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The Amos 'n Andy Show (1951-1953)

The Amos 'n Andy Show


Television / Series / Comedy / Sitcom

26 minutes per episode


Alvin Childress as Amos Jones, a cab driver.

Spencer Williams was the dim-witted Andrew Hogg Brown

Tim Moore was George 'Kingfish' Stevens, a scheming con-man

Johnny Lee as Lawyer Algonquin J. Calhoun 

Ernestine Wade as Sapphire Stevens

Horace Stewart (aka Nick O'Demus and Nick Stewart) as Lightnin'

Amanda Randolph as Sapphire's Mama (Ramona Smith)

Lillian Randolph as Madame Queen

Jester Hairston as Henry Van Porter

The first TV comedy with an all-black cast. "Amos 'n Andy" began as a weekly series airing Thursday nights on CBS. 27 new episodes were broadcast through January 3, 1952. This was followed by 25 weeks of reruns. When new episodes returned on July 10, 1952, "Amos 'n Andy" became a bi-weekly series. By June 11, 1953, the date of the final CBS broadcast, only 52 "Amos 'n Andy" episodes had been aired. An additional 13 episodes premiered in Fall 1953 when the series became nationally syndicated. In August 1954, filming began on "The Adventures of Kingfish," an "Amos 'n Andy" spinoff slated to premiere January 4, 1955 on CBS. But "Kingfish" was taken off the schedule before it could make its debut. Later that month, the 13 "Kingfish" episodes premiered in first-run syndication as part of the "Amos 'n Andy" series. With these final 13, there were now a total of 78 "Amos 'n Andy" episodes. Of the 78 episodes produced only 70 are known to exist.

As classic of a TV Show that ever existed~  

The Amos 'n Andy Show Cast Introductions

Kingfish Gets Drafted (06/28/1951)

When the Kingfish gets drafted, his wife and his lodge brothers applaud but soon change their tune when his outfit is to go overseas. First episode of the series.

Kingfish's Secretary (07/05/1951)

The Kingfish mistakenly signs a letter requesting a mail order bride with a letter requesting a wash woman for the building.

The Rare Coin (07/19/1951)

The Kingfish swindles Andy out of a rare coin and Andy swindles it right back by use of a clever trick in a phone booth coin slot.

Young Girl's Mother (07/12/1951)

Andy wants to marry a very young girl until he meets her mother, a formidable woman he jilted many years ago.

Kingfish Has a Baby (07/26/1951)

The Kingfish decides to reform because he thinks he is about to become a father.

Counterfeiters Rent the Basement (08/02/1951)

Andy becomes a hero when he overpowers a gang of counterfeiters and collects a fat reward.

Sapphire Disappears (08/09/1951)

The Kingfish thinks Sapphire has been murdered when she leaves him in a huff and he can find no trace of her.

The Gun (08/23/1951)

The Kingfish, trying to pawn a gun, is mistaken for a robber.

Call Lehigh 4-9900 (08/30/1951)

The Kingfish accidentally answers a newspaper ad for a lonely hearts club, and when a girl shows up at his office, Andy poses as the Kingfish.

Leroy Lends a Hand (09/06/1951)

The Kingfish and Andy go into the parking lot business and wind up in the used car business.

Kingfish's Last Friend (09/27/1951)

The Kingfish has swindled too many people and is losing all of his friends so he goes on a reform kick.

Amos Helps Out (10/11/1951)

After a domestic fight, the Kingfish writes a fake letter form the license bureau stating that he and Sapphire were never legally married.

Getting Mama Married – Part 1 (10/18/1951)

The Kingfish's mother-in-law elopes with a conman and a fleecer of widows.

Getting Mama Married – Part 2 (10/25/1951)

The Kingfish's mother-in-law is so set on marrying a man that even when his wife shows up she still says he is hers.

The Happy Stevenses (11/01/1951)

The Kingfish and Sapphire imitate participants in a radio show about a happy marriage, in order to change the pattern of their stormy marriage.

Traffic Violations (11/08/1951)

The Kingfish and Andy, co-owners of a car, compete with each other in the collection of traffic tickets.

Quo Vadis (11/15/1951)

The Kingfish goes to a lavish dinner party at which he finds, uncomfortably, that Sapphire is a waitress.

The Diner (11/22/1951)

The Kingfish and Andy buy a diner, which was doing a good business, and run it out of business.

Turkey Dinner (11/29/1951)

The Kingfish is conned into buying stolen turkeys from a country bumpkin.

Ready-Made Family (12/06/1951)

When the Kingfish's Uncle Clarence is coming to visit, the Kingfish must put together a phony family quickly, to protect his uncle's gift of $500, he gave the Kingfish by telling him he has a child.

Relatives (12/20/1951)

Claiming that his mother-in-law disturbs his home, the Kingfish takes his problems to family court. Meanwhile, more relatives show up.

Andy Gets a Telegram (12/27/1951)

The Kingfish winds up on a cattle boat bound for South America when Sapphire plots to separate him from his worthless friends.

Hospitalization (01/03/1952)

Andy buys hospitalization insurance from the Kingfish and then relaxes in the hospital, turning the Kingfish frantic with bills he can't pay.

Andy Buys a House (03/27/1952)

The Kingfish takes a job as a real estate agent and must prove himself by selling a house on condemned land. So he does, to Andy.

The Piggy Bank (07/10/1952)

The Kingfish has been stealing money from Sapphire's piggy bank and wins a quiz show jackpot just in time for his and Sapphire's 25th anniversary.

The Broken Clock (08/21/1952)

Andy and the Kingfish accidentally become involved with a top military secret and the FBI when they mistakenly take a new secret altimeter clock for a replacement for their broken one.

The Boarder (09/04/1952)

Sapphire maintains that her boarder, a singer with a large appetite, is a cultural asset, but to the Kingfish he is a gorging freeloader.

The Engagement Ring (09/18/1952)

The Kingfish plays matchmaker and arranges a match between Andy and an older woman, in the hope of collecting a services rendered fee.

Arabia (10/02/1952)

The Kingfish sets up a phony raffle that forces him to wind up in Arabia drilling for oil, trying to earn enough money to get home.

Cousin Effie's Will (11/13/1952)

The Kingfish adopts Andy so that he will become eligible for a $2000 bequest under the terms of Cousin Effie's will.

The Antique Shop (12/11/1952)

The Kingfish outfoxes himself when he sends all his lodge brothers into an antique shop to convince his cousin Leo to buy it, but with all those customers the store owner won't sell.

The Christmas Story (12/25/1952)

Andy is working very hard to earn enough money to buy a doll for his godchild.

The Winslow Woman

Actors: Tim Moore, Spencer Williams
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