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Somewhere in Sonora (1933)

Somewhere in Sonora


59 minutes

Directed by Mack V. Wright


John Wayne as John Bishop
Henry B. Walthall as Bob Leadly
Shirley Palmer as Mary Burton
Ann Fay as Patsy Ellis
J. P. McGowan as Monte Black
Paul Fix as Bart Leadly
Ralph Lewis as Mr. Kelly Burton
Frank Rice as Riley
Billy Franey as Shorty

After John Bishop is falsely accused of cheating at a rodeo, he is sprung by newfound friend Bob Leadly.  To repay Leadly for his kindness, Bishop agrees to try to find Leadly's son Bart, who has taken up with a gang of outlaws led by Monte Black.

Along the way, Bishop rescues Mary Burton and her friend Patsy Ellis from a runaway horse team, and escorts her to the Burton Ranch.  During the journey, Mary explains that her father runs a silver mine near Sonora Mexico.  After dropping Mary off, Bishop sets out to find Bart, and does so, being captured by the bandits in the process.  Bishop goes undercover, pretending to be a bandit, all the while dropping the name of Twin Falls, the town that Bart is from, to let Bart know he is a friend.  Bishop discovers that Black plans a raid on Burton's mining operation, but since Black no longer trusts Bishop and Bart, he leaves them alone to guard the horses.  Bishop must find a way to save Mary and her father and stop Monte Black once and for all!


Somewhere in Sonora was based on a novel and serial story in the Saturday Evening Post written by Will Levington Comfort in 1924.  The original title was Somewhere South In Sonora.

Somewhere In Sonora is one of a group of six films that John Wayne made for Warner Brothers after WB acquired First National Pictures and First National's film library.  WB set to remake First National Pictures’ hit silent westerns starirng Ken Maynard.

In most of these WB remakes, the original action footage of Ken Maynard is still used, as he was an excellent stuntman and horse rider.

Wayne was paid $845 for each of these films.  The films cost about $28,000 each.

Actors: Paul Fix, John Wayne
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Matinee Classics - Somewhere in Sonora starring John Wayne, Henry B. Walthall, Shirley Palmer, Ann Fay, J.P. McGowan, Paul Fix, Ralph Lewis, Frank Rice and Billy Franey
Matinee Classics - Somewhere in Sonora starring John Wayne
Matinee Classics - Somewhere in Sonora starring John Wayne
Matinee Classics - Somewhere in Sonora starring John Wayne

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