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William Talman ACTOR


William Talman was born on February 4th, 1915 in Detroit, michigan with the birth name William Whitney Talman Jr. to parents William Talman Sr. and Ada B. Talman.  He grew up in a wealthy family and throughout school he excelled in athletics such as, boxing and baseball.
He received his education at Cranbrook School and then went on to attend Dartmouth college and first developed an interest in acting.  However, after only his sophomore year he left College due to a car accident he was involved in that involved a stolen car.  He was asked to come back to college the following year but instead chose to begin his pursuit of a career as an actor.   

He first started as a stage actor on Broadway in such productions as "Beverly Hills", "Yokel Boy" and "Of Mice and Men".  While working as an actor, he received his draft notice for serving in the United States Army.  While serving 30 months he was in charge of putting on shows to entertain the other troops as well as training the soldiers in boxing and baseball.
After completing his military service Talman returned right back to working as a stage actor and was cast in such Broadway plays as, "Death Ruth" and "A Young Man's Fancy".  Now with more than enough stage acting experience on his resume he chose to relocate to Hollywood and pursue a film career.
He began with working on such films as "Red, Hot and Blue" (1949), "The Racket" (1951), "Armored Car Robbery" (1950), "Smoke Signal" (1955), "Big House U.S.A" (1955), "One Minute to Zero" (1952), "The Hitch-Hiker" (1953) and "Two Gun Lady" (1956).  In total he worked on seventeen films and also made a number of television appearances.
William's most well known role was on the television series "Perry Mason" (1957) portraying Hamilton Burger, the district attorney.  He was actually fired from this show after being arrested at a party.  Along with being a successful film, stage and television actor, Talman also co wrote two films, "I've Lived Before" (1956) and Joe Dakota" (1957).  

His final film role was in 1967 on "The Ballad of Josie".  He was soon diagnosed with Lung cancer and chose to  try to help others by making a short film for the American Cancer Society which was later shown as a anti smoking commercial. 
He had an amazing professional career and in total had five children of his own from three different marriages.  First to Lynne Carter from 1942 through 1952 having one child.  Then he married Barbara Read from 1952 through 1960 and had two more children.  His final wife was Margaret Larkin Flanigan in 1961 and they had two more children and they remained together until he passed away at age fifty three on August 30th, 1968 from Lung cancer in Encino, California.  William Talman is interred at Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles, California. 


1967 The Invaders
1967 The Ballad of Josie
1966 The Wild Wild West
1957-1966 Perry Mason
1963 Gunsmoke
1960-1961 Have Gun - Will Travel
1958 Cimarron City
1958 Goodyear Theatre
1958 Alcoa Theatre
1958 Wagon Train
1958 Tombstone Territory
1956-1958 Climax!
1957 Trackdown
1957 Hell on Devil's Island
1957 The Persuader
1956 Telephone Time
1956 The Man Is Armed 
1956 Uranium Boom 
1956 Screen Directors Playhouse 
1955 The Ford Television Theatre
1955 Science Fiction Theatre
1955 TV Reader's Digest 
1955 Two-Gun Lady 
1955 Cavalier Theatre
1955 Cavalcade of America
1955 Smoke Signal 
1955 Crashout 
1955 Four Star Playhouse
1955 Big House, U.S.A.
1954 Lux Video Theatre
1953 City That Never Sleeps
1953 The Hitch-Hiker 
1952 One Minute to Zero
1951 The Racket 
1950 Armored Car Robbery 
1950 The Kid from Texas
1949 The Woman on Pier 13
1949 Red, Hot and Blue 

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