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Suspense (1949-1954)


(1949 - 1954)

30 minutes

Television / Series / Live / Anthology / Drama / Mystery / Thriller

The series was early live television featuring people who were in dangerous and threatening situations. Based on a radio program the show 's emphasis is scripting and acting, not production design and effects, but the stories are very well written and entertaining.

Suspicion (03/15/1949)

A married couple has separate health issues. One night the man's indigestion worsens, a doctor is called, and he discovers traces of arsenic.

A Night at the Inn (04/26/1949)

Three merchant sailors and their enigmatic leader hide out at a British inn. They've been followed from India after stealing the priceless ruby eye from a holy statue

Dead Earnest (05/03/1949)

Ernest Bowers suffers an attack of catalepsy while crossing the street, lapsing into a coma that resembles death. Believing he was killed by a passing car, his body is sent to the city morgue.

Post Mortem (05/10/1949)

Following the sudden death of her husband, Josie marries Doc Archer, the man named beneficiary of her husband's life insurance policy. Investigator Westin is suspicious after learning the doctor has a history of collecting such payouts.

The Doors on the 13th Floor (05/31/1949)

An elderly woman is murdered. A neighbor finds her body in a refrigerator.

Yellow Scarf (06/07/1949)

In 1897 London, mysterious Mr. Bronson marries an attractive young woman, Hettie, to distract attention from his odd medical work . His demand: She must stay out of his laboratory!

Help Wanted (06/14/1949)

An elderly man who's barely getting by looks for employment to continue giving his daughter the institutional help she requires. He receives an offer from a "Mr. X" that turns things around for him.

Collector's Item (09/13/1949)

An elderly man asks a record store clerk to stop by his apartment.

The Comic Strip Murder (09/27/1949)

Julia , the model for a character in her husband's comic strip, informs a police detective that her spouse is going to murder her. He bumped off her "twin" in that morning's strip and she's sure he's going do get rid of her in the same grizzly way that evening.

Doctor Violet (10/04/1949)

A college student studying abnormal psychology thinks the owner of a wax museum dedicated to murderers can teach her a few things.

A Cask of Amontillado (10/11/1949)

“For the love of God, Montressor!” Bela Lugosi's only live television performance.

The Murderer (10/25/1949)

Detained by the side of the road where his wife Mollie was found murdered, John explains to a deputy the events leading up to that moment.

Black Passage (11/01/1949)

An American lover of architecture is escorted to a crumbling Mexican castle by the local padre. He warns the visitor to keep his room door locked and avoid the family that lives there, especially the maniacal mother, when the black wind blows.

Goodbye New York (11/08/1949)

Down on their luck a young couple attempt to flee New York after the husband accidentally kills his boss.

The Third One (11/22/1949)

A self-absorbed couple takes their daughter on a vacation, unaware that the child is urgently wanted by health officials. The little girl was afraid to tell them she'd been bitten by a dog, and the animal turns out to have been rabid.

The Man in the House (11/29/1949)

Emily's has moved back home to care for her battle-ax old mother and it has placed her marriage in jeopardy.

The Case of Lady Sannox (12/27/1949)

Lady Sannox and her doctor, and lover, plot to kill her husband.

The Bomber Command (01/10/1950)

Three members of a wartime bomber crew reunite in 1950 when the daughter of one of the men is kidnapped.

The Suicide Club (02/14/1950)

The members of the suicide club are all men who wish to end their lives. One member draws the card the ace of spades meaning he must kill another member and make it look like an accident.

The Man Who Talked in His Sleep (02/28/1950)

A young man who likes practical jokes tells his stepfather he overheard him talking in his sleep.

The Parcel (03/14/1950)

Tommy, an errand boy, hangs around a hot dog stand when he's not in transit. The stand, a front for criminal enterprises, proves to be dangerous when Tommy picks up a package that the thugs desperately want.

My Old Man's Badge (03/21/1950)

Officer Malone is murdered outside a "gay 90s" themed nightclub simply by buying a seemingly harmless gift from one of the showgirls. His son, a rookie cop, takes a vacation from the force to find the murderer himself.

1,000 to One (04/04/1950)

Detective Sam Cragg goes to meet a client in the "Little Serbia" section of the city and finds the man murdered. Everyone in the neighborhood lives in fear of the unseen C. W. Roberts. a mysterious loan shark who keeps the poor permanently in debt.

Murder at the Mardi Gras (04/18/1950)

Dan Bedell, an up-and-coming actor, has come to New Orleans for Mardi Gras and he has fallen in love with Connie Williams. Gambling boss Morgan Nelson warns Dan that Connie is in league with her friend Bill Reed to blackmail Dan. When Nelson's bodyguard turns up dead in Dan's apartment, Connie enlists Reed to help her and Dan dispose of the body. But can Dan trust Connie and Bill, or are the pair up to no good as Nelson warned?

Photo Finish (05/23/1950)

After killing a former medical examiner, lawyer Robert Quartermain has his picture taken by a street photographer while leaving the scene of the crime.

I'm No Hero (06/20/1950)

A doctor and his family are awakened at night by a gang of hoods with a wounded man.

Pocketful of Murder (09/05/1950)

Cocky newspaper reporter Turk Wilson has made it clear in articles and in person that druggist Max Hensig murdered his wife. When Hensig is acquitted, he puts Wilson on notice that there are many undetectable ways to kill a man.

Edge of Panic (09/12/1950)

An insurance agent visits a flirty blond who wants to buy a huge policy. He proceeds to get drunk at her apartment and tries to get fresh with her. When he comes to, he discovers the woman been beaten to death with a hammer and he thinks he did it.

Dark Shadows (09/19/1950)

A blind man has a premonition that a gangster will kill him for witnessing a crime years earlier when he could still see, but the thug is supposed to be dead.

The Brush Off (11/14/1950)

A struggling young actor tries to prevent a Hollywood press agent from being murdered.

The Mallet (12/12/1950)

A bellicose "magic elixir" huckster travels the circuses in England. The "doctor", as he's called, is befriended by a handsome couple in a local tavern who help to get him intoxicated.

Dead Fall (01/23/1951)

This story of intrigue involves government spies, secret agents and a young scientist.

Double Entry (02/13/1951)

Bookkeeper Horace Maybee has been skimming money for years from the small finance company where he works. With auditors coming in to examine the books, he's desperate to come up with $25,000 in a hurry.

On a Country Road (03/13/1951)

Running out of gas on a foggy back road in Maine, a couple become frightened by news reports of a murderous woman who's escaped from an asylum. Searching for help, the two take refuge in an abandoned shack.

Wisteria College (07/17/1951)

A disturbed young man with a murderous background latches onto an older woman and her daughters.

Frisco Payoff (11/20/1951)

When bonds are stolen from a post office, a postal inspector becomes the hero by recovering them from the thieves who snatched them.

The Far-Away House (12/04/1951)

Mrs. Collins returns to town during a raging storm after a three week stay with her mother. Despite the warnings of everyone at the train station that she should stay at a hotel, because of the storm and a killer on the loose, she returns to her empty house.

Pier 17 (12/18/1951)

The dock workers who load nitroglycerin onto freighters at Pier 17 are on edge. A recent explosion at the harbor killed four men and the FBI believes it was sabotage by an insider.

Go Home Dead Man (04/03/1951)

Williams is a pilot who works for Scandinavian Export, flying by night to deliver unknown shipments to somewhere in the Arctic. Feeling something's fishy, he tries to quit but is strong-armed into making another flight.

The Red Signal (01/22/1952)

A supposedly fake medium is hired to a conduct a seance so Sir Alington, a psychiatrist, can observe a patient under stress. She warns the doctor and Clair and her husband Jack to avoid their homes because they are in danger.

Death Drum (01/29/1952)

The mayor of a French town reveals the identities of underground members, he says, to save the country from destruction by the invading Nazis. Having been moved to a neutral country, he's quickly kidnapped by allies and carried to the home of an English gentlemen to be executed as a traitor.

Betrayal in Vienna (02/05/1952)

An intelligence chief is blackmailed and betrayed as he self-destructs in Vienna, Austria.

The Purloined Letter (04/29/1952)

The fate of France depends upon a stolen letter, the paper having been written by a woman trying to further her husband's political ambitions.

The Corsage (05/13/1952)

A girl's body is found by her classmate in a small farming town. The dead woman had received a corsage, and was going to meet the secret admirer that had given it to her.

House of Masks (06/10/1952)

A young rich girl contends with a domineering sister.

For the Love of Randi (07/15/1952)

A killer is on the loose in a hospital and is armed with arsenic. Meanwhile, jealousy and hatred develops between two interns who are vying for the affection of a nurse named Randi.

Set-Up for Death (09/23/1952)

An ex-con, determined to "go straight", is pulled back into the criminal life by the unintentional actions of his girlfriend.

The Beach of Falesa (09/30/1952)

Based on a Robert Lewis Stevenson story, a trader in Polynesia fights the influence of a renegade.

The Blue Panther (10/14/1952)

Detective Ben Shaley has been hired to guard The Blue Panther, a valuable painting on loan to a gallery. During the invitation-only preview, both the painting and the necklace of a society art patron are stolen.

A Time of Innocence (12/02/1952)

Middle-aged Henry wants to divorce his London wife, Carol, and return home to America, but she intends to keep all of their savings.

Mutiny Below (02/03/1953)

After saving the chief engineers life, Danny and Snow are hired as watch officers on a rusty steamer traveling the Indian Ocean. Reading a newspaper story about a stolen diamond being smuggled into Australia, the boiler room crew becomes convinced that Danny and Snow have the jewel.

North of Shanghai (02/12/1952)

An embattled American doctor working in northern China finds himself facing Communists and a trial.

Summer Night (02/19/1952)

A woman who had underestimated the force of fear learns of its power during a near-death experience.

Night Drive (02/26/1952)

Mrs. Haley takes her horse to blacksmith Bob to have its shoes checked since she'll be traveling alone by buggy to meet her husband at the train station.

Four Days to Kill (03/11/1952)

Johnny, a professional assassin, is sent by his boss to Havana to do a job. His target is his former mentor who taught him everything he knows about killing.

Black Panther (04/08/1952)

A criminal uses a rare doll store as the front for his diamond smuggling racket. A detective starts snooping around after a man carrying a doll is shot in the subway and the murderer steals the doll's arm.

Alibi Me (04/22/1952)

Ex-con Georgie Lennox has been tormented his entire life by Leo Whaley who's now out and moving in on his punch-board racket. Finally pushed too far, he stabs Leo to death. Knowing he'll be the prime suspect when Leo doesn't check in with his parole officer, Georgie goes in search of an airtight alibi.

The Debt (05/27/1952)

A tramp on the train is robbed by two other tramps. He makes his way to a country store and seeks refuge from the storekeeper's daughter until the other two show up.

The Crooked Frame (07/29/1952)

Kelly Davis, the unscrupulous creator of a series of popular comic books, announces she's retiring and not selling her characters. This move puts her resentful staff of cartoonists out of work . Kelly is found dead the next morning, which one of them killed her?

Remember Me? (08/12/1952)

A small-time thug attempts to rob Mr. Liebowitz's deli and ends up killing the old man. On the way out, he's recoginized by a young woman from high school who had a crush on him.

Her Last Adventure (08/19/1952)

Eva, a wealthy middle-aged woman, marries a man she barely knows and moves into his family estate, a dark, run-down mansion on the Massachusetts coast.

Woman in Love (08/26/1952)

A female secret agent operating behind the Iron Curtain is preoccupied with her upcoming marriage. In her thoughtlessness, she loses a valuable document causing her life to be in jeopardy.

The Old Lady of Bayeux (09/02/1952)

A rich dowager seemingly dies of a heart attack while staying at the estate of her nephew. The young woman who acted as her companion contacts a French police inspector, convinced the old lady was murdered.

Monsieur Vidocq (11/18/1952)

A gentleman thief joins the French police and uses his underworld connections to help trap criminals.

The Invisible Killer (12/31/1952)

Pilot Dan Crowley is grounded by his doctor for his intense behavior. The delusional man with an obsession for guns believes the doctor's daughter, who's engaged to his boss, should be rightfully his.

Mr. Matches (01/13/1953)

Based on a true story, a notorious firebug finally meets his equal in a fire chief who is on his trail.

Vacancy for Death (01/20/1953)

Sam Warren owns a run-down boarding house. This is just a front for his real business: Arranging for boarders to have "accidents".

Career (01/27/1953)

A female British agent tries to give up her work in Nazi Germany.

The Quarry (02/17/1953)

A case of mistaken identity puts a businessman in danger. He is stalked and harassed for days by gang members who mistakenly think he witnessed a murder.

The Kiss-Off (03/03/1953)

Tom Walker, an ex-convict who was wrongly convicted and just released, holds up a tax office and leaves behind an obvious clue as to his identity. He gives the bag of money to his patient girlfriend and sends her ahead to Florida saying he'll join her soon. Soon enough, he gets the expected visit from the DA and cop who wrongly convicted him. Tom intends to make fools of his former persecutors.

The Black Prophet (03/17/1953)

The assassination of Russia's "Holy Devil", the sinister monk Rasputin, is dramatized.

Portrait of Constance (03/24/1953)

A newlywed accompanies her detective husband on a search for a missing woman-- a woman he once was in love with.

Kiss Me Again Stranger (04/14/1953)

A serial killer is on the loose in 1946 London with five victims so far. Elderly Mrs. Thompson rents a room to a secretive young, Tim Matthews, and is convinced he's the murderer.

The Duel (04/21/1953)

Madeleine does not care for Raoul, the officer her father intends for her to marry. The jilted Raoul challenges Andre to an unusual duel: Only one of the pistols shall be loaded and each aimed just three inches from the heart.

F.O.B. Vienna (04/28/1953)

Lawrence Stevens, an American engineer, accompanies a shipment of lathes to an electrical factory in Vienna. A female reporter tells him about the huge black market for industrial machinery from the West.

The Dance (07/28/1953)

A young woman in love with an engaged man finds the fiancee kissing another man, who soon dies.

Nightmare at Ground Zero (08/18/1953)

The Nevada Proving Ground is set for another nuclear bomb blast at 4AM. A harried artist is rushing to finish the mannequins he's been hired to construct that will populate a house at ground zero.

The Hunted (06/29/1954)

A hunter with questionable morals is caught shooting semi-tame animals in a wildlife refuge. The game warden who catches the playboy hunter hands down an unusual sentence.

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