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George Cukor DIRECTOR


George Cukor was born July 7, 1899 in New York City. He grew up in the big city, getting plenty of exposure to Broadway. He would attend plays regularly, eventually becoming an assistant stage manager for a Chicago Company. Later, he owned his own stock company in New York. In the 1920s, he began working in Hollywood as backstage crew for pictures like “River of Romance” (1929) and “All Quiet on the Western Front” (1930). In 1930, he co-directed three films, “Grumpy”, “The Virtuous Sin”, and “The Royal Family of Broadway”. Cukor’s sole directorial debut came a year later with “Tarnished Lady” (1931). He was then assigned the operetta “One Hour with You” (1932) with another director, Ernst Lubitsch, although Lubitsch demanded Cukor be taken off of the credits. After his tiff with Lubitsch, Cukor decided to move over to RKO, where he stayed until 1935. This was when his career really started to take off.

A Bill of Divorcement” (1932) was a hit, and also marked the debut of film actress Katharine Hepburn. Additionally, it began the beginning of a long working relationship between the two, as they worked on many of both of their most successful films. They operated together in eight pictures total. “Little Women” (1933), another film sensation in which Cukor was nominated for Best Director at the Oscars, was a coming of age drama that tracked the lives of four sisters. As well, their works include, but are not limited to, the romantic comedies “Sylvia Scarlett” (1935) and “Holiday” (1938), as well as the mystery “Keeper of the Flame” (1942). However, the director didn’t just work with Hepburn; he worked with many other female actresses, as many of his movies focused on a strong female lead. For this reason, Cukor was known as a ‘woman’s director’.

Cukor also directed the success “Dinner of Eight” (1933) at RKO, but settled down with MGM beginning with the romantic adventure “David Copperfield” in 1935. However, on occasion he would get lent out to assorted production companies. Some of his most popular products at MGM during the thirties include the Shakespearean classic “Romeo and Juliet” (1936), the biographical romance “Camille” (1937), and the hilarious star studded comedy “The Women” (1939). In 1939, Cukor was fired from “Gone With the Wind” (1939) over disagreements with producer David O. Selznick over the direction and script. Fortunately, soon after he released the Hepburn romantic comedy “The Philadelphia Story” (1940), and was nominated for a Best Director Oscar. The director followed up with other superb works such as the Joan CrawfordA Woman’s Face” (1941), Ingrid Bergman’s Academy Award winning “Gaslight” (1944), the Best Director Oscar nominated “A Double Life” (1947), the Tracy-Hepburn comedy “Adam’s Rib” (1949), and “Born Yesterday” (1950), in which he was, for the fourth time, nominated for an Academy Award.

In 1954 he directed the successful Judy Garland and James Mason musical “A Star is Born”. Ten years later, he worked on another sensational musical, “My Fair Lady” (1964). Finally, he received an Oscar win for his directorial skills in the latter. Until 1981 hit, Cukor continued to churn out numerous motion pictures. Some of his more popular features include “The Marrying Kind” (1952), “Pat and Mike” (1952), and “It Should Happen to You” (1954). As well, as all do, he directed some flops such as the Marilyn Monroe “Let’s Make Love” (1960) and pricey family adventure “The Blue Bird” (1976). He also ventured a bit into television, directing the TV movies “Love Among the Ruins” (1975) and “The Corn is Green” (1979). His final feature was the drama “Rich and Famous” (1981), although his video segment “Wild is the Wind” was featured in 2003’s “Barbra Streisand: The Movie Album”.

On January 24, 1983, Cukor passed away in Los Angeles, California, due to heart failure. For his contributions to the motion picture industry, he was given a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

2003       Barbra Streisand: The Movie Album 

1981       Rich and Famous 

1979       The Corn Is Green 

1976       The Blue Bird 

1975       Love Among the Ruins 

1972       Travels with My Aunt 

1969       Justine 

1964       My Fair Lady 

1962       The Chapman Report

1962       Something's Got to Give

1960       Let's Make Love

1960       Song Without End 

1960       Heller in Pink Tights

1958       Hot Spell 

1957       Wild Is the Wind 

1957       Les Girls 

1956       Lust for Life 

1956       Bhowani Junction 

1954       A Star Is Born 

1954       It Should Happen to You 

1953       The Actress 

1952       Pat and Mike 

1952       The Marrying Kind 

1951       The Model and the Marriage Broker 

1950       Born Yesterday 

1950       A Life of Her Own 

1949       Adam's Rib 

1949       Edward, My Son 

1947       A Double Life 

1947       Desire Me 

1945       The Valley of Decision

1944       I'll Be Seeing You 

1944       Winged Victory 

1944       Gaslight 

1943       Resistance and Ohm's Law 

1942       Keeper of the Flame 

1942       Her Cardboard Lover 

1941       Two-Faced Woman 

1941       A Woman's Face 

1940       Escape

1940       The Philadelphia Story 

1940       Susan and God 

1939       Gone with the Wind

1939       The Women 

1939       The Wizard of Oz 

1938       Zaza 

1938       Holiday 

1938       The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

1938       I Met My Love Again

1937       The Prisoner of Zenda

1936       Camille 

1936       Romeo and Juliet 

1935       Sylvia Scarlett 

1935       No More Ladies 

1935       David Copperfield

1934       Manhattan Melodrama 

1933       Little Women 

1933       Dinner at Eight 

1933       Our Betters 

1932       The Animal Kingdom 

1932       Rockabye 

1932       A Bill of Divorcement 

1932       What Price Hollywood?

1932       Une heure près de toi 

1932       One Hour with You 

1931       Girls About Town 

1931       Tarnished Lady 

1930       The Royal Family of Broadway 

1930       The Virtuous Sin 

1930       Grumpy

1930       All Quiet on the Western Front

1929       River of Romance   

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