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Intolerance (1916)



197 minutes

Classic Silent film with music track

Directed by D.W. Griffith


Spottiswoode Aitkin as Brown Eyes's Father
Mary Alden as Uplifter
Frank Bennett as Charles IX
Monte Blue as The Strike Leader
William Brown as Father of the Bride of Cana / Warden
Lucille Browne as Uplifter
Elmer Clifton as The Rhapsode
Miriam Cooper as The Friendless One
Josephine Crowell as Catherine de Médicis
Dore Davidson as The Friendly Neighbor
Sam De Grasse as Arthur Jenkins
Edward Dillon as Crook
Pearl Elmore as Uplifter
Howard Gaye as Jesus Christ / Cardinal de Lorraine
Lillian Gish as The Woman Who Rocks the Cradle / Eternal Mother
Olga Grey as Adultress
Ruth Handforth as Brown Eyes's Mother
Robert Harron as The Boy
Joseph Henabery as L'amiral de Coligny / Defendant
Chandler House as Page
Lloyd Ingraham as Judge of the Court
Lillian Langdon as Virgin Mary
W.E. Lawrence as Henri de Navarre
Ralph Lewis as The Governor
Vera Lewis as Mary Jenkins
Walter Long as The Musketeer of the Slums / Babylonian Warrior
Bessie Love as The Bride of Cana
Mrs. Arthur Mackley as Uplifter
Mae Marsh as The Dear One
Marguerite Marsh as Debutante
Tully Marshall as High Priest of Bel / Friend of the Musketeer
J. P. McCarthy as Prison Guard
A.W. McClure as Father Fathley
Seena Owen as The Princess Beloved
Alfred Paget as Prince Belshazzar
Eugene Pallette as Prosper Latour
Billy Quirk as Bartender
A.D. Sears as The Mercenary
Maxfield Stanley as Henri III
Carl Stockdale as King Nabonidus
Georgia Pearce as Marguerite de Navarre / The Mountain Girl
Fred Turner as The Dear One's Father
W.S. Van Dyke as Cana Wedding Guest
Gunther von Ritzau as First Pharisee
George Walsh as The Bridegroom of Cana
Eleanor Washington as Uplifter
Margery Wilson as Brown Eyes
Tom Wilson as The Kindly Policeman
Douglas Fairbanks as Man on White Horse
Elmo Lincoln as The Mighty Man of Valor
King Vidor as Extra
Erich von Stroheim as Second Pharisee

Silent film director D.W. Griffith’s biggest, most ambitious spectacle uses stories from different times and places to illustrate humanity’s intolerance of religious differences throughout the ages.  The most visually impressive of these chronicles is the fall of Babylon, for which Griffith built the largest sets in Hollywood and filled them with thousands of extras; there’s also Christ’s crucifixion and the massacre of the Huguenots in 15th century France.  The most emotionally involving tale is the ‘modern’ one about a poor girl (Mae Marsh) whose life is repeatedly ruined by the zealotry of social reformers.  The image of a mother (Lillian Gish) rocking her child in a cradle (“the uniter of the here and hereafter”) links the stories.  At one point, angels reach down to stop soldiers in mid-battle, making it clear that Griffith intended this follow-up to “The Birth of a Nation ” as a message of global peace and love (and an answer to his critics’ accusations of racism).  For a nation poised to enter World War I this was perhaps the wrong message, and ‘Intolerance’ opened to mixed reviews and poor attendance.  It is now rightly recognized as a unique work of cinematic art.

Intolerance - Act I

Intolerance - Act II

Directors: D.W. Griffith
Actors: Monte Blue, Douglas Fairbanks, Lillian Gish, Tully Marshall, Eugene Pallette, Erich von Stroheim
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Matinee Classics - Intolerance starring Monte Blue, Lillian Gish, Tully Marshall, Eugene Pallette, W.S. Van Dyke, Douglas Fairbanks, King Vidor and Erich von Stroheim

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