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Lesley Selander DIRECTOR


Lesley Selander was born on May 26th, 1900 in Los Angeles, California.  His interest in the entertainment industry began when he was a teenager and found a part time job as a lab technician at a film studio.
He began to learn about the production side of the industry and was given the chance to work as a camera operator.  Selander then was hired as a assistant director and by 1936 he had worked his way up to direct his first feature.
Although Lesley excelled in westerns, both film and television, he did not limit himself to one type of genre over the course of his career as a director.  He directed anything from westerns to thrillers and even action and adventure films.  He gained experience first as an assistant director on such films as, "The Cat and the Fiddle" (1934) starring Ramon Novarro, Jeanette MacDonald, Frank Morgan, Charles Butterworth and Jean Hersholt, "A Night at the Opera" (1935) starring the Marx Brothers and Kitty Carlisle and "Fury" (1936) starring Spencer Tracy, Sylvia Sidney, Bruce Cabot, Walter Abel and Walter Brennan and then his career as a director began with "Empty Saddles" (1936) starring Buck Jones, Louise Brooks and Charles Middleton who starred as 'Ming the Merciless' of Flash Gordon fame.  In addition Lesley also directed several Hopalong Cassidy films such as "Forty Thieves" (1944), "Bar 20 Justice" (1938) and "Pirates on Horseback" (1941).
Some of his more well known films he directed included, "Flight to Mars" (1951) starring Marguerite Chapman, Arthur Franz and Virginia Huston, "Return from the Sea" (1954) starring Jan Sterling, Neville Brand and John Doucette, "Tall Man Riding" (1955) starring Randolph Scott, Dorothy Malone and Peggie Castle, "The Broken Star" (1956) starring Howard Duff, Lita Baron and Bill Williams and "The Lone Ranger and the Lost City of Gold" (1956) starring Clayton Moore and Jay Silverheels, "Outlaw's Son" (1957) starring Dane Clark, Ben Cooper and Lori Nelson.  In addition to directing films he also directed episodes on a variety of television series such as, "Zane Grey Theatre", "Fury", "Lassie", "Cannonball", "Cowboy G-Men", "The Tall Man", "Overland Trail", "Laramie" and "Daniel Boone".
In 1968 he retired from the industry and passed away on December 5th, 1979 in Los Alamitos, California.  


1968   Arizona Bushwhackers 

1967   Fort Utah 

1966   Daniel Boone
1966   The Texican

1965   Town Tamer 

1965   Fort Courageous 

1965   War Party 

1965   Convict Stage 
1959-1963  Laramie 

1962   Frontier Circus 

1961-1962  The Tall Man 

1960   Overland Trail 

1958-1959  Cannonball
1955-1959  Lassie 

1958   The Lone Ranger and the Lost City of Gold 
1957-1958  Fury 

1957   The Wayward Girl

1957   Taming Sutton's Gal 

1957   Outlaw's Son 

1957   Revolt at Fort Laramie 

1957   Tomahawk Trail

1956   Zane Grey Theatre 

1956   Quincannon, Frontier Scout 

1956   The Broken Star 

1955   Desert Sands 

1955   Fort Yuma 
1955   Tall Man Riding 

1955   Shotgun 

1954   Return from the Sea 

1954   The Yellow Tomahawk 

1954   Arrow in the Dust 

1954   Dragonfly Squadron 

1953   Fighter Attack 

1953   The Royal African Rifles 

1953   War Paint 

1953   Fort Algiers 

1953   Cow Country 
1953   Fort Vengeance 

1952   Cowboy G-Men

1952   The Raiders

1952   Flat Top 

1952   Battle Zone 
1952   Desert Passage 

1952   Road Agent 

1952   Trail Guide 

1952   Fort Osage

1951   Overland Telegraph 
1951   Flight to Mars 

1951   Pistol Harvest

1951   The Highwayman

1951   Gunplay

1951   Cavalry Scout
1951   I Was an American Spy

1951   Saddle Legion

1951   Law of the Badlands

1950   Short Grass

1950   The Kangaroo Kid
1950   Rio Grande Patrol

1950   Rider from Tucson

1950   Storm Over Wyoming

1950   Dakota Lil

1950   Riders of the Range
1949   The Mysterious Desperado

1949   Masked Raiders 
1949   Stampede 

1949   The Sky Dragon 

1949   Rustlers 

1949   Brothers in the Saddle

1948   Indian Agent
1948   Strike It Rich

1948   Belle Starr's Daughter
1948   Guns of Hate 

1948   Panhandle

1947   The Red Stallion

1947   Blackmail

1947   Robin Hood of Texas 
1947   Saddle Pals 

1947   Last Frontier Uprising 
1947   The Pilgrim Lady

1946   Out California Way

1946   Night Train to Memphis 

1946   Traffic in Crime

1946   Passkey to Danger

1946   The Catman of Paris

1945   The Fatal Witness

1945   Jungle Raiders

1945   Phantom of the Plains
1945   Trail of Kit Carson

1945   Three's a Crowd 
1945   The Vampire's Ghost 

1945   Great Stagecoach Robbery
1944   Sheriff of Las Vegas

1944   Firebrands of Arizona
1944   Sheriff of Sundown

1944   Cheyenne Wildcat

1944   Stagecoach to Monterey

1944   Bordertown Trail 

1944   Call of the Rockies 

1944   Forty Thieves

1944   Lumberjack
1943   Riders of the Deadline 

1943   Bar 20

1943   Colt Comrades 

1943   Buckskin Frontier 

1943   Border Patrol 
1942   Lost Canyon 

1942   Red River Robin Hood

1942   Undercover Man 

1942   Bandit Ranger 

1942   Thundering Hoofs 
1941   Stick to Your Guns 

1941   Riders of the Timberline 
1941   Wide Open Town 

1941   Pirates on Horseback
1941   The Roundup 

1941   Doomed Caravan 

1940   Three Men from Texas 

1940   Knights of the Range 

1940   Cherokee Strip 

1940   Stagecoach War 

1940   Hidden Gold 
1940   The Light of Western Stars 

1940   Santa Fe Marshal 
1939   Range War 

1939   Renegade Trail 

1939   Heritage of the Desert 

1939   Silver on the Sage 

1939   Sunset Trail 

1938   The Frontiersmen 

1938   The Mysterious Rider 
1938   Pride of the West 

1938   Bar 20 Justice 

1938   Heart of Arizona 

1938   Cassidy of Bar 20 

1938   Partners of the Plains 

1937   The Barrier 

1937   Black Aces 

1937   Hopalong Rides Again 

1937   Smoke Tree Range 

1937   Left-Handed Law

1937   Sandflow 
1936   Empty Saddles 

1936   The Boss Rider of Gun Creek 
1936   Ride 'Em Cowboy 

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