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Treasury Men in Action (1950-1955)

Treasury Men in Action

(aka Federal Men)


Crime / Drama


Walter Greaza as The Chief
Tom McKee as Agent Blaine
John Stephenson as Agent Grant
Stanley Clements as Chuck Wells
Lewis Charles as Kerry
Russ Conway as Agent Fremont
Harry Landers as Agent Joe Moresby
Robert Carson as Agent Hamilton
Robert Griffin as Dawson
Nancy Evans as Mrs. Clayton
Charles Bronson as Frankie Ames
Christopher Dark as Martin Pollard
Carolyn Jones as Eadie Starr
Joe Downing as Russ Bagley

Treasury Men in Action was an American television show that aired on ABC for a total of five seasons from September 11th, 1950 to July 1, 1955 and a run of 68 episodes.  Each show was 30 minutes in length. 

A squad of U.S. Treasury Department agents, headed by "The Chief", go after counterfeiters, tax evaders, prison escapees and other criminals who commit crimes that fall under the Treasury Department's jurisdiction. 

The Case of the Escaped Convict (11/4/1954)

Prison time can’t keep a group of inventive counterfeiters from printing cash while behind bars.  Starring Charles Bronson 

The Case of the Man Outside (11/14/1954)

Prison time can't keep a group of inventive counterfeiters from printing cash while behind bars.

The Case of the Buried Treasure (1954)

Rather than placing his cash in the bank , a man attempts to hide his earnings from the IRS by burying the money in a barn.

The Case of the Little Tin Box (11/18/1954)

Three people running an all-cash nightclub attempt to evade income taxes by skimming money from the cash register.

The Case of the Green Feathers (11/25/1954)

United States Customs agents go after racketeers who are smuggling rare parrots across the U.S.-Mexico border.

The Case of the Desperate Men (12/9/1954)

Charles Bronson and Aaron Spelling are escaped convicts who make their way to St. Louis.

The Case of the Elder Brother (1/7/1955)

A bus line owner donates to charities that use his buses.  Could he be making more than he pays taxes on?  Starring Elisha Cook

The Case of the Chartered Chiseler (01/13/1955)

A bus line owner donates to charities who use his buses. Could he be making more than he pays taxes on.

The Case of the Iron Curtain (01/20/1955)

A heartless criminal sees an opportunity to take the troubles of a shaken Holocaust survivor and turn them to his own advantage

The Case of the Princely Pauper (2/17/1955)

Customs suspects a young man, who is obviously living beyond his means, of smuggling jewels from Europe.  The officials search his bags carefully after every trip but can find no hidden jewelry.

The Case of the Swindler’s Gold (2/24/1955)

Criminals try to sell gold coins that are 85% lead inside.  (Starring Jesse White)

The Case of the Deadly Dilemma (3/24/1955)

An undercover Secret Service agent joins the gangster underworld to uncover a counterfeiting ring.  His position in threatened when he is given a contract to ‘rub out’ a man, which of course he cannot do.  (This episode also stars Charles Bronson)

The Case of the Frightened Man (6/14/1955)

A man buys an interest in a lacquer works to have access to denatured industrial alcohol, which he sells in violation of tax laws.  A fourteen-year-old boy leads Federal Men into a showdown meeting with him.

The Case of the Fatal Error (02/03/1955)

The Case of the Black Sheep (03/31/1955)

A businessman strikes a bargain with a gang of bootleggers to use his legitimate shipping company to distribute their illegal product.

The Case of the Ready Guns (05/26/1955)

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