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Dakota (1945)



82 minutes

Directed by Joseph Kane

Western / Romance


John Wayne as John Devlin

Vera Ralston as Sandy Poli Devlin

Walter Brennan as Captain Bounce

Ward Bond as Jim Bender

Mike Mazurki as Bigtree Collins

Ona Munson as Jersey Thomas

Olive Blakeney as Mrs. Stowe

Hugo Haas as Marko Poli

Nicodemus Stewart as Nicodemus

Paul Fix as Carp

Grant Withers as Slagin

Set in 1871, John Devlin is a professional gambler who elopes with Sandy Poli, daughter of wealthy railroad tycoon Marko Poli.  Sandy has sold one of her father’s paintings to get the new couple off to a new start with twenty thousand dollars. Marko discovers their plan and sends a couple of his henchmen to try to stop them before they get out of town. Narrowly escaping, John and Sandy discuss where to go to begin their new lives together. John wants to go to California, but Sandy knows that her father is planning to put a railroad through the Dakota Territory and suggests they go north to Fargo to buy up land and sell it back to her father at a profit. Along the way they run afoul of a saloon owner named Bender from Fargo who has the same plan as they do, and he sends his thugs to rough them up and steal their nest egg, to eliminate the competition. When John and Sandy arrive in Fargo, they get caught up in the plight of the landowners who are being swindled by Bender. John and Sandy side with the land owners and attempt to get their stolen nest egg back from the villain . Bender isn’t about to go down without a fight and sets fire to their farms, setting a dangerous and dramatic backdrop to a final shootout!

Notes: Vera Ralston was a figure skater for Czechoslovakia in the 1936 Olympic games , where she famously insulted none other than Adolf Hitler to his face. In an interview later she was quoted as saying, "I told him I'd never skate under his flag, but that I'd be VERY happy to skate over it!"

Vera’s career as an actress was a rocky one, as many critics speculated that the only reason she got the roles that she did was because she was married to the director of Republic Pictures, Herbert J. Yates.  

Ward Bond starred with John Wayne in several pictures, including The Searchers, Rio Bravo , The Quiet Man and Hondo. It is not surprising that Wayne and Bond starred in so many movies together as they were good friends from playing football together at the University of Southern California.

Actors: John Wayne
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Matinee Classics - Dakota
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