with him, Roy is taken hostage by outlaw Turk Black to be his partner in the planned robbery of the Mineral City Bank.

Money to Burn (06/28/1953)

A peddler named Otis Cooper is in cahoots with robbers who have stolen a payroll and hidden it in a stove in Cooper's wagon. When the peddler sells the stove to Dale Evans, his cohorts go to all extremes to recover it and the treasure it holds.

Milliner from Medicine Creek (10/11/1953)

A pretty young milliner and her grandfather are suspects in a plot to loot the Wells Fargo office.

Pat's Inheritance (11/01/1953)

Pat and a distant cousin are informed that they've co-inherited a ranch which some unscrupulous people covet because of its valuable grazing land.

Outlaws of Paradise Valley (11/08/1953)

Outlaws planning to rob Mineral City and seeking hostages attack members of the archeological expedition from the state university. Roy comes to the rescue.

Bullets and a Burro (11/15/1953)

Roy and his friends round up a gang headed by the sheriff's brother, who tries to steal an old prospector's savings.

Gun Trouble (11/22/1953)

Orphaned teenager Jerry King has fallen in with Colt Eggers and his outlaw gang who commission him to murder Roy. Gradually, Roy takes Jerry into his confidence and wins him over to the side of law and order .

M Stands for Murder (12/06/1953)

An old Western legend has it that anyone who sees the ghost of "One-Arm Johnny" will be murdered. Roy and his friends investigate and prove the legend has no sound basis.

Secret of Indian Gap (01/24/1954)

A ten-year-old orphan called "Jiggers" Riley uses a squirrel rifle to frighten Roy and Dale away from the gold mine being illegally operated on government land by the boy's treacherous uncle, Jasper.

Lady Killer (09/12/1954)

In this violent entry, a lady banker murders all the ranchers in oil-rich Lost Valley in order to gain control of the property. She is planning to murder eight-year-old Jamie Jenkins when Roy intervenes.

Backfire (10/10/1954)

Parson Loomis, carrying a payroll from the Mineral City Bank to the Hardrock Mine, is ambushed by two thieves, one of whom later disguises himself as the visiting "Reverend Brown," a supposed friend of Loomis's. Roy, Dale, Pat, and the parson's children soon realize that their "guest" is no man of the cloth.

Last of the Larabee Kid (10/17/1954)

A swift, mysterious desperado called The Larabee Kid has been hijacking stolen loot from thieves who prey on stagecoaches. As it develops, he is actually the son of a slain marshal, seeking vengeance on the outlaws who murdered his father.

Hard Luck Story (10/31/1954)

The Hard Luck Insurance Company, for one flat premium payment, will insure any rancher for the rest of his life-or so the firm contends. Roy reveals that the entire affair is a ruthless racket.

Bad Neighbors (11/21/1954)

Roy and Dale are caught between the fight of cattlemen and homesteaders who want the same land for different reasons.

Strangers (12/05/1954)

Lanny Gaines, a teenager with artistic talent, moves with his father to Paradise Valley, but they are dismayed when no one pays them a welcome call. When three desperadoes posing as surveyors ask Gaines for lodging, the old man is only too glad to comply.

Hidden Treasures (12/19/1954)

When the Castle gang hears Roy and Dale say, "The Key to the greatest treasure in the world is in that book," they resort to violence to gain possession of it.

Outcasts of Paradise Valley (01/09/1955)

When they are unable to find work , two youths turn to crime, even endangering a kindly old couple who befriended them.

The Big Chance (01/23/1955)

Pat Brady and Nelly Belle are kidnapped by a gang of outlaws, one of whom coincidentally may be inheriting a million dollars.

Uncle Steve's Finish (02/03/1955)

Roy and Dale are suspicious of a local school teacher's growing nervousness after the Paradise Valley stage is robbed.

Quick Draw (03/20/1955)

Marv Hanley is a quick-tempered, trigger-happy sheep rancher whose brother-in-law, Dunc Wright, has recently held up a stage. Marv, who has never had any use for Dunc, joins the posse in order to gun him down.

The Ginger Horse (03/27/1955)

Roy, Dale, and Pat are visiting nearby Carson County. While there, they meet a little girl named Janie Howard whose beloved horse has been stolen by an outlaw who has framed Janie's father in a robbery.

Ranch War (10/23/1955)

A young man and his wife are driven from their ranch by a greedy, unscrupulous rancher and his treacherous son. Roy and Dale assist the young couple in their effort to reclaim the property.

The Scavenger (11/27/1955)

The town scavenger picks up a cache of counterfeit money which was left by outlaws. Roy must save the old man when the outlaws return for their false money.

Ambush (01/15/1956)

A young miner is ambushed when a crooked assayer discovers that he has uncovered a bonanza .

Money is Dangerous (01/29/1956)

An old ex-rancher named Carson, whom the townsfolk believe to be a miser, has been robbed by a confidence man named Hi Talley who has been employed as his bodyguard.

Horse Crazy (02/26/1956)

Roy is captured by a desperado who wants him to track down his missing horse, an outstanding equine which he considers faster than Trigger. The desperado regains his horse but loses his freedom when Roy ultimately overpowers him.

Actors: Dale Evans, Roy Rogers
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