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I Cover the War (1937)

I Cover the War


68 minutes

Directed by Arthur Lubin

Action / Drama / Romance


John Wayne as Bob Adams

Gwen Gaze as Pamela Howard

Don Barkley as Elmer 'Slug' Davis

Charles Brokaw as El Kader, also known as Muffadhi

James Bush as Don Adams

Pat Somerset as Capt. Archie Calvert

Richard Tucker

Major Sam Harris as Colonel Hugh Armitage

Olaf Hytten as Sir Herbert

Arthur Aylsworth as Logan

Franklin Parker as Parker

Bob Adams and his partner, Elmer 'Slug' Davis, are news reporters, known as newsreelmen in the parlance of the times, that are assigned by their British news agency to cover growing unrest developing in Samari, near the border of Iraq.  A rogue insurgent named Muffadhi is planning an attack on the British-ruled protectorate.  On the plane down to Damascus, Bob meets Pamela Howard who is traveling to be with her father, Colonel Hugh Armitage, and her fiancé, Captain Archie Calvert.  Bob also has a surprise awaiting him when he arrives -- his younger brother Don, who has dropped out of medical school to follow in his brother’s footsteps.  Bob and Don argue about Don’s career choice.  Bob leaves to follow Calvert, who is going on a mission into the desert.  Calvert discovers Bob, and tries unsuccessfully to pull the press credentials of the newsreel men covering the story.  Calvert obtains them all but Bob’s, who ducks out before Calvert can acquire his.  Meanwhile, Don has met up with a couple of shady characters named Graham and Parker.  Graham and Parker convince Don that they are newsreel men, when in actuality they are running guns for Muffadhi’s army.  Don steals Bob’s press pass and travels with Graham and Parker to a meeting with Muffadhi’s agents, but are apprehended by Calvert’s men.  Meanwhile, Bob’s developing romance with Pamela is interrupted when Calvert informs Bob that due to the illicit use of his press credentials, he is now suspected of working with gunrunners.  The intrigue deepens when Graham and Parker show up dead, and Bob finds out that his room has been bugged by the innkeeper.  Bob trails the innkeeper to an Arab camp, and the innkeeper reveals himself to be none other than Muffadhi himself.  He reveals his plan to attack the British and wants to be photographed to publicize his activities to be used for propaganda after the attack.  Bob and Elmer escape the camp, and barely make it back to Samari alive.  They turn over their footage to a news agency , who is able to warn the British of Muffadhi’s attack just in time to thwart his plans. 

I Cover the War - Trailer


This is one of 6 films that John Wayne did for Universal Pictures, and is unique in that it is not a western.  It is thought that Universal was trying to broaden the young Wayne’s appeal by casting him in several movies that were not westerns.  I Cover the War is definitely an interesting and unique look into John Wayne’s career as an actor.

Actors: John Wayne
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Matinee Classics - I Cover the War
Matinee Classics - I Cover the War
Matinee Classics - I Cover the War
Matinee Classics - I Cover the War

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