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Raoul Walsh DIRECTOR

Albert Edward Walsh was born March 11, 1887 in New York City. After graduating from Seton Hall College in 1909, he began his career in stage acting. Only a few years later, Walsh decided to jump into film, beginning as production staff for the war documentary “Life of a Villa” (1912). He also served in front of the screen in his acting debut, “The Detective’s Stratagem” (1913). In 1913, starting with his directorial debut, “The Pseudo Prodigal”, Walsh began getting credited as Raoul. He directed one more picture, “The Bowery” (1914) and continued to act in such films like “For His Master” (1914) and “The Great Leap: Until Death Do Us Part” (1914) before In 1914 serving as D.W. Griffith’s assistant director and creating his first full length feature, “The Life of General Villa” (1914).

After acting in numerous other works, such as “The Rebellion of Kitty Belle” (1914), “The Unpainted Portrait” (1914), and “The Double Deception” (1915), as well as directing a handful like “The Double Knot” (1914), “Out of the Deputy’s Hands” (1914), and “Home From the Sea” (1915), Walsh played the part of John Wilkes Booth and assisted in directing Griffith’s critically acclaimed “The Birth of a Nation” (1915). This led Griffith to give his apprentice the go ahead and support to begin directing movies solely on his own.  Soon after, Walsh left Griffith’s production company for 20th Century Fox, where he would stay for more than twenty years and turn out over fifty productions.

Walsh directed many films, including “Regeneration” (1915), “Should a Husband Forgive” (1919), “Lost and Found on a South Sea Island” (1923), and “Sadie Thompson” (1928). He also began to help write some of them, not limited to “Regeneration” (1915), “Blue Blood and Red” (1916), “Every Mother’s Son” (1918), and “Evangeline” (1919). Additionally, he produced a number like “The Deep Purple” (1920), “Serenade” (1921), and “Kindred of the Dust” (1922). In 1930, the director discovered a true future star: John Wayne. He was first integrated into Walsh’s “The Big Trail” (1930), and then later into many other works.

In the mid thirties the director moved to Paramount Pictures, but finding not much success, moved to Warner Brothers in 1939, where he would release his best yet. He boasted classic titles like “The Roaring Twenties” (1939), “They Drive By Night” (1940), “Dark Command” (1940), “Manpower” (1941), “High Sierra” (1941), “Desperate Journey” (1942), “Northern Pursuit” (1943), “Pursued” (1947), and “White Heat” (1949). During his career, he was privileged to work with such famed actors as James Cagney, Errol Flynn, Ann Sheridan, Roy Rogers, and Humphrey Bogart.

Following the expiration of his Warner Brothers contract in 1953, Walsh persevered in creating films, but none of them seemed to have the same life that his former ones had. Pictures like “The King and Four Queens” (1956), “The Naked and the Dead” (1958), and “A Distant Trumpet” (1964), his final directorial effort, found not much popularity. His final production effort was “Marines, Let’s Go” (1961). He retired in 1964, as he had previously lost one eye while shooting a scene in “In Old Arizona” (1928) and his other was succumbing to old age. His only works after were special appearances on assorted movies and TV shows, as well as a writing job for “The Delta Factor” (1970). One segment called “Every Night at Eight” in 2003’s “Barbara Streisand: The Movie Album” was directed many years prior by Walsh. On December 31, 1980, in Simi Valley, California, the director died at age ninety three.  For his contributions to the motion picture industry, Walsh was bestowed a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.


2003       Barbra Streisand: The Movie Album

1970       The Delta Factor 

1964       A Distant Trumpet

1961       Marines, Let's Go

1961       Come September 

1960       Esther and the King  

1959       A Private's Affair  

1958       The Sheriff of Fractured Jaw 

1958       The Naked and the Dead 

1957       Band of Angels 

1956       The King and Four Queens 

1956       The Revolt of Mamie Stover  

1955       The Tall Men

1955       Battle Cry

1954       Saskatchewan 

1953       The Lawless Breed

1953       Gun Fury

1953       A Lion Is in the Streets

1953       Sea Devils

1952       Blackbeard, the Pirate

1952       The World in His Arms

1952       Glory Alley

1951       Captain Horatio Hornblower R.N. 

1951       Distant Drums

1951       Along the Great Divide 

1951       The Enforcer 

1950       Montana  

1949       White Heat

1949       Colorado Territory

1948       One Sunday Afternoon

1948       Fighter Squadron

1948       Silver River

1947       Cheyenne

1947       Stallion Road 

1947       Pursued

1947       The Man I Love

1945       San Antonio 

1945       The Horn Blows at Midnight

1945       Salty O'Rourke

1945       Objective, Burma!

1944       Uncertain Glory

1943       Northern Pursuit

1943       Background to Danger

1943       Action in the North Atlantic 

1942       Gentleman Jim

1942       Desperate Journey

1941       They Died with Their Boots On

1941       Manpower

1941       The Strawberry Blonde

1941       High Sierra

1940       They Drive by Night

1940       Dark Command

1939       The Roaring Twenties

1939       St. Louis Blues

1938       College Swing

1937       Hitting a New High

1937       Artists & Models

1937       When Thief Meets Thief

1937       You're in the Army Now      

1936       Spendthrift 

1936       Big Brown Eyes

1936       Klondike Annie

1935       Every Night at Eight

1935       Baby Face Harrington

1935       Under Pressure

1933       Going Hollywood

1933       The Bowery

1933       Hello, Sister!

1933       Sailor's Luck

1932       Me and My Gal

1932       Wild Girl

1931       Women of All Nations

1931       Die große Fahrt

1931       La gran jornada

1931       The Yellow Ticket 

1931       Camino del infierno 

1931       The Man Who Came Back

1930       The Big Trail

1929       Hot for Paris 

1929       The Cock-Eyed World 

1928       Me, Gangster 

1928       Sadie Thompson

1928       The Red Dance

1927       The Loves of Carmen

1927       The Monkey Talks

1926       What Price Glory

1926       The Lady of the Harem

1926       The Lucky Lady 

1925       The Wanderer

1925       The Spaniard

1925       East of Suez

1924       The Thief of Bagdad

1923       Rosita 

1923       Lost and Found on a South Sea Island 

1922       Kindred of the Dust

1921       Serenade 

1921       The Oath 

1920       Dangerous Business

1920       The Deep Purple  

1920       From Now On 

1920       The Strongest 

1919       Should a Husband Forgive? 

1919       Evangeline  

1918       I'll Say So

1918       Every Mother's Son

1918       The Prussian Cur 

1918       On the Jump

1918       The Woman and the Law 

1917       The Pride of New York

1917       This Is the Life 

1917       The Conqueror 

1917       Betrayed 

1917       The Innocent Sinner

1917       The Silent Lie 

1917       The Honor System

1916       Blue Blood and Red  

1916       The Serpent

1916       Pillars of Society 

1915       Peer Gynt 

1915       A Bad Man and Others 

1915       The Celestial Code

1915       11:30 P.M. 

1915       The Comeback

1915       The Fencing Master

1915       His Return

1915       The Death Dice 

1915       Siren of Hell

1915       The Buried Hand  

1915       Carmen 

1915       Regeneration 

1915       The Smuggler  

1915       A Man for All That 

1915       The Outlaw's Revenge 

1915       The Artist's Wife

1915       The Greaser 

1915       The Fatal Black Bean 

1915       The Birth of a Nation  

1915       The Double Deception 

1915       The Love Pirate 

1915       Home from the Sea

1915       The Lone Cowboy   

1914       The Bowery  

1914       The Old Fisherman's Story  

1914       The Exposure  

1914       Who Shot Bud Walton? 

1914       They Never Knew 

1914       The Little Country Mouse 

1914       Paid with Interest

1914       The Availing Prayer 

1914       Out of the Deputy's Hands 

1914       Sands of Fate 

1914       The Unpainted Portrait 

1914       The Final Verdict

1914       Sierra Jim's Reformation

1914       The Second Mrs. Roebuck 

1914       The Mystery of the Hindu Image

1914       Lest We Forget 

1914       The Only Clue 

1914       The Angel of Contention 

1914       The Rebellion of Kitty Belle 

1914       The Double Knot 

1914       The Life of General Villa 

1914       The Dishonored Medal 

1914       The Great Leap: Until Death Do Us Part 

1914       The Banker's Daughter

1914       The Baited Trap

1914       When Fate Frowned 

1914       For His Master 

1913       The Pseudo Prodigal 

1913       The Detective's Stratagem 

1912       Life of Villa

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