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The Beverly Hillbillies (1962-1971)

The Beverly Hillbillies

(1962 - 1971)

Family / Sitcom

26 minutes


Buddy Ebsen as Jed Clampett
Irene Ryan as Daisy Moses
Donna Douglas as Elly May Clampett
Max Baer Jr. as Jethro Bodine
Raymond Bailey as Milburn Drysdale
Nancy Kulp as Jane Hathaway
Harriet E. MacGibbon as Mrs. Margaret Drysdale
Bea Benaderet as Cousin Pearl Bodine

An Ozark hillbilly family strikes oil, makes millions, and moves to Beverly Hills.

The Beverly Hillbillies Intro

The Clampetts Strike Oil (09/26/1962)

Jed Clampett's swamp is loaded with oil. When a wildcatter discovers the huge pool, Jed sells his land to the O.K. Oil Company and, at the urging of cousin Pearl, moves his family to a 35-room mansion in Beverly Hills, California. The first episode of the series.

Getting Settled (10/3/1962)

The Clampetts finally arrive at their new home, but find there aren't any of the conveniences of their old home. Jethro makes a few new discoveries, things they have never seen before, like pink chickens and a cement pond. When Miss Jane Hathaway arrives, the executive secretary for Mr. Drysdale, she mistakes the clan for a staff of bumbling, insubordinate, backwoods servants, and promptly fires them!

Meanwhile, Back at the Cabin (10/10/1962)

The Clampetts find that the comforts of the mansion do not always compare to the comforts of their former mountain shack.

The Clampetts Meet Mrs. Drysdale (10/17/1962)

When Mr. Drysdale describes Mrs. Drysdale as being a hypochondriac, the Clampetts assume she must be a drunk. With his wife coming home, Drysdale and Jane try to prevent her from meeting the family before they can shape the hillbillies up.

Jed Buys Stock (10/22/1962)

When Drysdale suggest buying good stock, Jed quickly buys some cows, pigs and chickens. Meanwhile, Granny has plans to sober up Mrs. Drysdale, who the family believes is a lush. And Mr. Drysdale is trying to hide the new hillbilly neighbors from his wife.

Trick or Treat (10/31/1962)

The Clampetts are feeling homesick. They are mostly all alone in Beverly Hills. And none of their neighbors are visiting them. So they decide to go visit their new neighbors . Little do they know, it is Halloween, a holiday they have never heard of. They visit many different houses, and in the end they get bagfuls of candy and treats.

The Servants (11/07/1962)

Drysdale and Jane have to figure out a way to improve the Clampetts by lending them servants. However, the Clampetts don’t want any servants, so Drysdale tells them that some of his staff is just going to be staying with them for a few days. The Clampetts accept, and Ravenswood, the Butler, and Marie, the upstairs maid, move in.

Jethro Goes to School (11/14/1962)

Jethro announces that Pearl has sent the family a letter. In this letter, Pearl says how she hopes her son is doing well in school. Jed realizes that Jethro should be in the fifth grade and tells him they have to find a school that day.

Elly's First Date (11/21/1962)

Elly May is set up with Sonny Drysdale, who is at first unsure about it until he sees her by the pool. At the mansion, Elly is learning about courting and sparking. When they meet, Sonny tries to kiss Elly’s hand, but she thinks he is trying to bite her, the date ends very soon. He runs away to his mother, and the Clampetts visit to make peace. At the end, the Drysdales join the Clampetts for Thanksgiving supper.

Pygmalion and Elly (11/28/1962)

Sonny Drysdale and Elly are getting more serious. Sonny loves Elly’s character and tells her how she makes him feel superior. But Jed worries about this courtship. However, Granny does not have any worries and does not want her granddaughter to be an old maid. During their poolside date, Sonny tells Elly how he is burning, and only she can put out the fire. So she pushes him in the pool.

Elly Races Jethrine (12/05/1962)

Granny and Jed are looking at pictures of Sonny Drysdale and Elly May together, and Granny is sure that the two will get married, after she heard Sonny telling Elly he’ll give her a ring at ten o’clock, not knowing he meant a phone call.

The Great Feud (12/12/1962)

Sonny has jilted Elly May, and the Clampetts are prepared feud the Drysdales. They head over to the Drysdales’ mansion with their guns, where they are met by Ravenswood, the butler, who tells them Drysdale is at the bank and Sonny and Mrs. Drysdale are in Boston.

Home for Christmas (12/19/1962)

The Clampetts decide to head home to the Hills for Christmas, and once Drysdale and Jane hear about this, they make all the arrangements, getting Granny and Elly mink coats and giving the Clampetts their first plane ride in style.

No Place Like Home (12/26/1962)

The Clampetts arrive back at their old cabin to spend the Christmas holiday with Pearl. But since the cabin will be too crowded with the Clampetts and Brewster, Pearl suggests Brewster stays with her, in an attempt to get engaged.

Jed Rescues Pearl (01/02/1963)

The Clampetts are missing their Beverly Hills mansion, still living in their old cabin to help Pearl get Mr. Brewster. But Pearl is having no luck with hooking him. Granny tells Jed he has to make Brewster propose.

Back to Californy (01/09/1963)

The Clampetts are heading back to Beverly Hills, taking Pearl and Jethrine with them. But Jethrine isn’t too excited about it because she has to leave her boyfriend behind. He tells her he can’t go with her, but after seeing Elly May, rethinks it.

Jed's Dilemma (01/16/1963)

Pearl is trying to give Granny a break, figuring that Granny is so old and feeble that she cannot perform her household chores anymore. This upsets Granny greatly because she knows she can still get the job done. Granny chases after Pearl, and Jed decides to get the family to relax by taking them sightseeing around Beverly Hills.

Jed Saves Drysdale's Marriage (01/23/1963)

Jed and Granny are discussing Mr. Drysdale, who they feel sorry for since his wife isn’t in town much. This means that Drysdale is having housekeeper problems, not having anyone to run his household. Jane suggests to Drysdale that he employs Pearl to be the head housekeeper, and when he suggests it to Pearl, she thinks he means marriage.

Elly's Animals (01/30/1963)

Pearl is setting up to give singing, yodeling, and piano lessons to the people of Beverly Hills. Duke is having problems with Pearl’s yodeling because it hurts his ears, so he runs into the Drysdale yard, howling. Mrs. Drysdale, tired of the Clampetts, calls the dogcatcher to get Duke and presses charges against Pearl for disturbing the peace with her yodeling.

Jed Throws a Wing Ding (02/06/1963)

Pearl gets a letter from two old flames who used to fight over her hand, Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs. After reading some of the letter, Jed figures that the engagement they talk about in the letter is for Pearl to choose which one she wants to marry.

Jed Plays Solomon (02/13/1963)

Pearl gives up her music lessons because when she yodels, Elly’s dogs storm her. Jed comes up with a plan to figure out how the dogs are coming in the house, and it is revealed that Granny is letting the dogs in. Pearl continues her yodeling, and Granny still wants it to stop, so calls the police to file a complaint.

Duke Steals a Wife (02/20/1963)

Jed and Duke are feeling poorly, so Jed asks Granny to make some Spring Tonic for them. Granny tells Jed she can make the tonic, but it won’t help because what they need is female company. Jed thinks Granny is speaking nonsense and says he isn’t interested. Meanwhile, Mrs. Drysdale is preparing for her dog Claude’s wedding to a Parisian poodle. She is waiting for Denise, the owner of Claude’s bride, to arrive. But she mistakenly arrives at the Clampett mansion, and Jed takes interest in the beautiful stranger, while Duke runs off with her dog Colette.

Jed Buys the Freeway (02/27/1963)

The Clampetts are visited by a stranger, H. H. H. Jones. But this man is a confidence man, looking to get rich by selling Jed different monuments in the Los Angeles area.

Jed Becomes a Banker (03/06/1963)

The Clampetts want to go home because the hunting in Beverly Hills is poor. But Jed says they aren’t going home just to shoot. Elly suggests they shoot skeet, which is what Drysdale shoots. As a matter of fact, Drysdale is preparing for a skeet-shooting competition with Bill Hacker. But Drysdale is in trouble when his competition partner is hurt. Drysdale learns what a great shot Jed is and hires him as a Vice President so he can compete in the competition.

The Family Tree (03/13/1963)

Mrs. Drysdale is expecting a very important visitor, Priscilla Ralph Alden Smith Standish, who is an expert on historical artifacts and genealogy. As soon as she arrives, Mrs. Smith Standish falls in love with all of the family’s old properties and artifacts.

Jed Cuts the Family Tree (03/20/1963)

Mrs. Smith Standish finds an entry in the Clampett's family Bible that may indicate they are descended from a Mayflower family.  While the entry is being reviewed for authenticity, Mrs. Drysdale becomes despondent that the Clampetts will become social equals.  Pearl goes shopping for new hobbies for the family to take up.

Granny's Spring Tonic (03/27/1963)

It’s Spring Tonic time, and Granny hands it around to the family, giving Jed a double dose. Meanwhile, at the bank , the secretary Gloria Buckles, who has worked on the Clampett account, has said she can take the paper work to Jed. When she gets up there, she transforms herself from a plain secretary to a gorgeous one, with her sights set on Jed’s money.

Jed Pays His Income Tax (04/03/1963)

Drysdale tells an IRS man the story of the Clampetts and how they got to be where they are today. But Granny and Jed don’t trust this man because they think he is a revenuer, and refuse to let him on the property.

The Clampetts and the Dodgers (04/10/1963)

Jed and Jethro are going to shoot golf with Drysdale and Leo Durocher, but Jed thinks that they’ll be shooting some new type of critter that lives underground , flies, and is a real challenge to kill. Drysdale calls to cancel, so the Clampetts go ahead to the club to shoot golf. When they visit Mr. Durocher, he thinks they are caddies.

Duke Becomes a Father (04/17/1963)

Elly tells Granny how Duke has been feeling poorly. The clan tries to help make the family dog feel better, and Elly tells Jed she figures he misses Claudette, the poodle Mrs. Drysdale’s dog Claude is now with.

The Clampetts Entertain (04/24/1963)

Granny is feeling lonely, so the family tries to get her riled up so she can start a fight with someone, since that always makes her feel better. The plan backfires though, and the family apologized to Granny. So to get Granny in higher spirits, Jed invites the Drysdales and Jane to supper.

The Clampetts in Court (05/01/1963)

As the Clampetts are going to the bank , a car bumps into them. When the Johnsons in the car learn how much money the Clampetts have, they decide to sue them. In court, the Johnsons appear to be in a bad condition and make up a story where the Clampetts smashed into their car while intoxicated. The Clampetts aren’t aware that they're the ones being referred to and they are the ones in trouble.

The Clampetts Get Psychoanalyzed (05/08/1963)

Jethro comes home from school early, saying he needs a Certificate Of Health to return to school. The family tries to come up with a doctor, and Jethro comes up with the doctor Mrs. Drysdale has been seeing, Dr. Twombly, a psychiatrist.

The Psychiatrist Gets Clampetted (05/15/1963)

Jethro returns to Dr. Twombly’s office to get his Certificate Of Health. Twombly examines Jethro, learning about each member of the family. But the family member that interests the psychiatrist is Granny. Twombly asks Drysdale to help him learn more about the family, wanting to know more about Granny.

Elly Becomes a Secretary (05/22/1963)

The Clampetts learn that some of the bank employees are sick, so the clan decides to go down to the bank and offer Drysdale some help. Drysdale is getting ready for the Bankers’ Convention, and the Clampetts take over his bank while he is away. Jed acts as the President, and Elly is the secretary.

Jethro's Friend (05/29/1963)

A friend of Jethro’s from school, Armstrong Dueser McHugh III, comes to the mansion to visit. But Armstrong is treated very delicately at his house, and his chauffeur is very worried about how the boy will be treated.

Jed Gets the Misery (09/25/1963)

Jed is feeling poorly, and the family is worried about him. To make Elly feel better, Jed reveals that he is faking an illness to please Granny. When Drysdale hears of this, he decides to help out to and fakes sick as well. Granny puts him in bed and tells him he needs to wait. When Drysdale’s doctor, Dr. Clyburn, hears of this, he rushes over to the Clampett mansion to see what is going on.

Hair Raising Holiday (10/02/1963)

Drysdale tells Granny she can’t practice medicine in Beverly Hills, but after seeing how she grew Jed’s hair back, he doesn’t stop her.

Granny's Garden (10/09/1963)

The Clampetts wake up before daybreak to plow and plant crops in the front yard. But the only one who is truly awake is Granny. The rest of the family falls asleep.

The Clampett Look (10/23/1963)

The Clampetts are getting ready for Mrs. Fenwick and Cynthia to come to share a meal with them, hoping to give them a better life than what the Clampetts believe they are leading. Jed and Jethro head to visit the Fenwick house, still thinking the gardener’s place is their house, and after seeing the little building, decide to get the Fenwicks to move into their place with them.

Jethro's First Love (10/30/1963)

Jed is trying to see if Jethro is ready to start dating and tests him. After he sees that Jethro is ready to start, he tells him how you know a girl is right for you and how you hear a special music playing. Jethro decides to go down to the bank , where Chickadee Laverne, a burlesque dancer, is demanding her pay for a performance the previous night. As she is leaving, she has her hidden transistor radio on, and when Jethro hears it, he believes this is a sign of love.

Chickadee Returns (11/06/1963)

Jethro is still hoping to marry burlesque dancer Chickadee Laverne, and she still is hoping for a dance engagement from the Clampetts. Chickadee returns to the mansion, making Jethro very happy.

The Clampetts are Overdrawn (11/13/1963)

After seeing the pool man putting chlorine in the pool, thinking it is poison and getting a letter they are overdrawn, the Clampetts think that they are broke and Drysdale is trying to get rid of them.

The Clampetts Go Hollywood (11/20/1963)

Jake and Opal Clampett are continuing to stay at the Clampett mansion, and Elly and Jethro are more than happy to serve them. But Granny isn’t impressed by Jake at all, and isn’t even sure if Jake is related to Jed. Jethro and Elly both decide they want to get in the movie business, and the two get help from Jake and Opal.

Turkey Day (11/27/1963)

Elly May makes a pet out of the Thanksgiving turkey Drysdale gives the family.

The Garden Party (12/04/1963)

Mrs. Drysdale is having a garden party and tells the Clampetts not to attend. However, they misunderstand and think she wants them to come. Jane and Drysdale try to stop them, but when they say how they still want to go, Jane arranges for them to have society clothes.

Elly Needs a Ma (12/11/1963)

Jed visits the bank to tell Drysdale that he plans to go back home to look for a wife so Elly May can finally have a mother. Drysdale tries to think of a bride for Jed, and when Mrs. Fenwick visits, he decides that she would be a perfect match for Jed. However, the Clampetts still think she is poor as a church mouse, and Mrs. Fenwick believes this is all a business deal.

The Clampetts Get Culture (12/18/1963)

The Clampetts are having no success with getting acquainted with their neighbors . Not to mention, the clan is having trouble with Mrs. Drysdale and Mrs. Potts. They decide to go back home to the hills, and when they go see Drysdale, they feel they are not wanted .

Christmas at the Clampetts (12/25/1963)

The Drysdales give the Clampetts Christmas presents, which they misinterpret in typical style.  Granny thinks the TV is a washing machine, and Jed goes lookif for the L.A. River to test out his new boat.

A Man for Elly (01/01/1964)

Granny is glued to the television set the Clampetts received for Christmas, especially with one TV Western star, Quirt Manly. She really wants to meet him, and Drysdale arranges it to happen. And Granny already has him set up for Elly May, because she knows he is probably the only who can tame the vine-swinging girl.

The Giant Jackrabbit (01/08/1964)

An escaped kangaroo is near the Clampett's mansion, and Granny sees it, thinking it is a giant jackrabbit. When she tells Jed, he thinks it is a vision from her jug. She never can seem to catch the creature, and whenever she tells someone, they don't believe her.

The Girl From Home (01/15/1964)

Lafe Crick arrives with his daughter Essiebelle. He found love letters Jethro wrote to his daughter, a beauty contest winner. He plans to get Jethro and Essiebelle married so he can get his paws in the Clampett fortune. However, the two don't want to get married, Essiebelle already has a man back home, and Jethro doesn't want to marry Essiebelle because she doesn't look the way she did before.

Lafe Lingers On (01/22/1964)

Lafe Crick returns to the Clampett mansion looking to get rich, off of Jed's money. He tries to get a job at the bank guarding Jed's money, only to get a few million of it. But Granny has her doubts about the freeloader, though he seems to be proving her wrong. He's excited to work at the bank , though nobody else knows the reason why.

Race for the Queen (02/05/1964)

Elly May enters a Beverly Hills beauty contest, Queen Of Beverly Hills, and the Drysdales and Miss Jane try to make sure that she'll win. Bob Cummings plays himself as one of the judges of the contest.

Actors: Max Baer Jr., Bea Benaderet, Donna Douglas, Buddy Ebsen, Nancy Kulp, Irene Ryan
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Matinee Classics - The Beverly Hillbillies starring Buddy Ebsen, Irene Ryan, Donna Douglas, Raymond Bailey, Nancy Kulp, and Max Baer Jr.
Matinee Classics - The Beverly Hillbillies starring Buddy Ebsen, Irene Ryan, Donna Douglas, Raymond Bailey, Nancy Kulp, and Max Baer Jr.
Matinee Classics - The Beverly Hillbillies starring Buddy Ebsen, Irene Ryan, Donna Douglas, Raymond Bailey, Nancy Kulp, and Max Baer Jr.
Matinee Classics - The Beverly Hillbillies starring Buddy Ebsen, Irene Ryan, Donna Douglas, Raymond Bailey, Nancy Kulp, and Max Baer Jr.
Matinee Classics - The Beverly Hillbillies starring Buddy Ebsen, Irene Ryan, Donna Douglas, Raymond Bailey, Nancy Kulp, and Max Baer Jr.
Matinee Classics - The Beverly Hillbillies starring Buddy Ebsen, Irene Ryan, Donna Douglas, Raymond Bailey, Nancy Kulp, and Max Baer Jr.
Matinee Classics - The Beverly Hillbillies starring Buddy Ebsen, Irene Ryan, Donna Douglas, Raymond Bailey, Nancy Kulp, and Max Baer Jr.
Matinee Classics - The Beverly Hillbillies starring Buddy Ebsen, Irene Ryan, Donna Douglas, Raymond Bailey, Nancy Kulp, and Max Baer Jr.
Matinee Classics - The Beverly Hillbillies starring Buddy Ebsen, Irene Ryan, Donna Douglas, Raymond Bailey, Nancy Kulp, and Max Baer Jr.
Matinee Classics - The Beverly Hillbillies starring Buddy Ebsen, Irene Ryan, Donna Douglas, Raymond Bailey, Nancy Kulp, and Max Baer Jr.

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