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Betty Boop (1930-1939)

Betty Boop Cartoons


Animated Cartoons

Max Fleischer is the creator of the animated cartoon character, Betty Boop.  Originally, Fleischer Studios produced the "Betty Boop" film series which were released by Paramount Pictures.  Her character was also seen in a variety of comic strips.
Betty Boop's first solo appearance was in 1930 on, "Dizzy Dishes" cartoon.  In 1932, she was finalized as a human character appearing in the animated cartoon, "Any Rags".  Her voice was performed by a variety of actresses over the years such as, Margie Hines, Kate Wright, Bonnie Poe and Ann Rothschild. 

Betty Boop was one of the first "sex symbols" in animation and although a cartoon series, many adults were fans.  Unlike other "female characters", Boop portrayed the appearance of a real woman wearing more provocative attire than any other female animated character. 

In many of the "episodes", sexual references are made throughout.  Although, the creators tried to keep her character "pure" on screen, merchandising played a role in compromising the "pure image".
In 1939, the last Betty Boop cartoons were released but her popularity has never decreased with the cartoons being sold in 1955 to television syndicator UM&M TV Corporation and along with cartoon appearances beginning in the 1930's, the "Betty Boop" animated character maintained popularity even appearing in the film, "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" in 1988. 

The Betty Boop character has and will always remain a "cartoon icon" with appearances in television, film, comic strips, merchandising and even becoming the official fantasy cheerleader in 2010 for the United Football League. 

A Language All My Own

A Little Soap and Water

A Song a Day

Baby Be Good

Betty Boop and Grampy

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Betty Boop and the Little King

Betty Boop in Blunderland

Betty Boop With Henry

Betty Boop, Buzzy Boop

Betty Boop's Crazy Inventions

Betty Boop's Ker-Choo

Betty Boop's Rise to Fame

Ding Dong Doggie

Grampy Be Human

Grampy Takes a Bow-Wow

Grampy, the Impractical Joker

Grampy's Indoor Outing

Happy You and Merry Me

House Cleaning Blues

Is My Palm Red

Judge For a Day

Little Nobody

Making Friends

Making Stars

More Pep

Musical Mountaineers

My Friend the Monkey

No, No, A Thousand Times No!

Not Now

On With the New

Poor Cinderella

Pudgy and the Lost Kitten

Pudgy Picks a Fight

Rhythm on the Reservation

So Does an Automobile

Stop That Noise

Swat the Fly

Taking the Blame

The Candid Candidate

The Funniest Living American

The Hot Air Salesman

The Scared Crows

Training Pigeons

We Did It

Whoops! I'm a Cowboy

You're Not Built That Way

Cab Calloway / Minnie the Moocher featuring Betty Boop (1932)

Ha! Ha! Ha! (1934)   

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Matinee Classics - Betty Boop Cartoons
Matinee Classics - Betty Boop Cartoons
Matinee Classics - Betty Boop Cartoons
Matinee Classics - Betty Boop Cartoons
Matinee Classics - Betty Boop Cartoons
Matinee Classics - Betty Boop Cartoons
Matinee Classics - Betty Boop Cartoons
Matinee Classics - Betty Boop Cartoons

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