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William S. Hart ACTOR


William S. Hart was born on December 6th, 1864 in Newburgh, New York with the birth name William-Surrey Hart to parents James Howard Hart and Katherine Hart.  He had two brothers and four sisters.
After high school he went on to pursue a career as a stage actor and it was not until he was in his late 40's that he even considered working as a film actor.  Hart began his stage career as a traveling actor and also worked at the Asheville Opera House coaching shows.
Soon he began appearing on the Broadway stage in such productions as, "Ben-Hur" (1899).  After gaining many more years experience as a stage actor he began working in the film industry in 1914.
After some minor roles he gained stardom when he appeared in, "The Bargain" (1914) which soon followed with his own two-reel western short subjects.  In 1917 he signed with, Famous Players-Lasky later which became known as Paramount Pictures.  
He appeared in a number of Westerns, however by the mid 1920's, Western films were becoming less popular and Paramount dropped his contract.  Hart decided to produce his own film, "Tumbleweeds" (1925) which was a decent film, but not too much of a financial success at the box office.
Soon, he chose to retire, but did return to the industry in 1939 for his only sound film, which was a spoken version of, "Tumbleweed".     
Hart married only once to Winifred Westover in 1921 and they had one child together, William S. Hart Jr. before divorcing in 1927.  He never remarried again and on June 23rd, 1946 he passed away in Newhall, California and is buried in Greenwood Cemetery in New York. 
He donated his estate to the City of Los Angeles, on the condition they install a fountain and use the park for the arts and was also inducted into the Hall of Great Western Performers of the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum in 1975.  William S. Hart was also honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for his contribution to the Motion Picture Industry. 


1925 Tumbleweeds 
1924 Singer Jim McKee 
1923 Wild Bill Hickok 
1922 Travelin' on
1921 White Oak 
1921 Three Word Brand 
1921 The Whistle 
1921 O'Malley of the Mounted
1920 The Testing Block
1920 The Cradle of Courage
1920 Sand
1920 The Toll Gate 
1919 John Petticoats 
1919 Wagon Tracks 
1919 Square Deal Sanderson
1919 The Money Corral 
1919 The Poppy Girl's Husband 
1919 Breed of Men
1918 Branding Broadway
1918 The Border Wireless 
1918 Riddle Gawne
1918 Shark Monroe 
1918 Selfish Yates 
1918 The Tiger Man 
1918 Blue Blazes Rawden 
1918 Staking His Life 
1918 The Lion of the Hills 
1918 Wolves of the Rail 
1917 The Narrow Trail 
1917 The Silent Man 
1917 The Cold Deck 
1917 Wolf Lowry
1917 The Square Deal Man 
1917 The Desert Man
1917 The Gun Fighter
1917 Truthful Tulliver
1917 All-Star Production of Patriotic Episodes for the Second Liberty Loan
1916 The Devil's Double 
1916 The Return of Draw Egan
1916 The Dawn Maker 
1916 The Patriot 
1916 The Captive God 
1916 The Apostle of Vengeance
1916 The Primal Lure
1916 The Aryan 
1916 Hell's Hinges 
1915 Between Men 
1915 The Disciple 
1915 Keno Bates, Liar
1915 Pinto Ben 
1915 Knight of the Trail
1915 Cash Parrish's Pal 
1915 The Ruse 
1915 Tools of Providence 
1915 The Conversion of Frosty Blake
1915 The Darkening Trail 
1915 'Bad Buck' of Santa Ynez 
1915 The Man from Nowhere 
1915 The Taking of Luke McVane 
1915 On the Night Stage 
1915 The Roughneck 
1915 The Sheriff's Streak of Yellow 
1915 The Grudge 
1915 Mr. 'Silent' Haskins 
1915 The Scourge of the Desert 
1915 Grit 
1914 In the Sage Brush Country 
1914 Two-Gun Hicks 
1914 The Bargain
1914 Jim Cameron's Wife 
1914 His Hour of Manhood 
1914 The Gringo 
1914 The Bad Buck of Santa Ynez 
1907 Ben Hur
???? The Man Killer

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