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Atlantis: The Lost Empire (2001)

Atlantis : The Lost Empire


Action / Adventure / Animation / Family / Fantasy / Science Fiction

Walt Disney Productions

Directed by Gary Trousdale and Kirk Wise

Michael J. Fox as the voice of Milo James Thatch 
Corey Burton as the voice of Gaetan 'The Mole' Moliere  
Claudia Christian as the voice of Helga Katrina Sinclair  
James Garner as the voice of Commander Lyle Tiberius Rourke  
John Mahoney as the voice of Preston B. Whitmore 
Phil Morris as the voice of Dr. Joshua Strongbear Sweet  
Leonard Nimoy as the voice of King Kashekim Nedakh 
Don Novello as the voice of Vincenzo 'Vinny' Santorini  
Jacqueline Obradors as the voice of Audrey Rocio Ramirez  
Florence Stanley as the voice of Wilhelmina Bertha Packard  
David Ogden Stiers as the voice of Fenton Q. Harcourt  
Natalie Strom as the voice of Young Kida 
Cree Summer as the voice of Princess 'Kida' Kidagakash 
Jim Varney as the voice of Jebidiah Allardyce 'Cookie' Farnsworth 
Jim Cummings as the voice of Additional Characters  

Set in 1914, the film follows Milo Thatch, a young linguist, as he tries to carry on his grandfather’s research and find the lost city of Atlantis . One evening he is met by Helga Sinclair, who takes him to her employer, the eccentric millionaire Preston B. Whitmore. Preston, who was friends with Milo’s grandfather, offers him “The Shepherd’s Journal”, an ancient manuscript giving directions to the Atlantis . He also asks Milo to head an expedition to find the lost empire. Milo accepts.
The crew sets out aboard the submarine Ulysses, commanded by the no-nonsense Commander Lyle Rourke. Other members aboard include Vinny, a demolitions expert, Mole, a crazed geologist, Audrey, a teen tomboy mechanic, Dr. Sweet, the vessel’s medical officer, Wilhelmina Packard, an elderly communications expert, and Cookie, a mess cook.
Their voyage takes them to the waters off of Ireland, where they go down to the ocean floor. As Milo had cautioned might happen, they are attacked by the mythical guard of Atlantis , called the Leviathan. It turns out to be a giant mechanical sea creature, and destroys the submarine. However, part of the crew escapes to an underground cavern. After travelling through the massive caverns as well as a dormant volcano , facing many dangers, the team is met by the King’s daughter, Kida. They discover through talking to her that the Atlantean language is the basis of many existing languages, allowing her to understand English. She leads the group to her father, who tells them to leave. Rourke, however, asks to stay, and his request is granted.
Milo believes the King is hiding something, and meets up with Kida. She enlists his help with deciphering the Atlantean written language, which has long been forgotten by the natives. Swimming deep into the city’s submerged ruins, Milo assists Kida in uncovering the nature of the crystal called the Heart of Atlantis : it provides power and longevity to the Atlanteans through a crystal around their neck. He shows Kida the journal, surprised that this information is not in it, but realizes a page is missing. Milo discovers that Rourke and the crew have the missing page, and are planning to sell the Heart of Atlantis (which would ultimately kill all of the Atlanteans). Milo eventually gets the rest of the crew to join him (all except Helga) in saving Atlantis .
Rourke wounds the King trying to extract information about the location of the Heart of Atlantis . During his last breaths, the King gives Milo his crystal and asks him to save Kida and Atlantis . Rourke ends up finding the crystal, and a battle ensues when the Atlanteans and rest of the crew try to stop him from leaving with it. Rourke is killed when Milo slashes his arm with a piece of glass, causing his body to crystallize. As the victors fly the crystal back to the city, the volcano erupts. Kida creates a protective shield, saving Atlantis . The crew then returns to the surface, promising to keep the lost empire a secret. Milo stays below with Kida, helping her to rebuild Atlantis .

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