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Leon Errol Shorts (1933-1951)

Leon Errol Shorts

(1933 - 1951)

18-20 minutes each


Leon Errol was a bald-pated Hollywood comedy star who is best remembered for his two-reelers from 1933 to 1951. Each short film is from 18 to 20 minutes long.

A Panic in the Parlor



18:14 minutes

Directed by Charles E. Roberts 

Cast: Leon Errol, Virginia Vale and Joseph Forte

This RKO comedy short finds our hero, Leon Errol, taking a trip to Tijuana without telling his wife.  Of course she finds out and plots her revenge to teach him a lesson.  Hilarious chaos ensues.

Bested by a Beard



19:58 minutes

Directed by Charles E. Roberts

Cast:  Leon Errol, Anita Garvin, Sally Payne, Arthur O'Connell, Mervin Williams

When a bill collector shows up threatening to repossess his furniture Leon schemes with his brother-in-law to pawn Leon's wife's watch for the money.  A series of mix-ups occur, and finally Leon disguises himself as a bearded swami to fool the bill collector.

Fixing a Stew



19:41 minutes

Directed by Al Boasberg

Cast: Leon Errol, Eddie Kane, Jack Norton, Dot Farley and Pearl Eaton

When Leon's drinking is too much for her to bear, his mother-in-law consults a doctor who suggests that maybe a strong mental shock would cure his problem, so she sets up several!

His Pest Friend



17:36 minutes

Directed by Leslie Goodwins

Cast:  Leon Errol, Vivian Oakland, William Brisbane, Ed Dunn and Leotta Lorraine

Leon sees his wife with another man, not understanding that he's a realtor and, as a surprise for Leon, she is trying to buy the cabin where they spent their honeymoon .  Convinced that she is going to run away Leon sets a plan in motion to stop her.




19:58 minutes

Directed by Harry D'Arcy


Leon Errol as Leon Errol
Eva Puck as Mrs. Errol
Dorothy Granger as Maizie
Tom Kennedy as the House Detective, Maizie's Boy Friend
Bob Smith as the Nephew
Joan Barclay as Betty
Donald Kerr as the butler, Watson

Leon and his wife don't want their nephew to marry a hotel manicurist, so Leon goes to the hotel to try to stop the wedding.  He mistakenly thinks Maizie, the girlfriend of the hotel detective, is his nephew's fiancé and takes her to his room to talk her out of the marriage.  Misunderstandings and trouble follows when they are discovered by the hotel detective and Leon's wife.

Pretty Dolly



17:19 minutes

Directed by Ben Holmes


Leon Errol as Leon Errol
Carmel Myers as Mrs. Errol
Thelma White as 'Baby'
Tom Kennedy as Gus
Gerald Hamer as the butler, Baker
Alfred Hall as Errol's Butler
Joan Barclay as the Secretary
Ann Summers as the maid, Annette
William Gould as the Psychiatrist
Jack Arnold as the Reporter

Poor Leon winds up in hot water after a doll he bought for his wife as a birthday gift is burnt up, and his wife jumps to the conclusion that he is being unfaithful when she finds strands of the doll's hair.

Radio Runaround



18:09 minutes

Directed by Lambert Hillyer

Cast: Leon Errol, Dorothy Christy and Wally Brown

Leon's in trouble again when he forgets it’s his wedding anniversary.  When the Missus writes a letter to an advice column and it airs on Leon’s radio station all sorts of misunderstandings happen and laughter ensues.

The Dummy Owner



18:32 minutes

Directed by Jean W. Yarbrough

Cast:  Leon Errol, Maxine Jennings, Billy Franey, Frank O'Connor, Edward Keane, Harry Bowen and Eddie Kane

Leon's in trouble!  His boss bought a racehorse but to hide his ownership has the horse registered in Leon's name.  Leon's wife is not happy to find out he owns a racehorse.

Twin Husbands



17:58 minutes

Directed by Hal Yates


Leon Errol as Leon and Richard Errol
Dorothy Granger as Dorothy Errol
Marian Carr as Harriett, Dorothy's neighbor
Jason Robards as Dorothy's Attorney
Myrna Dell as Miss Ward

When Mrs. Errol sees Leon's twin brother, Richard, with another woman, she assumes that it's Leon and he's cheating.  Poor Leon has been out of town, and when he arrives home he lands right in the middle of the misunderstandings!

Actors: Leon Errol
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