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First Blood (1982)

First Blood

aka Rambo: First Blood


Action / Thriller

97 minutes

Directed by Ted Kotcheff


Sylvester Stallone as John Rambo
Richard Crenna as Colonel Sam Trautman
Brian Dennehy as Sheriff Will Teasle
Bill McKinney as State Police Capt. Dave Kern
Jack Starrett as Deputy Sgt. Arthur Galt
Michael Talbott as Deputy Balford
Chris Mulkey as Deputy Ward
John McLiam as Orval the Dog Man
Alf Humphreys as Deputy Lester
David Caruso as Deputy Mitch
David Crowley as Shingleton
Don MacKay as Preston

First Blood - Trailer

John Rambo was awarded the Medal of Honor when he served as a member of a prestigious United States Army Special Forces during the Vietnam War. Now it is December of 1981 and Rambo is trying to find one of his friends from his troop, Delmare Berry, but he has died from cancer being exposed to Agent Orange. Rambo is now aware that he is the only survivor from his troop and travels to Hope, Washington. He looks different from everyone else and the town’s frenetic sheriff, Will Teasle is quick to notice him. Teasle tries to have Rambo leave town, since he does not like travelers or strangers, but Rambo returns, leading to Teasle arresting him.

Rambo is persecuted by the sheriff’s devious head deputy, Art Galt. He begins to remember the time he was a prisoner of war and completely loses it when Galt and two other officers try to shave him, since he was tortured. He flees from the prison using his military skills and attacks all the officers in the station. Rambo jumps on a motorcycle and rides up to the mountain, while the officers have to search for him on foot. Galt gets on a helicopter to search for him and finds where he is located. He forgets about the rules he must follow and decides to shoot him. Rambo finds a rock and throws it at the helicopter, leading Galt to fall out. Teasle is not aware that Galt tried to kill Rambo and promises to make Rambo pay for the death of his friend. Rambo tries to explain to the officers that it was not his intention to kill anyone and he was only acting in self-defense, but no one believes him. Now Rambo must survive the only way he knows how and that is to use everything he was taught in the military.

Actors: Richard Crenna, Brian Dennehy
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