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Don't Bother to Knock (1952)

Don't Bother to Knock


Drama / Thriller

76 minutes 

Directed by Roy Ward Baker


Richard Widmark as Jed Towers
Marilyn Monroe as Nell Forbes
Anne Bancroft as Lyn Lesley
Donna Corcoran as Bunny Jones
Jeanne Cagney as Rochelle
Lurene Tuttle as Ruth Jones
Elisha Cook Jr. as Eddie Forbes
Jim Backus as Peter Jones
Verna Felton as Mrs. Ballew
Willis Bouchey as Joe the Bartender  
Don Beddoe as Mr. Ballew

Lyn Lesley is a bar singer at New York's McKinley Hotel. She is distressed over the approaching arrival of her boyfriend, Jed Towers, who is an airline pilot. She had informed him by mail that she was breaking off their relationship since he was not attentive. In the meantime, the elevator operator of the hotel, Eddie, introduces his reserved niece, Nell Forbes, to guests Peter and Ruth Jones since they need a babysitter for their daughter, Bunny. The Joneses go out for dinner within the hotel and Nell manages to put Bunny to sleep, even though she is apprehensive on her little experience with kids.

As soon as Bunny is deep in sleep Nell goes into the room of Ruth and models Ruth’s sexy lingerie, along with her jewelry and perfume.  She catches the attention of Jed, who sees her from across the courtyard and calls her on the telephone. Even though she is a little frightened by Jed’s provocative voice, she is at the same time fascinated. Eddie then comes in to see how Nell is doing and tells her to take off Ruth’s accessories. She denies his order and he tries to comfort her by telling her she can have anything she wants when she finds the right guy, for her last boyfriend was killed. When Eddie leaves the room, she invites Jed to accompany her.

Don't Bother to Knock trailer

Actors: Jim Backus, Anne Bancroft, Don Beddoe, Willis Bouchey, Elisha Cook Jr., Marilyn Monroe, Richard Widmark
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Matinee Classics - Don't Bother to Knock starring Richard Widmark, Marilyn Monroe, Anne Bancroft, Donna Corcoran, Jeanne Cagney, Lurene Tuttle, Elisha Cook Jr., Jim Backus, Verna Felton, Willis Bouchey and Don Beddoe
Matinee Classics - Don't Bother to Knock starring Richard Widmark and Marilyn Monroe

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