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A Pleasant Journey (1923)

A Pleasant Journey


20 minutes

Comedy / Family / Silent

Directed by Robert F. McGowan

Cast: Our Gang / Little Rascals

Mickey Daniels as Mickey
Jack Davis as Jack
Jackie Condon as Jackie
Ernest 'Sunshine Sammy' Morrison as Ernie
Allen 'Farina' Hoskins as Farina
Mary Kornman as Mary
Joe Cobb as Joe
Joseph Morrison as The porter
Elmo Billings as A runaway orphan
Gabe Saienz as A runaway orphan
William Gillespie as Tilford Gillespie
Wallace Howe as The welfare physician and man with the gout
Mark Jones as The novelty salesman
Charles Stevenson as conductor and Police officer
Charley Young as conductor
Charles A. Bachman as Police Sergeant
Roy Brooks as Chief of Police
Louise Cabo as A mother
Sam Lufkin as The cab driver
George B. French as Train passenger
Richard Daniels as Train passenger
Clara Guiol as Train passenger
Robert McGowan as Man

This is the tenth of the Our Gang / Little Rascals series of silent short comedy films, released in 1923, and directed by Robert F. McGowan.

Mayhem ensues on a train traveling to San Francisco when the gang trades places with a group of runaway boys.  When Jackie releases his dog from the baggage compartment it causes troubles for the conductor and the other passengers in the railway car.

Everyone hopes things will calm down when a traveling salesman offers to keep the gang busy with his fireworks and noisemakers, but the gang is soon marching around tooting whistles and playing kazoos, much to the consternation of their fellow travelers.  After setting off the fireworks and ramping up the confusion with more practical jokes, the gang finally arrives in San Francisco, where the social worker is informed he’s brought in the wrong kids and has to take them back!

Directors: Robert F. McGowan
Actors: Our Gang, Allen 'Farina' Hoskins, Ernest 'Sunshine Sammy' Morrison, Little Rascals
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Matinee Classics - A Pleasant Journey starring Our Gang - Ernie 'Sunshine Sammy' Morrison, Mickey Daniels, Jackie Condon, Jack Davis, Allen 'Farina' Hoskins, Mary Kornman, Joe Cobb, Joseph Morrison, Elmo Billings, Gabe Saienz, William Gillespie, Wallace Howe, Mark Jones, Charles Stevenson, Charley Young, Charles A. Bachman, Roy Brooks, Louise Cabo, Sam Lufkin, George B. French, Richard Daniels, Clara Guiol and Robert McGowan

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