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Bambi (1942)



70 minutes

Animation / Classics / Drama / Family

Directed by James Algar and Sameul Armstrong


Hardie Albright as the voice of Adolescent Bambi  
Stan Alexander as the voice of Young Flower 
Bobette Audrey as Additional Voices
Peter Behnas the voice of Young Thumper 
Thelma Boardman as the voice of Mrs. Quail and Pheasant  
Janet Chapman as Additional Voices   
Jeanne Christy as Additional Voices 
Dolyn Bramston Cook as Additional Voices  
Marion Darlington as the voice of Bird Sounds 
Tim Davis as the voice of Adult Thumper and Adolescent Flower   
Donnie Dunagan as the voice of Young Bambi  
Sam Edwards as the voice of Adult Thumper 
Ann Gillis as the voice of Adult Faline 
Otis Harlan as the voice of Mr. Mole 
Eddie Holden as the voice of Chipmunk    

An animated film about a young deer acknowledged as the ‘Prince of the Forest ’ right after he was born. Bambi is very lovable and makes friends with rest of the animals in the forest . He falls in love and his skills of survival are put to the test when hunters arrive. His father was known to be very brave and is expected to be as brave as he was, for it is his duty to protect the rest of the deers.

Bambi trailer

A doe gives birth to a fawn named Bambi, who will someday become the Great Prince of the Forest . The baby white tailed deer soon befriends Thumper, an energetic young rabbit who helps him learn how to walk and talk. He also makes friends with a baby skunk that he confuses with a flower, which is what he is then named. While in the meadow with his mother whom he has grown quite attached to, Bambi comes across a female fawn, Faline, but is too scared to talk to her. He discovers more and more about the world around him as he grows, enjoying many adventures with his mother and friends.
One winter day, Bambi and his mother are out in the meadow trying to find food. Suddenly his mother tells him to run. He listens, and as he races through the thickets, he hears a gun shot. His mother has been killed by hunters. The Great Prince of the Forest takes pity on his lonely son, and comes and takes him back home.
The seasons change and Bambi has matured into an adult, antlers and all. His friends have also grown up. Friend Owl had warned them of “twitterpation”, and that they would all eventually fall in love. At first they all laughed at the idea of love, but now both Thumper and Flower have met their true loves. Bambi is disgusted by his friends’ abandonment of their former thoughts, but then encounters Faline as a beautiful doe and is twitterpatted himself. As they get to know each other, another stag, Ronno, tries to force Faline away from Bambi. Bambi is required to fight for his love, and successfully defeats Ronno in a battle, securing his rights to the doe’s affections.
The smell of smoke is soon noticed, because a forest fire has been started by a group of hunters’ camp fire his father warns him. Bambi is separated from Faline as they flee to safety, and he searches furtively for her. Finally he locates her cornered by vicious hunting dogs, and bravely fights them off. He is injured, but his father helps bring him to safety on a riverbank with all of the other forest animals, including Faline. The next spring, the animals of the forest go to visit the woods’ newest additions. The new Great Prince of the Forest watches as Faline gives birth to his twin fawns, a proud look on his face. 

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