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Henry King was born January 24, 1886 in Christiansburg, Virginia. He began his acting career on stage in various repertoire theaters. In 1913 he started to appear on the screen, beginning with the short drama “A False Friend”. Throughout the next two years he starred in over forty short films, including thrillers like “Love and War in Mexico” (1913), westerns such as “The Apache Kid” (1913), romances, including “A Romance of the Ozarks” (1913), and many, many dramas.

In 1915 King made his directorial debut with “The Brand of Man”. He continued to direct dramas, westerns, and action flicks throughout the teens, earning particular distinction with his 1919 comedy “23 ½ Hours Leave”. Only two years after, he produced, directed, and helped write his most famous, a significant rural America drama called “Tol’able David” (1921). During the remainder of the twenties, on top of staying active in his acting career, the director put out more enjoyable movies, including “The White Sister” (1923), a suspenseful romantic drama that takes place during the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in Italy, “Romola” (1924), a historical twisted love story, and “The Winning of Barbara Worth” (1926), a western drama about an engineer who vies to get a chance to fall in love with a rancher’s daughter.

In 1930 King teamed up with 20th Century Fox, where he would put out some of his best works. Most often, he would work with big actors like Gregory Peck and Tyrone Power, who would help him get his vision onto the screen. Some of Peck’s projects included the psychological war drama “Twelve O’Clock High” (1949), which won two Oscars, and the well thought out western “The Gunfighter” (1950), which earned one Academy Award nomination. He directed Power in such popular hits as the Oscar winning musical “Alexander’s Ragtime Band” (1938) and pirate adventure “The Black Swan” (1942).

As well as his association with the names of Peck, Power, and some other bright Hollywood stars like Rory Calhoun and Spencer Tracy, King was known to dwell on the American spirit. He showed his nostalgia for the United States in films like “State Fair” (1933), “In Old Chicago” (1937), “Jesse James” (1939), “Remember the Day” (1941), and “Wait Till the Sun Shines, Nellie” (1952). He often also helmed historical pieces such as “Lloyd’s of London” (1936), “Little Old New York” (1940), and “The Song of Bernadette” (1943). Furthermore, he made his mark in the adventure world with works such as “Prince of Foxes” (1949), “Captain from Castile” (1947), and “The King of the Khyber Rifles” (1953). For his final project, however, King went back to his original genre of drama for “Tender Is the Night” (1962).

Not only was the actor/director/producer a great filmmaker, he also helped found a fundamental society that helped shape the movie business into what it is today. King was one of the original thirty six founders of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, which gives out the Academy Awards every year. Unfortunately, the celebrated filmmaker’s life had to end like everyone’s do. On June 29, 1882, while in a sleep, King suffered a fatal heart attack. However, his memory remains very alive and well. On top of two Oscar nominations, four Directors Guild of America Award nods, a Golden Globe, and a third and fourth place spot for Top Director at the Laurel Awards, he has a DGA Lifetime Achievement Award and two stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.



1962       Tender Is the Night

1959       Beloved Infidel

1959       This Earth Is Mine

1958       The Old Man and the Sea  

1958       The Bravados

1957       The Sun Also Rises

1956       Carousel

1955       Love Is a Many-Splendored Thing

1955       Untamed

1953       King of the Khyber Rifles

1952       The Snows of Kilimanjaro

1952       Full House

1952       Wait Till the Sun Shines, Nellie

1951       David and Bathsheba

1951       I'd Climb the Highest Mountain

1950       The Gunfighter

1949       Twelve O'Clock High

1949       Prince of Foxes

1948       Deep Waters

1947       Captain from Castile

1946       Margie

1945       A Bell for Adano

1944       Wilson

1943       The Song of Bernadette

1942       The Black Swan

1941       Remember the Day

1941       A Yank in the R.A.F.

1940       Chad Hanna

1940       Maryland

1940       Little Old New York

1939       Stanley and Livingstone

1939       Jesse James

1938       Alexander's Ragtime Band

1937       Seventh Heaven

1937       In Old Chicago

1936       Lloyd's of London

1936       Ramona

1936       The Country Doctor

1935       Way Down East

1935       One More Spring

1934       Marie Galante

1934       Carolina

1933       I Loved You Wednesday

1933       State Fair

1932       The Woman in Room 13

1931       Over the Hill

1931       Merely Mary Ann

1930       Lightnin'

1930       The Eyes of the World

1930       Hell Harbor

1929       She Goes to War

1928       The Woman Disputed

1927       The Magic Flame

1926       The Winning of Barbara Worth

1926       Partners Again

1925       Stella Dallas

1925       Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ

1925       Any Woman

1925       Sackcloth and Scarlet

1924       Romola

1923       The White Sister

1923       Fury

1922       The Bond Boy

1922       Sonny

1922       The Seventh Day

1921       Tol'able David

1921       The Sting of the Lash

1921       Salvage

1921       The Mistress of Shenstone

1921       When We Were 21 

1920       Help Wanted - Male

1920       Dice of Destiny

1920       Help Wanted - Male

1920       One Hour Before Dawn

1920       Uncharted Channels

1920       The White Dove

1919       Haunting Shadows

1919       A Fugitive from Matrimony

1919       23 1/2 Hours' Leave

1919       Six Feet Four

1919       This Hero Stuff

1919       A Sporting Chance

1919       Some Liar

1919       Brass Buttons

1919       Where the West Begins

1919       When a Man Rides Alone

1918       All the World to Nothing

1918       Hobbs in a Hurry

1918       The Locked Heart

1918       The Ghost of Rosy Taylor

1918       Up Romance Road

1918       Social Briars

1918       Hearts or Diamonds?

1918       Powers That Prey

1918       Beauty and the Rogue

1918       King Social Briars

1917       The Mate of the Sally Ann

1917       A Game of Wits

1917       Southern Pride

1917       The Climber  

1917       The Bride's Silence

1917       The Mainspring

1917       In the Hands of the Law

1917       Souls in Pawn

1917       Vengeance of the Dead

1917       Sunshine and Gold

1917       Told at Twilight

1917       Scepter of Suspicion

1917       Twin Kiddies  

1917       The Devil's Bait 

1916       The Power of Evil 

1916       Crooked Road 

1916       Faith's Reward

1916       The Sand Lark 

1916       The Stained Pearl 

1916       Big Brother 

1916       The Flirting Bride

1916       Joy and the Dragon

1916       Shadows and Sunshine

1916       Pay Dirt

1916       The Oath of Hate

1916       When Might Is Right  

1916       Little Mary Sunshine

1915       Should a Wife Forgive?

1915       The Nemesis  

1915       Who Pays?

1915       The Brand of Man 

1915       A Bolt from the Sky 

1915       Pearls of Temptation 

1915       The Maid of the Wild

1915       In Humble Guise 

1915       The Tomboy 

1915       The Dolls of Intrigue

1915       Toil and Tyranny 

1915       The Fruit of Folly 

1915       Letters Entangled

1915       The Pomp of Earth 

1915       For the Commonwealth 

1915       Today and Tomorrow 

1915       Blue Blood and Yellow

1915       Houses of Glass 

1915       Unto Herself Alone

1915       The Butterfly 

1915       The Love Liar 

1915       When Justice Sleeps 

1915       The Pursuit of Pleasure

1915       The Price of Fame  

1915       Bliss of Ignorance

1915       The Acid Test 

1915       Saved from Himself

1914       The Test of Manhood 

1914       The Rat 

1914       Nerve 

1914       Abide with Me 

1914       Sacrificial Fires 

1914       The Measure of a Man 

1914       The Power of Print 

1914       His Excellency 

1914       The Eternal Duel 

1914       Eyes That Cannot See 

1913       The Moth and the Flame

1913       The Path of Sorrow 

1913       By Impulse 

1913       When He Sees 

1913       Life, Love and Liberty

1913       You've Got to Pay

1913       Her Father 

1913       Melita's Sacrifice 

1913       Turning the Table 

1913       When the Clock Stopped

1913       Magic Melody 

1913       The Mate of the Schooner 'Sadie' 

1913       For Her Brother's Sake 

1913       A Mexican Tragedy 

1913       To Love and Cherish 

1913       The Medal of Honor

1913       Playing with Fire 

1913       His Last Crooked Deal 

1913       A Tenderfoot Hero 

1913       The Outlaw's Gratitude 

1913       The Camera's Testimony 

1913       The Message of the Rose

1913       An Actor's Strategy 

1913       Jim's Reward 

1913       The Apache Kid 

1913       The Mysterious Hand 

1913       Her Atonement

1913       Rustic Hearts

1913       The Legend of Lovers Leap

1913       A Woman's Heart 

1913       A Romance of the Ozarks 

1913       Love and War in Mexico 

1913       A Perilous Ride 

1913       The Breed of the West 

1913       The Padre's Strategy 

1913       The Birthmark 

1913       Back to Primitive 

1913       The Split Nugget 

1913       A False Friend  

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