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Mr. and Mrs. North (1952-1954)

Mr. and Mrs. North

(1952 - 1954)

Crime / Drama / Sitcom / Suspense

26 minutes per episode

Cast: Richard Denning, Frances de Dales, and Barbara Britton

Carried over from the popular radio program, Mr. and Mrs. North was a mystery/suspense show played with light humor. It featured Jerry North as a book publisher, happily married to his charming housewife, Pamela. Each half-hour episode concerned itself with a mysterious crime, frequently involving a murder that the Norths stumbled upon and solved before show's end. The Norths live in New York City 's Greenwich Village and often call upon their friend for assistance, Lieutenant Bill Weigand, a homicide detective with the city's police department.

Weekend Murder (10/03/1952)

The Norths visit their friend, actress Lily Storm, in her country home for the weekend. Upon arrival, they discover the housekeeper is missing and a dead body in the closet! Several people become suspects and the body is identified as Ms. Storm's former husband. These people all have reasons to want to protect Ms. Storm from her former husband who was blackmailing her. Can the Norths discover who silenced him?

Til Death Do Us Part (10/10/1952)

Pam and Jerry's wedding anniversary celebration gets interrupted by a woman dressed in a bridal gown bursting into their apartment and then dropping dead, the victim of a murder.

A Good Buy (10/17/1952)

Pam buys an old trunk at an auction which just happens to contain a corpse.

Nosed Out (11/07/1952)

After a day at the racetrack, the Norths find a dead man in the trunk of their new car, later identified as the jockey, Eddie Mears. Eddie's wife Zelma had asked him for a divorce just the night before. But the unlikely discovery that Mears owned the exact same make and model of car as the Norths, which was also kept at the same parking garage in the City leads Pam to question garage owner Mr. Potter. Is Potter connected to the bookmaker who had approached Eddie about fixing horse races?

Forgotten Grave (11/14/1952)

On a stormy night the Norths stumble upon a creepy mansion.

Dead Man's Tale (11/21/1952)

When Jerry Lawson, a bookmaker working out of Dave's Cigar Store, is found dead, the most obvious suspect, Nick Magnus, fights to clear his name. Magnus, characterized as a tough-talking, member of organized crime, has accidentally implicated himself in the murder by making threats to Lawson's life in a wrong-number telephone call made to the Norths' residence. The discovery of the murder weapon reveals that Magnus is indeed innocent. But who is the murderer? Dave Ferber, Lawson's underling and owner of the cigar store, or Mrs. Ferber, Dave's cheating wife with significant, outstanding gambling debts?

Surprise (11/28/1952)

Pam and Jerry attend a surprise party where one of the guests get murdered.

Comic Strip Tease (12/05/1952)

Mrs. Helsir, a store owner in the North's neighborhood, needs help with her son who has come under the influence of a young gang of thugs. Pam and Jerry are sympathetic to her struggle to keep her son away from criminals and recruit their friend McCoy, a newspaper cartoonist, to work the boy's situation into his daily detective story . But when the head of the gang sees himself portrayed in the daily newspaper, Monk doesn't appreciate the attention and comes after Mrs. Helsir with a gun.

The Nobles (12/19/1952)

Pam is a volunteer nurse's aid for the wheelchair-bound and elderly matriarch of the once proud and well-respected Noble family. A murder attempt has been made on the old woman's life and Pam is determined to protect her and to bring the culprit to justice.

The Silent Butler (12/26/1952)

Pam and Jerry hire a butler who ends being suspected of the murder of the butler from the next apartment.

On The Rocks (01/02/1953)

A pleasant weekend at the country estate of a novelist is spoiled by the poisoning murder of a publisher's wife.

Formula for Trouble (01/09/1953)

Pam takes a book on weaving out of the library which just happens to have a secret formula tucked into it.

House Behind the Wall (01/16/1953)

The Norths get a flat tire one dark and stormy night out in the country. Upon seeking aid at a desolate house, they are drawn into a murder plot.

The Beauty Prize (01/23/1953)

Curious about a beauty contestant who could easily be mistaken for her twin, Pam finds herself backstage at the Miss Venus contest and filling in for the missing Kitty Pomeroy. However, Kitty has made several enemies in betrayed lovers, as well as their scorned wives. When Kitty is found dead in the Prop Room, the Norths identify the murderer as the one person not surprised to see " Kitty ".

Terror (02/13/1953)

The Norths are among those terrorized by a homicidal maniac at the desolate home of a crack-pot doctor.

The Frightened Bride (02/27/1953)

The Norths and their newly married friend Helen, drive out to her recently acquired country home. However, all is not what they expected when Aunt Clara is found missing, a stranger has taken up residence in the house, a dead man falls out of the grandfather clock, and a frightening old man with a rifle prevents them from leaving. The pieces eventually come together in this mystery and Jerry just may have found his next author to publish!

Pretty Baby (04/03/1953)

A baby left in Pam's care is kidnapped.

Man Who Came to Murder (04/10/1953)

To celebrate their fifth anniversary, Pam and Jerry return to Honeymoon Inn where a secret regarding a marriage license culminates in murder.

Breakout (04/17/1953)

The Norths visit the state penitentiary to meet with the notorious racketeer, Dave Gerard, about writing his memoirs: a guaranteed best-seller. But once inside, the Norths are caught up in an escape attempt by two inmates and taken hostage. The inmates silence Gerard when they learn he plans to inform on them in his book. In perhaps their most dangerous situation yet, can the warden get the Norths out alive?

Hot Mink (05/01/1953)

The Norths get involved in a con game after a mink coat is delivered on Pam's birthday.

Two Faced (06/05/1953)

Elsie Dargon, a manicurist in her husband's barbershop, recognizes a wanted bank robber and confronts him with blackmail to keep his identity a secret. However, Elsie's jealous husband believes Elsie is pursuing another lover. When she is found dead, Jerry and Pam quickly identify her murderer.

Trained for Murder (06/12/1953)

The Norths go to a training camp so Jerry can interview the up-and-coming prizefighter, Vince McKay, for a future book project. Unfortunately, the boxer collapses in the ring and dies. McKay was hard to get along with and made promises to women that he didn't intend to keep. Many people had it in for McKay, but which one fed him the rat poison?

Model for Murder (06/26/1953)

Don Santiago, the suave yet cold head of the modeling school in which Pam just enrolled, has been murdered with a fencing epee.

Million Dollar Coffin (07/03/1953)

The Norths accompany Mr. Sykes out of town to exhume the grave of Sykes' ancestor who was buried with what have become valuable, historical documents that Jerry wants to publish. Meanwhile, another visitor to this small town is murdered. Pam quickly identifies the culprit by recognizing a distinctive odor found at the crime's scene upon the local grave digger. Later, when Sykes' coffin is opened, they discover that it is not the 150 year old remains of his ancestor but the location of a million dollars, stolen from from a New York City bank three years earlier.

Reunion (02/09/1954)

While attending a college alumni reunion, the Norths become aware of a blackmail attempt to stop production of the atomic bomb. Pam is held hostage at gunpoint, while Jerry is forced to deliver the threat from his old college roommate "Stuffy," now Professor Henry Barton, to the university's science community and visiting men from Washington DC. The message is that Barton plans to detonate his own atomic bomb at the school's field house during tonight's big basketball game unless they agree to stop their atomic production program.

Loon Lake (02/16/1954)

A vicious counterfeiter escapes from prison and is now holed-up in a remote cabin while recuperating from plastic surgery to change his appearance. His gang lure the Norths to this cabin and hold them hostage, with the plan being to ultimately kill them.

The Ungrateful Killer (03/02/1954)

A wounded killer, on the run from police and the underworld , forces the Norths to drive him to Montreal.

Flight 217 (03/09/1954)

The Norths search for a missing author who has secluded himself in Mexico City. Frustrated, they decide to go back home, booking themselves aboard the next flight to Miami. However, someone has checked in baggage containing a time bomb set to explode during their flight! The plane is recalled to the airport, but will it land in time?

Phantom at the Wedding (03/23/1954)

Who has a motive to want to kill attorney and friend to the Norths', Robert Tyler? After several failed murder attempts, Tyler still wants to go forward with his marriage to Susan. With Jerry beside Tyler as his best man and Pam walking down the aisle before the bride, will the murderer have the courage to show up?

Murder for Sale (04/20/1954)

A jealous husband arranges for his wife's lover's murder and then has second thoughts.

The Suspected (05/11/1954)

The Norths take in a woman who has been accused of murdering her rich, elderly employer.

The Mark of Hate (05/18/1954)

A suicidal invalid, Gordon Lane, is bitter about his life and jealous of his wife's new lover. Marion Lane feels trapped in an unhappy marriage and wants her lover, Barry to prove his love and kill her bed-ridden husband. When Barry turns up dead in the Lane home, it appears as if Marion is the only possible suspect, due to Gordon's physical limitations. But when the Norths visit their troubled friends, the Lanes, Pam discovers the truth behind Gordon's disabilities and finds her own life in jeopardy!

Actors: Barbara Britton, Richard Denning
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Matinee Classics - Mr. and Mrs. North starring Richard Denning and Barbara Britton
Matinee Classics - Mr. and Mrs. North starring Richard Denning and Barbara Britton

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