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Georges Méliès DIRECTOR


Georges Méliès was a famous French director who developed many new cinematic techniques and was very innovative in his use of special effects. His keen ability to transform reality in each of his films earned him the title of being the first 'cinemagician'. He was born on December 8, 1861 in Paris, France to a shoe-making family. After joining the military, he was sent to London to learn English more fluently so that he could work at his family factory. Here he became enchanted by the magic shows at Egyptian Hall. By the time he returned to Paris, he was captivated with magic and determined to become a magician himself. For a short time he ran the family business, but soon retired and bought the famous Theatre, Robert Houdin, in 1888. He worked full time as a showman, doing illusions and other magic related tricks.

In 1895, Méliès was invited to witness a new Lumiére invention: the Cinématographe. He was instantly intrigued and tried to buy it, but was denied. Thus he went to London to purchase one of Robert Paul’s first projectors, which, with the help of an engineer, Méliès turned into a film camera. In May 1896, he constructed his first movie, called “Un petit diable”. By the end of the year, he had shot eighty short films. During one of his filmings of a street scene, his camera got stuck. When he processed the film, objects suddenly disappeared or turned into other objects. This was his first realization that he could transform his pictures by distorting time and space, and he furthered his discoveries by devising more unique special effects. He showed one such technique in his seventieth picture, “The Vanishing Lady” (1896), by stopping the camera in a specific spot so he could place a woman behind a skeleton covering. In 1896 he additionally created the first horror film, “The Devil’s Castle”, complete with witches, ghosts, and smoking cauldrons.
Early in 1897 he assembled his own studio, where he increased his repertoire of illusionistic tricks, like multiple exposures and vanishing entities. Méliès also invented narrative pictures, which were a string of films put together to construct a continuous story. One of his best movies was “L’auberge  ensorcelé” (1897), in which a traveler’s clothes seem to levitate throughout the room. He also made a film that started the “mad scientist” type, titled “Le chirugien américain”, which although translates to “American Surgeon”, was released with the English name, “A Twentieth Century Surgeon” (1887). Méliès’ pictures quickly became popular in America and England, although they had slightly different titles.
He rapidly created new methods for filming and editing movies; for example, he created the first double exposure in “La caverne Maudite” (1898), pioneered the first divided screen with actors performing opposite themselves in “Un Homme de tete” (1898), showed the first dissolve in “Cendrillon” (1899), but also presented the first nude scene in a movie in “Apres le Bal” (1897). Into the twentieth century he continued to fabricate new ideas and was even attempting to introduce sound to some of his pictures – way ahead of any other director in his time. Méliès began giving the impression of enlarging objects with “The Man With the Rubber Head” (1901), created extreme props, like the erupting volcano in “The Eruption of Mt. Pelee” (1902), did in-camera matting to produce multiples with “The Music Lover” (1903), as well as an extensive list of other innovations.

His most famous movie of all time was “A Trip to the Moon” (1902), although it was not his personal favorite. It included the memorable scene where a spaceship lands on the eye of the man in the moon. Another one of the director’s more notable films is “The Impossible Voyage” (1904), which, like the latter, is about a bizarre voyage. They are also both considered to be some of the original science fiction films. Following, he continued to produce more successful movies, like “The Cook in Trouble” (1904), “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea” (1907), and “Hamlet” (1908).

Unfortunately, by 1911 Méliès found himself in financial trouble, and produced far fewer films than in prior years. In 1912 he directed a few more films, but focused much of his attention on his Robert Houdin Theatre, which had been hit hard by the World War I outbreak. He only created three more movies in 1913, “Le voyage de la famille Bourrichon”, “Cinderella or the Glass Slipper”, and “The Knight of Snows”, before calling it quits and permanently retiring from directing. The next year his theatre was shut down. By 1923, the property had been sold, and most of the contents inside were destroyed. Many of the Méliès that survive today are copies made from distributors and pirates.

In his later days he was recognized with a Legion of Honour by the French, and also given a rent free apartment for cinema veterans. He spent his final days there, drawing, musing over the past, and occasionally performing magic tricks. The esteemed director died on January 21, 1938, in Paris, France. He is still regarded as the first master of filmmaking, and his vast collection of over five hundred films are still a source of enjoyment and marvel to audiences today.

1913     The Knight of the Snows

1913     Cinderella or The Glass Slipper

1913     Le voyage de la famille Bourrichon

1912     The Prisoner's Story

1912     The Ghost of Sulphur Mountain

1912     The Conquest of the North Pole - La Conquête du pôle

1911     The Ranchman's Debt of Honor

1911     Baron Munchausen's Dream

1911     Mexican as It Is Spoken

1911     Right or Wrong

1911     Tommy's Rocking Horse

1911     The Stolen Grey

1911     The Mission Waif

1910     Apparitions fantômatiques

1910     Fin de réveillon

1910     Galatée

1910     Curing Obesity in 5 Minutes

1910     The Doctor's Secret

1910     Le conte du vieux talute

1910     Les illusions fantaisistes

1910     Les sept barres d'or

1910     Le vitrail diabolique

1910     L'homme aux mille inventions

1910     Sij'étais le roi

1910     Un homme comme il faut

1909     The Living Doll

1909     The Fatal Ball or The Miner's Daughter

1909     Fortune Favors the Brave

1909     Seein' Things

1909     The Red Star Inn

1909     Mrs. and Mr. Duff

1909     The Count's Wooing

1909     A Tumultuous Elopement

1909     For Sale: a Baby

1909     The Hypnotist's Revenge

1909     Cinderella Up-to-Date

1909     For the Cause of Suffrage

1909     La gigue merveilleuse

1909     The Devilish Tenant

1909     The Queen's Musketeer

1909     Le papillon fantastique

1908     A Love Tragedy in Spain

1908     The Duke's Good Joke

1908     Incident from Don Quixote

1908     Honeymoon in a Balloon

1908     Grandmother's Story

1908     Buncoed Stage Johnnie

1908     Fun with the Bridal Party

1908     A Tricky Painter's Fate

1908     Not Guilty

1908     Amour et mélasse

1908     Anaïc ou Le balafré

1908     At the Hotel Mix-Up

1908     Conte de la grand-mère et rêve de l'enfant

1908     French Cops Learning English

1908     French Interpreter Policeman

1908     Hallucinations pharmaceutiques ou Le truc de potard

1908     His First Job

1908     Il y a un dieu pour les ivrognes

1908     The Good Sheperdess and the Evil Princess

1908     Humanity Through the Ages

1908     L'acteur en retard

1908     La fée libellule

1908     La fête du sonneur

1908     La fontaine merveilleuse

1908     L'agent gelé

1908     La main secourable

1908     L'ascension de la rosière

1908     La toile d'araignée merveilleuse

1908     The Miser

1908     Le conseil de pipelet

1908     Le crime de la rue du Cherche-Midi à quatorze heures

1908     Le fabricant de diamants

1908     The Indian Sorcerer

1908     The Genii of Fire

1908     Le jugement du garde-champêtre

1908     Mishaps of the New York-Paris Race

1908     The Dream of an Opium Fiend

1908     Le serpent de la rue de la lune

1908     Les malheurs d'un photographe

1908     Les patineurs

1908     Le tambourin fantastique

1908     Le trait d'union

1908     Love and Molasses

1908     Lully ou Le violon brisé

1908     Magic of Catchy Songs

1908     Mariage de raison et mariage d'amour

1908     Moitié de polka

1908     Mystery of the Garrison

1908     On ne badine pas avec l'amour

1908     Oriental Black Art

1908     Long Distance Wireless Photography - La Photographie électrique à distance

1908     Pochardiana

1908     Pour les p'tiots

1908     Pour l'étoile S.V.P.

1908     A Mistaken Identity

1908     Rivalité d'amour

1908     Rude Awakening

1908     In the Barber Shop

1908     Sideshow Wrestlers

1908     Tartarin de Tarascon

1908     The Woes of Roller Skates

1908     Trop vieux!

1908     Two Crazy Bugs

1908     Two Talented Vagabonds

1908     Why That Actor Was Late

1908     Wonderful Charm

1907     Sightseeing Through Whisky

1907     20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

1907     Delirium in a Studio

1907     A Forester Made King

1907     The King and the Jester

1907     Hamlet

1907     Bakers in Trouble

1907     Good Glue Sticks

1907     In the Bogie Man's Cave

1907     Rogues' Tricks

1907     Chopin's Funeral March Burlesqued

1907     La mort de Jules César

1907     A New Death Penalty

1907     An Angelic Servant

1907     The Prophetess of Thebes

1907     A Mischievous Sketch

1907     The Eclipse: Courtship of the Sun and Moon

1907     Le délirium tremens

1907     How Bridget's Lover Escaped

1907     Le nouveau seigneur du village

1907     The Bewildering Cabinet

1907     Les fromages automobiles

1907     Justinian's Human Torches

1907     Tunneling the Channel

1907     A Night with Masqueraders in Paris

1907     Robert Macaire et Bertrand

1907     Satan in Prison

1907     Seek and Thou Shalt Find

1907     The Story of Eggs

1906     The Witch

1906     Who Looks, Pays

1906     The Mysterious Retort

1906     Histoire d'un crime

1906     Chimney Sweep

1906     The Tramp and the Mattress Makers

1906     La galerie sens dessus-dessous

1906     Olden and New Style Conjuring

1906     L'anarchie chez guignol

1906     Inventor Crazybrains and His Wonderful Airship

1906     A Spiritualistic Meeting

1906     Le maestro Do-mi-sol-do

1906     Le rastaquouère Rodriguez y Papanagaz

1906     The Hilarious Posters

1906     Soap Bubbles

1906     A Desperate Crime

1906     The 400 Tricks of the Devil

1906     L'hôtel des voyageurs de commerce

1906     A Fall from Five Floors

1905     The Legend of Rip Van Winkle

1905     Paris to Monte Carlo

1905     The Palace of Arabian Knights

1905     À President-elect Roosevelt

1905     The Enchanted Sedan Chair

1905     The Grotto of Surprises

1905     The Christmas Angel

1905     A Mesmerian Experiment

1905     The Angler's Nightmare

1905     Le chevalier démontable

1905     A Crazy Composer

1905     The Black Imp

1905     The Lilliputian Minuet

1905     Mr. Dauber and the Mystifying Pictures

1905     The Crystal Casket

1905     The King of the Sharpshooters

1905     The Chloroform Fiends

1905     The Tower of London

1905     Life Saving Up-to-date

1905     The Scheming Gambler's Paradise

1905     Ulysses and the Giant Polyphemus

1905     The Venetian Looking-glass

1905     Unexpected Fireworks

1904     The Impossible Voyage

1904     The Wonderful Living Fan

1904     The Fake Russian Prophet

1904     Tchin-Chao, the Chinese Conjurer

1904     Faust and Marguerite

1904     Benvenuto Cellini; or, a Curious Evasion

1904     The Imperceptible Transmutations

1904     A Miracle Under the Inquisition

1904     The Clock Maker's Dream

1904     Le coffre enchanté

1904     The Untamable Whiskers

1904     The Fugitive Apparitions

1904     A Wager Between Two Magicians or Jealous of Myself

1904     The Invisible Siva

1904     Every Man His Own Cigar Lighter

1904     Tit for Tat

1904     A Moonlight Serenade or The Miser Punished

1904     A Burlesque Highway Robbery in 'Gay Paree'

1904     Decapitation in Turkey

1904     The Firefall

1904     The Shadow Lady

1904     Uncle Rube's Birthday

1904     The Devilish Plank

1904     The Providence of the Waves or The Dream of a Poor Fisherman

1904     The Mermaid

1904     The Barber of Seville

1904     The Astonishing Frame

1904     The Impossible Dinner

1904     The Wandering Jew

1904     The Wonderful Rose Tree

1904     The Living Playing Cards

1904     The Animated Costumes

1904     Les mésaventures de Monsieur Boit-sans-soif

1904     Mariage par correspondance

1904     The Cook in Trouble

1904     Simple Simon's Surprise Party

1903     Faust in Hell

1903     Jack and Jim

1903     The Ballet Master's Dream

1903     Alcofribas, the Master Magician

1903     Bob Kick, the Mischievous Kid

1903     Ten Ladies in One Umbrella

1903     Jupiter's Thunderballs - Le Tonnerre de Jupiter

1903     Jack Haggs and Dum Dum 

1903     The Infernal Boiling Pot 

1903     The Apparition

1903     Fairyland: A Kingdom of Fairies 

1903     The Music Lover 

1903     The Monster - Le Monstre 

1903     The Spiritualist Photographer 

1903     The Oracle of Delphi 

1903     The Mystical Flame 

1903     The Drawing Lesson 

1903     Revenge Is Sweet 

1903     The Inn Where No Man Rests

1903     The Enchanted Well 

1903     La boîte à malice

1903     The Enchanted Basket 

1903     La guirlande merveilleuse

1903     The Cake-Walk Infernal 

1903     Beelzebub's Daughters 

1903     The Queen's Musketeers 

1903     Misfortune Never Comes Alone - Un Malheur n'arrive jamais seul

1903     The Brahmin and the Butterfly 

1903     Artist and the Dummy 

1903     Bewitched Dungeon 

1903     Drunkard and Inventor 

1903     The Miser 

1903     The Wizard, the Prince and the Good Fairy 

1903     Conjurer and 100 Tricks 

1903     Robinson Crusoe 

1903     Sure Cure for Indigestion

1903     Marvelous Suspension 

1903     The Prolific Magic Egg 

1903     Cock Fight 

1903     Extraordinary Adventures 

1903     Egyptian Fantasy 

1903     The Famous Box Trick 

1903     Extraordinary Illusions 

1903     The Magic Lantern 

1903     Miser's Dream 

1903     Cabinet Trick of the Davenport Brothers 

1903     A Maiden's Paradise 

1903     The Bridegroom's Dilemma 

1903     Cagliostro's Mirror 

1903     Murder Will Out 

1903     The Seven Capital Sins 

1903     The Three Bacchantes 

1903     Lightning Change Artist

1903     Pygmalion and Galatea 

1903     The Artist's Dream 

1903     The Beggar's Dream 

1903     A Dinner Under Difficulties 

1903     Up-to-Date Spiritualism 

1902     A Trip to the Moon 

1902     Reproduction, Coronation Ceremonies: King Edward VII 

1902     The Eruption of Mt. Pelee

1902     The Triple Headed Lady 

1902     The Burglars in the Wine Cellar

1902     Herrmann, the Great Conjuror 

1902     Catastrophe du ballon 'Le pax' 

1902     Coronation of Their Majesties King Edward VII and Queen Alexandria 

1902     Éruption volcanique à la Martinique 

1902     The Magician and the Imp 

1902     Marvellous Egg Production 

1902     La douche de colonel 

1902     The Dream of a Hindu Beggar

1902     The Elastic Batallion 

1902     The Coronation of King Edward VII 

1902     An Impossible Balancing Feat 

1902     Mephistopheles' School of Magic 

1902     Gulliver's Travels 

1902     The Human Fly - L'homme mouche 

1901     The Fat and the Lean Wrestling Match

1901     The Christmas Dream 

1901     Little Red Riding Hood 

1901     Bluebeard 

1901     The Bachelor's Paradise

1901     Congrès des nations en Chine 

1901     An Extraordinary Dislocation 

1901     The Magician and the Human Pump

1901     The Clown vs. Satan 

1901     Twentieth Century Surgery 

1901     The Sacred Fountain 

1901     The Dragon Fly 

1901     Troubles in a Tenement House

1901     The House of Mystery 

1901     La phrénologie burlesque 

1901     Hat of Many Surprises 

1901     Le charlatan 

1901     A Good Trick 

1901     The Trials of a Schoolmaster

1901     The Devil and the Statue 

1901     The India Rubber Head 

1901     Off to Bloomingdale Asylum - L'omnibus des toqués blancs et noirs

1901     The Balloonist's Mishap 

1901     The Dwarf and the Giant 

1901     Une mauvaise plaisanterie

1901     Fun in Court  

1900     Joan of Arc

1900     The Unexpected Bath

1900     Avenue des Champs-Elysées et le Petit Palais 

1900     Coppelia, the Animated Doll

1900     Scullion's Joke on the Chef 

1900     The Railroad Pickpocket 

1900     Crying and Laughing 

1900     The Monumental Gate 

1900     La rue des nations 

1900     The Cook's Revenge 

1900     Going to Bed Under Difficulties

1900     The Dangerous Lunatic 

1900     The Magic Book 

1900     The Man with Wheels in His Head 

1900     The Tricky Prisoner 

1900     A Fantastical Meal 

1900     Oh! What a Night or The Sultan's Dream

1900     How He Missed His Train 

1900     The Doctor and the Monkey 

1900     The Two Blind Men 

1900     Les infortunes d'un explorateur 

1900     The Miracles of Brahmin 

1900     Les visiteurs sur le trottoir roulant

1900     The Dainaid's Barrel 

1900     L'exposition de 1900 

1900     The One-Man Band 

1900     The Triple Conjurer and the Living Head

1900     Don't Move 

1900     Palais étrangers 

1900     Panorama circulaire 

1900     Panorama pris du trottoir roulant Champ de Mars 

1900     Pavillon des armées de terre et de mer 

1900     Addition and Subtraction 

1900     Un intrus dans la loge des figurantes 

1900     Vieux Paris 

1900     Vue de remerciements au public 

1900     Vue panoramique prise de la Seine 

1899     L'affaire Dreyfus

1899     Cendrillon 

1899     Attentat contre Me Labori 

1899     The Clown and the Automobile

1899     Bagarre entre journalistes 

1899     Charmant voyages de noces 

1899     Cleopatra's Tomb 

1899     Conseil de guerre en séance à Rennes

1899     Disembarking at Quiberon 

1899     Passengers Disembarking at Granville 

1899     Dreyfus alliant du lycée de Rennes à la prison

1899     Duel politique 

1899     Entrée d'un pacquebot, port de Jersey 

1899     Entretien de Dreyfus et de sa femme à Rennes 

1899     Summoning the Spirits 

1899     Force doit rester à la loi 

1899     Funérailles de Félix Faure 

1899     Haggard's She: The Pillar of Fire 

1899     La crémation 

1899     La dictée du bordereau 

1899     La pyramide de Triboulet

1899     The Snow Man

1899     The Mysterious Blackboard

1899     Christ Walking on Water

1899     The Absent-minded Lecturer 

1899     The Sign of the Cross 

1899     The Devil in a Convent - Diable au convent

1899     A Mysterious Portrait 

1899     The Devil's Island 

1899     A Turn of the Century Illusionist

1899     L'ours et la sentinelle 

1899     An Extraordinary Wrestling Match 

1899     Mise aux fers de Dreyfus 

1899     Neptune and Amphitrite 

1899     Panorama du port de Saint-Helier

1899     Pick-pocket et policeman 

1899     Richesse et misère 

1899     Suicide du Colonel Henry 

1899     A Midnight Episode 

1898     Assaut d'escrime 

1898     Atelier d'artiste, farce de modèles 

1898     Attention à la peinture 

1898     Carrefour de l'opéra 

1898     Collision et naufrage en mer 

1898     Combat naval devant Manille 

1898     Corvée de quartier accidentée 

1898     Fantastical Illusions 

1898     The Triple Lady 

1898     Guerre de Cuba et l'explosion du Maine à La Havane 

1898     Adventures of William Tell

1898     Illusions fantasmagoriques 

1898     The Cave of the Demons 

1898     Damnation of Faust

1898     La dégradation 

1898     A Trip to the Moon 

1898     The Temptation of St. Anthony

1898     Le cuirassé Maine

1898     Le déjeuner impossible 

1898     Le grotte du diable 

1898     Le maçon maladroit 

1898     The Magician  - Le Magicien

1898     A Novice at X-rays 

1898     Black Art 

1898     Masque diabolique G. Méliès 

1898     Montagnes russes nautiques 

1898     Panorama pris d'un train en marche 

1898     Prenez garde à la peinture 

1898     Sortie sans permission 

1898     Four Heads Are Better Than One 

1898     Visite de l'épave du Maine 

1898     Visite sous-marine du Maine

1897     After the Ball, the Bath 

1897     Arlequin et charbonnier 

1897     Attaque d'un poste anglais 

1897     Auguste et Bibb 

1897     Bataille de confettis 

1897     A Twentieth Century Surgeon 

1897     Combat dans une rue aux Indes 

1897     Naval Combat in Greece 

1897     Cortège de la mi-carême 

1897     Cortège du boeuf gras boulevard des Italiens 

1897     Cortège du boeuf gras passant Place de la Concorde 

1897     Dancing in a Harem 

1897     Danseuses au jardin de Paris 

1897     Dans les coulisses 

1897     Défilé des pompiers 

1897     En cabinet particulier

1897     Entre Calais et Douvres

1897     Épisodes de guerre 

1897     Exécution d'un espion 

1897     Faust et Marguerite 

1897     Figaro et l'auvergnat 

1897     Gugusse and the Automaton 

1897     The Grasshopper and the Ant 

1897     La prise de Tournavos 

1897     L'ascension d'un ballon 

1897     The Bewitched Inn 

1897     The Devil's Laboratory 

1897     The Devil's Castle 

1897     L'école des gendres 

1897     The Hypnotist at Work 

1897     Le malade imaginaire 

1897     Le musulman rigolo 

1897     Le prestidigitateur D. Devant 

1897     Les apprentis militaires 

1897     The Last Cartridges - Les dernières cartouches

1897     The Hallucinated Alchemist 

1897     L'indiscret aux bains de mer 

1897     Massacres en Crète 

1897     Match de boxe 

1897     Passage dangereux au Mont-Blanc 

1897     Paulus chantant 'Coquin de printemps' 

1897     Paulus chantant 'Derrière l'omnibus'  

1897     Paulus chantant Duellist marsellais 

1897     Paulus chantant 'En revenant d'la revue' 

1897     Paulus chantant 'Père la victoire'

1897     Sur les toits 

1897     Tourneur en poterie 

1897     Une cour de ferme 

1897     Un modèle irascible 

1897     Vente d'esclaves au harem 

1897     A Drunkard's Dream 

1896     Arrival of a Train 

1896     Arrivée d'un train gare de Vincennes

1896     Baignade en mer 

1896     Barque sortant du port de Trouville 

1896     Bateau-mouche sur la Seine

1896     Batteuse à vapeur

1896     Bébé et fillettes 

1896     Bois de Boulogne 

1896     Boulevard des Italiens 

1896     The Bohemian Encampment

1896     Chicot, dentiste américain 

1896     Cortège de tzar allant à Versailles 

1896     Cortège de tzar au Bois de Boulogne 

1896     Coronation of a Village Maiden 

1896     Danse serpentine 

1896     Unloading the Boat 

1896     Post No Bills  - Défense d'afficher

1896     Départ des automobiles 

1896     Départ des officiers 

1896     Dessinateur: Chamberlain 

1896     Dessinateur express 

1896     Dessinateur: Reine Victoria 

1896     Dessinateur: Von Bismark 

1896     Conjurer Making Ten Hats in Sixty Seconds

1896     Effets de mer sur les rochers

1896     Enfants jouant sur la plage

1896     The Conjuring of a Woman at the House of Robert Houdin

1896     Grandes manoeuvres

1896     Gardener Burning Weeds

1896     Beach and Pier at Trouville, 1st part

1896     Beach and Pier at Trouville, 2nd part

1896     Market Day

1896     La gare Saint-Lazare

1896     Watering the Flowers

1896     La voiture du potier

1896     Le bivouac

1896     A Nightmare

1896     Le chiffonnier

1896     Le fakir, mystère indien

1896     The House of the Devil

1896     The Mysterious Paper

1896     French Regiment Going to the Parade

1896     Les blanchisseuses

1896     A Merry-Go-Round

1896     Blacksmith in His Workshop

1896     Les haleurs de bateaux

1896     Les indiscrets

1896     Les ivrognes

1896     The Docks at Marseilles

1896     Les tribulations d'un concierge

1896     L'hôtel empoisonné

1896     Libération des territoriaux

1896     Marée montante sur Brise-Larmes

1896     Miss de Vere

1896     Panorama of Havre Taken from a Boat

1896     Place de la Bastille

1896     Place de la Concorde

1896     Place de l'Opéra, First View

1896     Place de l'Opéra, Second View

1896     Place du théâtre français

1896     Place Saint-Augustin

1896     The Beach at Villiers in a Gale

1896     Smarter than the Teacher

1896     Retour au cantonnement

1896     Réunion d'officiers

1896     Naval Review at Cherburg

1896     Sac au dos

1896     Salut malencontreux d'un déserteur

1896     Rescue on the River, Pt. 2

1896     Rescue on the River, Pt. 1

1896     Conjuring

1896     Sortie des ateliers Vibert

1896     Tempête sur la jetée du treport

1896     Tom Old Boot

1896     Une altercation au café

1896     The Rag Picker

1896     A Terrible Night - Une nuit terrible

1896     Une partie de cartes

1896     Academy for Young Ladies

1896     Un petit diable

Misfortune Never Comes Alone, The Black Imp, The Christmas Angel, The Cook in Trouble, The Doctor's Secret, The Eclipse, The Haunted Castle, The Hilarious Posters, The Impossible Voyage, The King and the Jester, The Living Playing Cards, The Mermaid, The Mysterious Island, The Last Cartridges, The Mysterious Retort, The Mystical Flames, The Untamable Whiskers, The Spider and the Butterfly, The Wandering Jew, The Wonderful Living Fan, Under the Seas, Eruption on Mount Pelee, Good Glue Sticks, On the Roofs, Sea Fighting in Greece, Post No Bills, The Prolific Magical Egg,

John Frazer’s version 1979

Une Nuit terrible (A Terrible Night) (1896)

Escamotage d’une dame au théâtre Robert Houdin (The Vanishing Lady) (1896)

Combat naval en Grèce (Naval Combat in Greece) (1897)

Entre Calais et Douvres (Between Calais and Dover) (1897)

L’Auberge ensorcelée (The Bewitched Inn) (1897)

Après le bal (After the Ball, the Bath) (1897)

Le Manoir du Diable (The Haunted Castle) (1897)

Visite sous-marine du Maine (Divers at Work in the Wreck of the Maine) (1898)

Panorama pris d’un train en marche (Panorama from the Top of a Moving Train) (1898)

Illusions fantasmagoriques (The Famous Box Trick) (1898)

Aventures de Guillaume Tell (The Adventures of William Tell) (1898)

La Lune à un mètre (The Astronomer’s Dream) (1898)

Un Homme de têtes (The Four Troublesome Heads) (1898)

La Tentation de Saint-Antoine (The Temptation of St. Anthony) (1898)

Salle à manger fantastique (A Dinner under Difficulties) (1899)

L’Ours et la sentinelle (1899)

L’Impressionniste fin de siècle (An Up-to-Date Conjuror) (1899)

Le Diable au convent (The Devil in a Convent) (1899)

Le Portrait mystérieux (A Mysterious Portrait) (1899)

L’Affaire Dreyfus (The Dreyfus Court-Martial) consisting of La Dictée du bordereau (Arrest of Dreyfus); L’Ile du Diable (Dreyfus at Devil’s Island – Within the Palisade); Mise aux fers de Dreyfus (Dreyfus Put in Irons – Inside a Cell at Devil’s Island); Suicide de colonel Henry (Suicide of Colonel Henry); Débarquement à Quiberon (Landing of Dreyfus from Devil’s Island); Entretien de Dreyfus et de sa femme à Rennes (Dreyfus in Prison of Rennes); Attentat contre Maître Labori (The Attempt against Maître Labori); Bagarre entre journalistes (The Fight of Journalists at the Lycée); Le Conseil du guerre en séance à Rennes (The Court-Martial at Rennes) (1899)

Cendrillon (Cinderella) (1899)

Le Chevalier mystère (The Mysterious Knight) (1899)

Les Miracles de Brahmine (The Miracles of Brahmin) (1900)

La Vengeace du gâte-sauce (The Cook’s Revenge) (1903)

L’Homme orchestre (The One-Man Band) (1900)

Jeanne d’Arc (Joan of Arc) (1900)

Le Livre magique (The Magic Book) (1900)

Rêve de Noël (The Christmas Dream) (1900)

Nouvelles luttes extravagantes (The Fat and the Lean Wrestling Match) (1900)

La Déshabillage impossible (Going to Bed Under Difficulties) (1900)

Le Savant et le chimpanze (The Doctor and the Monkey) (1900)

La Chrysalide et le papillon (The Brahmin and the Butterfly) (1901)

Dislocations mystérieuses (Extraordinary Illusions) (1901)

Barbe-bleue (Blue-beard) (1901)

L’Homme à la tête en caoutchouc (The Man with the Rubber Head) (1901)

Le Sacre d’Edouard VII (The Coronation of King Edward VII) (1902)

L’Oeuf du sorcier (Prolific Magical Egg) (1902)

Voyage dans la lune (A Trip to the Moon) (1902)

Les Trésors de satan (The Treasures of Satan) (1902)

L’Homme mouche (The Human Fly) (1902)

La Femme volante (Marvellous Suspension and Evolution) (1902)

L’Équilibre impossible (An Impossible Balancing Feat) (1902)

Chirurgie fin de siécle (Up-to-Date Surgery) (1902) also known as Une Indigestion

Le Voyage de Gulliver à Lilliput et chez les géants (Gulliver’s Travels Among the Lilliputians and the Giants) (1902)

La Guirlande merveilleuse (The Marvellous Wreath) (1902)

Un Malheur n’arrive jamais seul (Misfortune Never Comes Alone) (1903)

Le Cake-walk infernal (The Infernal Cake-Walk) (1903)

La Boîte à malice (The Mysterious Box) (1903)

Le Puits fantastique (The Enchanted Well) (1903)

L’Auberge du bon repos (The Inn Where No Man Rests) (1903)

La Statue animée (The Drawing Lesson) (1903)

La Flamme merveilleuse (The Mystical Flame) (1903)

Le Sorcier (The Witch’s Revenge) (1903)

L’Oracle de Delphes (The Oracle of Delphi) (1903)

Le Portrait spirite (The Spiritualist Photographer) (1903)

Le Mélomane (The Melomaniac) (1903)

Le Monstre (The Monster) (1903)

Le Royaume des fées (The Kingdom of the Fairies) (1903)

Le Chaudron infernal (The Infernal Cauldron) (1903)

Le Revenant (The Apparition) (1903)

Le Tonnerre de Jupiter (Jupiter’s Thunderbolts) (1903)

La Parapluie fantastique (Ten Ladies in One Umbrella) (1903)

Tom Tight et Dum Dum (Jack Jaggs and Dum Dum) (1903)

Bob Kick, l’enfant terrible (Bob Kick, the Mischievous Kid) (1903)

Illusions funambulesques (Extraordinary Illusions) (1903)

L’Enchanteur Alcofrisbas (Alcofrisbas, The Master Magician) (1903)

Jack et Jim (Jack and Jim) (1903)

La Lanterne magique (The Magic Lantern) (1903)

Le Rêve du maître de ballet (The Ballet Master’s Dream) (1903)

Faust aux enfers (The Damnation of Faust) (1903)

Le Bourreau turc (The Terrible Turkish Executioner) (1904)

Au clair de la lune ou Pierrot Malheureux (A Moonlight Serenade) (1904) also known as The Miser Punished

Un Prêté pour un rendu (Tit for Tat) (1904) also known as Une bonne farce avec ma tête

Un Peu de feu S.V.P. (Every Man His Own Cigar Lighter) (1904)

Le Coffre enchanté (The Bewitched Trunk) (1904)

Les Apparitions fugitives (Fugitive Apparitions) (1904)

Le Roi du maquillage (Untamable Whiskers) (1904)

Le Rêve de l’horloger (The Clock Maker’s Dream) (1904)

Les Transmutations imperceptibles (Imperceptible Transmutations) (1904)

Un Miracle sous l’inquisition (A Miracle Under the Inquisition) (1904)

Benvenuto Cellini ou Curieuse évasion (Benvenuto Cellini, or a Curious Evasion) (1904)

Damnation du docteur Faust (Faust and Marguerite) (1904)

Le Thaumaturge chinois (Tchin-Chao, The Chinese Conjurer) (1904)

Le Merveilleux éventail vivant (The Wonderful Living Fan) (1904)

Sorcellerie culinaire (The Cook in Trouble) (1904)

La Planche du diable (The Devilish Plank) (1904)

La Sirène (The Mermaid) (1904)

Le Voyage à travers l’impossible (The Impossible Voyage) (1904)

Le Juif errant (The Wandering Jew) (1904)

La Cascade de feu (The Firefall) (1904)

Détresse et charité (The Christmas Angel) (1904) also known as L’Ange de Noël

Les Cartes vivantes (The Living Playing Cards) (1904)

Le Diable noir (The Black Imp) (1905)

Le Phénix ou le Coffret de cristal (The Crystal Casket) (1905)

Le Menuet lilliputien (The Lilliputian Minuet) (1905)

Le Banquet de Mesmer (A Mesmerian Experiment) (1905)

Le Palais des mille et une nuits (The Palace of Arabian Nights) (1905)

La Chaise à porteurs enchantée (The Enchanted Sedan Chair) (1905)

Le Raid Paris-Monte Carlo en deux heures (The Adventurous Automobile Trip) (1905)

L’Île de Calypso (The Mysterious Island) (1905)

Un Feu d’artifice improvisé (Unexpected Fireworks) (1905)

La Légende de Rip Van Winckle (Rip’s Dream) (1905)

Le Tripot clandestin (The Scheming Gambler’s Paradise) (1905)

Le Dirigeable fantastique ou le Cauchemar d’un inventeur (The Inventor Crazybrains and His Wonderful Airship) (1905)

Une Chute de cinq étages (A Mix-up in the Gallery) (1905)

Jack le ramoneur (The Chimney Sweep) (1905)

Le Maestro Do-Mi-Sol-So (Professor Do-Mi-Sol-Do) (1905)

La Cardeuse de matelas (The Tramp and the Mattress Makers) (1906)

Les Affiches en goguette (The Hilarious Posters) (1906)

Les Incendiaires (A Desperate Crime) (1906) also known as Histoire d’un crime

L’Anarchie chez guignol (Punch and Judy) (1906)

L’ Hôtel des voyageurs de commerce (A Roadside Inn) (1906)

Les Bulles de savon animées (Soap Bubbles) (1906)

Les Quat’ cents Farces du diable (The Merry Frolics of Satan) (1906)

L’Alchimiste Parafaragamus ou La cornue infernale (The Mysterious Retort) (1906)

La Fée Carabosse ou le Poignard fatal (The Witch) (1906)

Robert Macaire et Bertrand (1906)

La Douche d’eau bouillante (Rogues’ Tricks) (1907)

Deux Cents Milles sous les mers (Under the Seas) (1907)

Le Mariage de Victorine (How Bridget’s Lover Escaped) (1907)

Le Tunnel sous la manche, ou Le cauchemar franco-anglais (Tunneling the English Channel) (1907)

Éclipse du soleil en pleine lune (The Eclipse, or the Courtship of the Sun and Moon) (1907)

Pauvre John ou les Aventures d’un buveur de whisky (Sightseeing Through Whiskey) (1907)

La Colle universelle (Good Glue Sticks) (1907)

Satan en prison (Satan in Prison) (1907)

Ali Barboyou et Ali Bouf à l’huile (Delirium in a Studio) (1907)

Le Tambourin fantastique (The Knight of the Black Art) (1907)

Il y a un dieu pour les ivrognes (The Good Luck of a ‘Souse’) (1907)

Le Génie du feu (The Genii of Fire) (1908)

Why that Actor was Late (1908)

Le Rêve d’un fumeur d’opium (The Dream of an Opium Fiend) (1908)

La Photographie électrique à distance (Long Distance Wireless Photography) (1908)

Salon de coiffure (In the Barber Shop) (1908)

Le Nouveau Seigneur du village (The New Lord of the Village) (1908)

L’ Avare (The Miser) (1908)

Le Conseil de pipelet ou Un tour à la foire (Up-to-Date Clothes Cleaning) (1908)

Lully ou le Violon brisé (The Broken Violin) (1908)

The Woes of Roller Skaters (1908)

Love and Molasses (His First Job) (1908)

The Mischances of a Photographer (1908)

Le Fakir de Singapoure (The Indian Sorcerer) (1908)

A Tricky Painter’s Fate (1908)

French Cops Learning English (1908)

Anaïc ou le Balafré (Anaic, or The One with the Gash) (1908)

Pour l’étoile S.V.P. (Spare Change for the Star, Please) (1908)

Conte de la grand-mère et Rêve de l’enfant ou Au Pays des jouets (Grandmother’s Story) (1908)

Hallucinations pharmaceutiques ou le Truc de potard (Pharmaceutical Hallucinations) (1908)

La Bonne Bergère et la Mauvaise Princesse (The Good Shepherdess and the Evil Princess) (1908)

Hydrothérapie fantastique (The Doctor’s Secret) (1909)

Le Locataire diabolique (The Diabolic Tenant) (1909)

Les Illusions fantaisistes (Whimsical Illusions) (1910)

Les Hallucinations du baron de Münchausen (Baron Munchausen’s Dream) (1911)

A la Conquête du pôle (The Conquest of the Pole) (1912)

Cendrillon ou la Pantoufle merveilleuse (Cinderella or the Glass Slipper) (1912)

Le Chevalier des neiges (The Knight of the Snows) (1912)

Films about Méliès

Le Grand Méliès (Georges Franju, 1952)

Georges Méliès: Cinema Magician (Patrick Montgomery & Luciano Martinengo, 1978)

La Magie Méliès (Jacques Meny, 1997)

Matinee Classics - A Trip to the Moon by Georges Méliès - 1902
Matinee Classics - Misfortune Never Comes Alone directed by Georges Méliès
Matinee Classics - Misfortune Never Comes Alone directed by Georges Méliès
Matinee Classics - Off to Bloomingdale Asylum directed by Georges Méliès
Matinee Classics - Off to Bloomingdale Asylum directed by Georges Méliès
Matinee Classics - On the Roofs directed by Georges Méliès
Matinee Classics - The Mystical Flame directed by Georges Méliès
Matinee Classics - The Prolific Magical Egg directed by Georges Méliès
Matinee Classics - Post No Bills directed by Georges Méliès
Matinee Classics - Robinson Crusoe directed by Georges Méliès

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