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The Three Caballeros (1944)

The Three Caballeros


72 minutes

Animation / Comedy / Family

Directed by Norman Ferguson

Produced by Walt Disney


Clarence Nash as the voice of Donald Duck  
Jose Oliveira as the voice of Jose Carioca
Joaquin Garay as the voice of Panchito Pistolas
Aurora Miranda
Carmen Molina
Dora Luz
Sterling Holloway as the voice of The Cold-Blooded Penguin
Frank Graham as the voice of Narrator
Fred Shields as the voice of Narrator
Francisco 'Frank' Mayorga as the voice of Mexican Guitarist
Nestor Amarale
Trio Calaveras
Trío Ascencio del Río
Padua Hills Player
Carlos Ramírez 
The Three Caballeros trailer

It is Donald Duck’s birthday, and a large box arrives for him. Inside the box are three gifts from his friends in Latin America . All three gifts take Donald on a magical adventure! The first present contains a projector and a film reel titled Aves raras or “rare birds”. The picture introduces a penguin from the South Pole named Pablo. However, this penguin wishes to live in a warmer climate. With help from his friends, Pablo sails to the Galapagos Islands, where many exotic birds can be seen, including flamingoes, toucans, and a wild Arucuan that runs straight off of the film reel. After that a second cartoon begins, narrated by an old Uruguayan gaucho who tells of a flying donkey he discovered and befriended when he was a young boy.
Donald’s next gift is a pop-up book titled Brasil, from which emerges his friend, parrot Joe Carioca. Joe takes his duck pal into the book, and together they explore BaÍa, Brazil. Through song and dance Donald learns about the area, as well as receives a kiss from a pretty cookie seller. The two friends return to the duck’s house, where they then have to blow themselves back up to normal size, which frustrates Donald.
Finally, he opens up his last present. It contains a Mexican charro rooster named Panchito. Panchito gives Donald a piñata, which when opened reveals a flood of surprises. A magic flying serape takes the three caballeros on an aerial journey through Mexico. They visit various cities, including Patzcuaro, Vera Cruz, Acapulco, and Mexico City. In the latter, Donald gets caught up in the song and dance of some beautiful women. His friends Joe and Panchito awaken him from his trance, then engage him in a fake bullfight. The bull is in actuality stuffed with fireworks and when Donald head butts it, the night sky explodes with fireworks spelling out “The End” in Portuguese, Spanish, and English.  

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