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Dial M for Murder (1954)

Dial M for Murder


105 minutes

AFI Top 100 / Suspense / Thriller

Directed by Alfred Hitchcock


Ray Milland as Tony Wendice
Grace Kelly as Margot Mary Wendice
Robert Cummings as Mark Halliday
John Williams as Chief Inspector Hubbard
Anthony Dawson as Captain Lesgate aka Charles Alexander Swann
Leo Britt as the storyteller
Patrick Allen as Detective Pearson
George Leigh as Detective Williams
George Alderson as First Detective
Robin Hughes as Police Sergeant

Tony Wendice lives with his rich wife Margot in a London flat and has retired from being a professional tennis player after Margot got tired of his hectic schedule. He then discovered she was having a love affair with American fiction writer Mark Halliday and started to plan a way to kill her, for he was jealous and angry. 

Mark comes to England to visit Margot and she tells Tony he is just an acquaintance. Tony leaves the two lovers alone to meet with irrelevant criminal C.A. Swann, an acquaintance from Cambridge. Tony wants Swann to commit the murder for him and has been tracking his every move in order to blackmail him into it. Tony informs Swann of Margot's affair and shows him a love letter from Mark, he stole from her purse six months ago. He does this to get Swann’s fingerprints on the letter. Once he has accomplished this, he offers to pay him £1,000 to murder Margot. If he does not comply with him, he will inform the police that Swann is the blackmailer.

After Swann agrees to go ahead with the plan, Tony explains all the details to him. He plans to take Mark to a party without Margot. She will stay at home, while hiding her spare key under the carpet right outside the front door so Swann can enter. After Swann enters the flat, he is to hide behind the curtains. When Tony calls to see how she is doing, Swann is to kill from while her back is turned to him. He is then to leave the doors open, leaving signs that a burglary took place.

The plan does not go like this, for Margot defends herself and ends up killing Swann with a pair of scissors. Tony uses this to his advantage and tells the authorities that Margot killed Swann in order to stop the blackmail with the letter. She is sentenced to death for murder, but Mark comes to her rescue and devises a plan with the spare key and proves she had no notion it was hidden under the carpet. Tony is then found guilty for his devious plot.  

Dial M for Murder - Trailer

Directors: Alfred Hitchcock
Actors: Robert Cummings, Grace Kelly, Ray Milland
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