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Martial Arts Films (1890-2010)

Martial Arts Films

(1890 – 2010)

Most of these Kung Fu / Martial Arts action films were made in Hong Kong (unless noted), dubbed into English and re-titled numerous times. 

The Big Fight (1972) -- Color, 91 minutes

The Japanese oppress the Chinese during WW2, until resistance breaks out.

Black Fist (1975) – aka The Black Streetfighter, USA, Color, 94 minutes

Richard Lawson vs. the mob in streets of LA.

The Black Godfather (1974) – USA, Color, 94 minutes

Rod Perry wages war on the mafia with guns and fists.

The Brave Lion (1978) -- Color, 83 minutes

Chinese revolt against cruel Japanese captors in WW2 labor camp.

Chase Step by Step (1982) – aka The Queen Boxer, Color, 82 minutes

Man and woman martial arts experts transport gold through dangerous territory.

City Ninja (1986) -- Color, 91 minutes

Search for a valuable pendant split up years ago.

The Deadly Duo (1971) -- Color, 94 minutes

Loyal fighters set out to free prince from fortress.

Dragon Princess (1979) -- Color, 123 minutes

Outside of a small village in Japan, a mysterious pond is inhabited by mythic creatures. Their story is of revenge, tragedy, and the power of real love.

Fighting Mad (1978) – Philippines, Color, 90 minutes

Betrayed man learns samurai ways and seeks revenge.

Four Robbers (1987) -- Color, 86 minutes

A daring daylight jewelry store robbery pulled off by four masked bandits leads to mob conflict and drugs.

The Four Shaolin Challengers (1977) -- Color, 88 minutes

Neighborhood and market are overrun by a gang of Triads who extort protection money from the local merchants and control the police. Hero arrives!

Get Christie Love (1974) – USA, Color, 74 minutes

Teresa Graves is tough, black police woman in feature of TV series.

Guy with the Secret Kung Fu (1981) -- Color, 90 minutes

Two young rebels with unrivaled martial arts skills fight evil and corrupt local officials as well as rescue beautiful girls from bandits and thugs.

Hands of Death (1987) -- Color, 85 minutes

A top-notch agent and an impressive rookie are assigned to stop an opium smuggling ring.

The Head Hunter (1983) -- Color, 91 minutes

The jungle warfare in Vietnam created Hong Kong's deadliest hit man, played by Hong Kong's top action star, Chow Yun Fat.

Heros of Shaolin, (1979) -- Parts 1 and 2, China, Color, 92 minutes

Complicated plot. Honor, death, revenge, etc.

Image of Bruce Lee (1978) -- Color, 89 minutes

Bruce Li is Inspector Wang, an undercover police officer working on a case to break open a stolen jewel and money-laundering ring.

The Impossible Kid (1982) – Philippines, Color, 93 minutes

Agent 00 (Weng-Weng) is assigned a case involving a group of international terrorists who are trying to get away with a fortune in ransom money .

Infernal Street (1973) – Taiwan, Color, 93 minutes

A young doctor and martial arts expert decides to take on drug smugglers.

Karate Kids USA (1980) – USA, Color, 89 minutes

Two young boys, both training hard at a karate studio, take time off to travel with their grandfather in his RV.

Karate Warriors (1976) – Japan, Color, 89 minutes

Sonny Chiba in the fourth and final film in the Street Fighter series, where Tsurugi protects a little boy while coping with rival gangs.

Killing Machine (1984) – Spain, Color, 85 minutes, Lee Van Cleef

A professional hit-man starts a new life as a truck driver in Spain. Carrying oranges in France he runs into the local mafia that is trying to control the market of fruits.

Kung Fu Arts (1980) – Taiwan, Color, 90 minutes

A loyal follower of the Emperor, who is engaged to his daughter, overhears a plot to assassinate him by the Emperor's aide.

Kung Fu Kids Break Away (1980) -- Color, 88 minute

San Mao hooks up with two other street urchins on the tough streets of Chu Chia Town, and they decide to make a living as Kung Fu street performers.

Legend of the Eight Samurai (1983) -- Color, 134 minutes, Sonny Chiba

A princess whose clan is destroyed by an army of phantom warriors, bands together with eight masterless samurai to defeat the ghostly swordsmen.

The Master - Vol. 1 (1978) -- Color, 46 minutes each episode

Two episodes of TV series starring Lee Van Cleef: "Max" and "Out of Step Time."

The Master - Vol. 2 (1978) -- Color, 46 minutes each episode

Two episodes of TV series starring Lee Van Cleef: "Juggernaut" and "Rogues."

Ninja Champion (1985) -- Color, 87 minutes

A woman is savagely attacked by three men while on a camping trip and she seeks revenge for the assault.

Ninja Death - 1 (1987) -- Color, 84 minutes

Tiger works as a bouncer/greeter at a local Chinese brothel but his real job is as a martial arts expert trained under the watchful eye of "Master".

Ninja Death - 2 (1987) -- Color, 84 minutes

The continuing adventures of Tiger and "Master" as they battle the evil forces of The Grand Master.

Ninja Death - 3 (1987) -- Color, 85 minutes

Finale of the adventures of Tiger and his battles against the Grand Master and his evil forces.

Ninja Empire (1990) -- Color, 78 minutes

A modeling school has become the recruitment center for a prostitution ring led by local crime boss Tiger.

Ninja Heat (1988) -- Color, 84 minutes

A man is finally released from prison after serving time for a jewelry heist and murder that he did not commit.

Ninja: The Protector (1986) – Canada, Color, 92 minutes

An international ring of counterfeiters is spreading phony currency throughout the world's money markets. A special police investigation unit is formed.

Return of the Kung Fu Dragon (1976) -- Color, 83 minutes

Evil despot conquers city. Ruling children hidden away until grown up for confrontation. 

Return of the Street Fighter (1975) – Japan, Color, 83 minutes

Sonny Chiba reprises his role as the deadly martial arts mercenary Takuma Tsurugi vs. the Yakuza.

Samurai Reincarnation (1981) -- Color, 122 minutes

Sonny Chiba, swords and sorcery.

Shadow Ninja (1983) -- Color, 95 minutes

Grizzled cop knows the tough streets and its people but has a problem at home with a wife who has a gambling problem.

Shaolin Deadly Kicks (1977) -- Color, 90 minutes

Thieves steal treasure map and split it up. Detective takes up the case.

Shaolin Temple (1976) -- Color, 87 minutes

Evil general betrays emperor; prince escapes to temple to recover and train for rematch.

Sister Street Fighter (1974) – Japan, Color, 86 minutes

Lee Long is a martial-arts champion who the police use as an undercover agent to infiltrate a drug ring.

The Snake, The Tiger, The Crane (1975) -- Color, 90 minutes

Invasion, princess in hiding, handsome hero joins in... comeback trail.

Spirits of Bruce Lee (1980) -- Color, 92 minutes

Two brothers own a jade importing business and when one brother disappears on a buying trip to Thailand, the other sets out to find him.

The Street Fighter (1974) -- Color, 90 minutes

Sonny Chiba fights, fights, fights!

Tiger Love (1977) -- Color, 92 minutes

Mother's child raised by a tiger to manhood, when he sets off to find his father.

TNT Jackson (1974) – USA, Color, 72 minutes

Diana Jackson (Jeanne Bell) is a young African American woman who pursues brother's killers in Hong Kong.

Weapons of Death (1981) -- Color, 85 minutes

There's trouble brewing in San Francisco when an Asian gang combines forces with American thugs to kidnap a girl as part of their master plan to take over Chinatown.

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