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George Marshall DIRECTOR


George Marshall was born on December 29th, 1891 in Chicago, Illinois.  His career began during the silent era mostly working on western films.  He became a well known director, actor, producer and screenwriter.
His career began as a teenager working as an extra in films and then he began to develop an interest in writing and began writing comedy shorts.  Soon he was taking on directing work with Universal Pictures, directing a number of shorts.  As his career progressed to the early 1920's, he also worked with Fox Studio's as well as Vitaphone-Warner Brothers.
The early 1930's lead him to working at Hal Roach Studio's directing such features as, "Pack Up Your Troubles" (1932) and such shorts as, "Their First Mistake" and "Towed in a Hole" (both 1932).  In the 1930's and 40's he directed a series of golf instructional shorts with world reknown professional golfer Bobby Jones.
In 1933, he left Hal Roach studio's and began working on a couple comedy shorts with Mack Sennett as well as with Paramount Pictures. 
Some of his more well known films that he directed include, "Wild Gold" (1934), "365 Nights in Hollywood" (1934), "Destry Rides Again" (1939) starring James Stewart and Marlene Dietrich, "Pot o' Gold" (1941) starring James Stewart, "How the West Was Won" (1962) starring Spencer Tracy, Carroll Baker, Walter Brennan, Lee J. Cobb, Andy Devine, Henry Fonda, Carolyn Jones, Karl Malden, Harry Morgan, Gregory Peck, George Peppard, Robert Preston, Debbie Reynolds, James Stewart, Eli Wallach, John Wayne and Richard Widmark and "Tarzan" (1966).  He worked with Bob Hope, Jerry Lewis, W.C. Fields, Jackie Gleason, Will Rogers and Laurel and Hardy.
He worked on all types of film genres, although as his career progressed he mostly focused on comedies.  Some of these include, "The Ghost Breakers" (1940), "My Friend Irma" (1949), "Fancy Pants" (1950), "The Sheepman" (1958) starring Glenn Ford and Shirley MacLaine, "The Wackiest Ship in the Army" (1965) starring Jack Lemmon and Ricky Nelson, "Boy' Did I Get a Wrong Number" (1966), "Eight on the Lam" (1967) and "Hook, Line and Sinker" (1969). 
George Marshall was awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for his contribution to the Motion Picture Industry.  He passed away on February 17th, 1975 in Los Angeles, California after suffering from pneumonia.  Just three days before he passed, he was inducted into the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Hall of Fame.  He was survived by his two children, Germaine and George Marshall Jr. 

1972   The Odd Couple 

1972   Hec Ramsey 
1972   Cade's County

1964-1970  Daniel Boone 

1969   Here's Lucy 
1969   Hook, Line and Sinker

1968   The Wicked Dreams of Paula Schultz 

1967   Eight on the Lam 
1966   Tarzan 

1966   Boy, Did I Get a Wrong Number! 

1965   The Wackiest Ship in the Army
1964-1965  Valentine's Day 

1964   Advance to the Rear 

1964   Dark Purpose
1963   Papa's Delicate Condition

1962   How the West Was Won

1961   The Happy Thieves 
1961   Cry for Happy 

1959   The Gazebo 

1959   It Started with a Kiss 
1959   The Mating Game 

1958   Imitation General 

1958   The Sheepman 
1957   The Sad Sack 

1957   The Guns of Fort Petticoat 

1956   Beyond Mombasa 
1956   Pillars of the Sky 

1955   Screen Directors Playhouse 

1955   The Second Greatest Sex
1954   Destry 

1954   Duel in the Jungle 

1954   Red Garters 
1953   Money from Home 

1953   Houdini 

1953   Scared Stiff
1953   Off Limits 

1952   The Savage 

1951   A Millionaire for Christy 
1951   Ace of Clubs

1950   Never a Dull Moment

1950   Fancy Pants 
1949   My Friend Irma 

1949   Lust for Gold

1948   Tap Roots 
1948   Hazard 

1947   Variety Girl 

1947   The Perils of Pauline
1946   Monsieur Beaucaire

1946   The Blue Dahlia

1945   Hold That Blonde 
1945   Incendiary Blonde

1945   Murder, He Says 

1944   And the Angels Sing 
1943   True to Life

1943   Riding High

1942   Star Spangled Rhythm
1942   The Forest Rangers 

1942   Valley of the Sun 

1941   Texas 
1941   Pot o' Gold 

1940   When the Daltons Rode 

1940   The Ghost Breakers 
1939   Destry Rides Again 

1939   You Can't Cheat an Honest Man 

1938   Hold That Co-ed
1938   Battle of Broadway

1938   The Goldwyn Follies 

1937   Love Under Fire 
1937   Nancy Steele Is Missing! 

1936   Can This Be Dixie?

1936   The Crime of Dr. Forbes 
1936   A Message to Garcia

1935   Show Them No Mercy!

1935   In Old Kentucky
1935   Music Is Magic 

1935   $10 Raise

1935   Life Begins at Forty
1934   365 Nights in Hollywood

1934   She Learned About Sailors 

1934   Wild Gold 
1934   Ever Since Eve 

1933   The Big Fibber

1933   Husbands' Reunion

1933   How to Break 90 #6: Fine Points

1933   How to Break 90 #5: Impact
1933   How to Break 90 #4: Downswing

1933   How to Break 90 #3: Hip Action
1933   How to Break 90 #2: Position and Back Swing

1933   How to Break 90 #1: The Grip

1933   Sweet Cookie

1933   Caliente Love
1933   Easy on the Eyes

1933   Knockout Kisses 

1932   Towed in a Hole
1932   Their First Mistake

1932   The Soilers

1932   Alum and Eve
1932   Pack Up Your Troubles

1932   The Old Bull

1932   Strictly Unreliable
1932   Big Dame Hunting

1932   Just a Pain in the Parlor

1932   A Firehouse Honeymoon
1931   How I Play Golf, by Bobby Jones No. 4: 'The Mashie Niblick'

1931   How I Play Golf, by Bobby Jones, No. 3: 'The Niblick'
1931   How I Play Golf, by Bobby Jones No. 1: 'The Putter'

1931   How I Play Golf, by Bobby Jones, No. 2: 'Chip Shots'
1931   How I Play Golf, by Bobby Jones No. 8: 'The Brassie'
1931   How I Play Golf, by Bobby Jones No. 11: 'Practice Shots'

1931   How I Play Golf, by Bobby Jones No. 6: 'The Big Irons'
1931   How I Play Golf, by Bobby Jones No. 9: 'The Driver'

1931   How I Play Golf, by Bobby Jones No. 10: 'Trouble Shots'
1931   How I Play Golf, by Bobby Jones No. 7: 'The Spoon'

1931   How I Play Golf, by Bobby Jones No. 5: 'The Medium Irons'
1931   How I Play Golf, by Bobby Jones No. 12: 'A Round of Golf'

1931   He Loved Her Not

1930   Hey Diddle Diddle
1929   Uncle's Visit

1929   Puckered Success

1929   Tomato Omelette
1929   Watch My Smoke

1929   No Children

1929   Circus Time
1929   No Vacation

1928   Camping Out

1928   No Sale Smitty
1928   No Picnic

1927   Gentlemen Prefer Scotch

1927   The Adventures of Ruth
1926   From a Cabby's Seat

1925   A Parisian Knight

1925   The Sky Jumper
1925   The Big Game Hunter

1925   A Spanish Romeo

1924   The Burglar
1924   Paul Jones, Jr.

1924   The Race

1924   The Hunt
1924   The Fight

1924   The Back Trail 

1923   Men in the Raw 
1923   Where Is This West? 

1923   Don Quickshot of the Rio Grande

1923   The Haunted Valley
1922   West Is West  

1922   Smiles Are Trumps

1921   The Jolt 
1921   The Lady from Longacre 

1921   After Your Own Heart 

1921   A Ridin' Romeo
1921   Hands Off

1921   Why Trust Your Husband

1920   Prairie Trails 
1920   Ruth of the Rockies 

1919   The Adventures of Ruth

1919   The Gun Runners
1918   The Husband Hunter

1918   The Fast Mail

1918   When Paris Green Saw Red
1918   Beating the Limited

1918   Naked Fists

1918   The Midnight Flyer
1918   Quick Triggers

1917   The Man from Montana 

1917   The Ninth Day
1917   Squaring It

1917   Right of Way Casey

1917   Meet My Wife
1917   Double Suspicion

1917   Swede Hearts

1917   The Honor of Men
1917   Casey's Border Raid

1917   Bill Brennan's Claim

1917   The Desert Ghost
1917   The Raid

1917   Roped In

1917   Border Wolves
1917   They Were Four

1917   The Comeback

1917   Won by Grit
1916   The Devil's Own

1916   A Woman's Eyes

1916   Love's Lariat
1916   The Committee on Credentials

1916   Across the Rio Grande 

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