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Joseph Kane DIRECTOR


Jasper Joseph Inman Kane was born March 19, 1894 in San Diego, California. He originally had a career as a professional cellist, but in 1926 he moved into editing films. Kane edited mainly westerners, like “The Blind Trail” (1926) and “The Forty-Five Caliber War” (1928). He began directing movies in the mid thirties for Mascot and Republic Pictures, eventually becoming their best western director. His first credited directing job was “Tumbling Tumbleweeds” (1935). After filming “The Fighting Marines” (1935), Mascot and lots of other small production companies became absorbed by Republic, and Kane was put in charge as staff director. In 1939, he embarked on the production side of films, his debut being “Rough Riders’ Roundup”. In all, he produced over sixty films for the studio. The director/producer continued making films for Republic until 1958, when it closed down.

Throughout his career, he worked many times with western staples Gene Autry and Roy Rogers. However, sometimes he was given an assignment to work on 'A' films such as John Wayne’s “Flame of the Barbary Coast” (1944) or Joseph Schildkraut’s “The Cheaters” (1945). Even after his departure from Republic, Kane continued directing. He worked on a number of television shows like “Man Without a Gun” (1958), “Rawhide” (1960), and “Laramie” (1960-1963). He did also manage to squeeze in a few movies into his later years, including the thriller “The Search for the Evil One” (1967), the action/drama “Track of Thunder” (1967), and his final effort, the western “Smoke in the Wind” (1975). He died shortly after the release of the latter, on August 25, 1975, in Santa Monica, California. He was survived by his only wife, Margaret Kane, and their three children.  


Year       Title

1975       Smoke in the Wind 

1968       In Enemy Country

1967       Tobruk 

1967       Track of Thunder 

1967       The Search for the Evil One

1966       Beau Geste

1966       Country Boy  

1966       The Iron Horse  

1960       Laramie 

1960       Rawhide 

1959       Bonanza 

1958       The Man Who Died Twice

1958       Broken Arrow 

1958       Man Without a Gun 

1958       The Notorious Mr. Monks 

1957       Gunfire at Indian Gap 

1957       The Crooked Circle 

1957       The Last Stagecoach West 

1957       The Lawless Eighties

1957       Spoilers of the Forest

1957       Cheyenne 

1957       Duel at Apache Wells 

1957       26 Men 

1957       Whirlybirds 

1956       Accused of Murder 

1956       Thunder Over Arizona 

1956       The Maverick Queen 

1955       The Vanishing American 

1955       The Road to Denver 

1955       Timberjack 

1954       Hell's Outpost

1954       Jubilee Trail 

1953       Sea of Lost Ships

1953       Fair Wind to Java

1953       San Antone

1952       Jumping Jacks

1952       Ride the Man Down

1952       Woman of the North Country

1952       Hoodlum Empire

1951       The Sea Hornet

1951       Fighting Coast Guard

1951       Oh! Susanna

1950       California Passage

1950       The Savage Horde

1950       Rock Island Trail

1949       Brimstone

1949       The Last Bandit

1948       The Plunderers

1948       The Gallant Legion 

1948       Old Los Angeles 

1947       Wyoming  

1946       Plainsman and the Lady 

1946       In Old Sacramento

1945       Dakota

1945       The Cheaters

1945       Flame of Barbary Coast

1944       Song of Nevada

1944       The Yellow Rose of Texas

1944       Cowboy and the Senorita

1944       Hands Across the Border

1943       The Man from Music Mountain

1943       Silver Spurs

1943       Song of Texas

1943       King of the Cowboys

1943       Idaho

1942       Ridin' Down the Canyon

1942       Heart of the Golden West

1942       Sunset Serenade

1942       Sons of the Pioneers

1942       Romance on the Range

1942       Sunset on the Desert

1942       South of Santa Fe

1942       Man from Cheyenne

1941       Red River Valley

1941       Jesse James at Bay

1941       Bad Man of Deadwood

1941       Rags to Riches

1941       Nevada City

1941       Sheriff of Tombstone

1941       In Old Cheyenne

1941       The Great Train Robbery

1941       Robin Hood of the Pecos

1940       The Border Legion

1940       Young Bill Hickok

1940       Colorado

1940       The Ranger and the Lady

1940       The Carson City Kid

1940       Young Buffalo Bill 

1940       Dark Command

1939       Days of Jesse James

1939       Saga of Death Valley

1939       The Arizona Kid

1939       In Old Monterey

1939       Wall Street Cowboy

1939       In Old Caliente

1939       Frontier Pony Express

1939       Southward Ho

1939       Rough Riders' Round-up

1938       Shine On, Harvest Moon  

1938       Come On, Rangers 

1938       Billy the Kid Returns 

1938       Man from Music Mountain 

1938       Gold Mine in the Sky 

1938       Under Western Stars 

1938       Arson Gang Busters 

1938       Born to Be Wild

1938       The Old Barn Dance

1937       Springtime in the Rockies 

1937       Boots and Saddles  

1937       Heart of the Rockies

1937       Public Cowboy No. 1  

1937       Yodelin' Kid from Pine Ridge  

1937       Come on, Cowboys

1937       Gunsmoke Ranch

1937       Git Along Little Dogies

1937       Round-Up Time in Texas

1937       Paradise Express

1936       The Old Corral

1936       The Big Show 

1936       Ghost-Town Gold

1936       Ride Ranger Ride

1936       Oh, Susanna!

1936       Guns and Guitars

1936       Undersea Kingdom

1936       The Lonely Trail

1936       King of the Pecos

1936       The Lawless Nineties

1936       Darkest Africa

1935       The Fighting Marines

1935       Sagebrush Troubadour

1935       Melody Trail 

1935       The Headline Woman

1935       McFadden's Flats

1934       Little Men

1934       No More Women

1935       Tumbling Tumbleweeds

1934       In Old Santa Fe

1933       Laughing at Life

1933       Song of the Eagle

1933       Strictly Personal

1932       Young Bride

1932       Prestige

1931       Suicide Fleet

1931       The Big Gamble

1931       Sweepstakes

1931       Lonely Wives

1930       Big Money

1930       Her Man

1930       Carnival Revue

1930       Night Work

1930       Half Pint Polly

1929       What a Day! 

1929       The Black Book

1929       The Forty-Five Caliber War

1929       Overland Bound 

1929       The Pride of Pawnee 

1928       Yellow Contraband

1928       The Black Ace

1928       The Bronc Stomper

1928       The Boss of Rustler's Roost

1927       The Cherokee Kid 

1926       The Blind Trail 

1926       Riding for Life

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