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William Fawcett ACTOR

William Fawcett was born on September 8th, 1894 in High Forest, Minnesota with the birth name William Fawcett Thomas.  His father was a Methodist pastor who encouraged Fawcett to enter ministry for his career.  He first became interested in acting performing in a number of Church plays as well as repertory theater and various stock companies during the 1920's and 1930's.  After High School he earned a degree at Michigan State University as a Professor of Theatre in the early 1940's.  After World War II he decided he would pursue a career as an actor.
In 1942, he relocated to Los Angeles, California and his first film credit was when he was fifty two years old in the film, "Stars Over Texas" (1946) followed by roles in such films as, "Green Dophin Street" (1947), "The Seahound" (1947), "Pioneer Justice" (1947) and "Check Your Guns" (1948).
As his career entered the 1950's he continued to work in the film industry being cast on such big screen films as, "Chain Gang" (1950), "The Mating Season" (1951), "Hills of Utah" (1951), "Has Anybody Seen My Gal" (1952), "Riding with Buffalo Bill" (1954), "Dakota Incident" (1956) and "Good Day for a Hanging" (1958). 
His career mostly consisted of work on a number of 'B' rated films and television shows.  He is most well known for his role on the NBC television series, "Fury" which ran from 1955-1960.  As film roles began to slow down for him in the 60's he took it upon himself to take on a number of television roles such as "The Cisco Kid", "The Adventures of Kit Carson", "The Investigators", "Mr. Lucky", "Wagon Trail", "Leave it to Beaver", "Perry Mason", The Wild Wild West", "The Law and Mr. Jones" amongst many others.  
Fawcett still was cast in a couple films later in his career such as on, "The Quick Gun" (1964), "Frankenstein's Daughter" (1966), "Blackbeard's Ghost' (1968) and "Menace on the Mountain" (1970).
Fawcett married only once to Helene Krag on August 18th, 1925 and they remained married until he passed away on January 25th, 1974 in Sherman Oaks, California from natural causes at the age of seventy nine.   They never had any children of their own.  His remains are interred in Roselawn Cemetery in Roseville, north of St. Paul.  


1972 The Manhunter 
1963-1970 The Virginian 
1959-1970 Gunsmoke 
1959-1970 Bonanza 
1970 The Murdocks and the McClays 
1970 Menace on the Mountain
1970 Lancer 
1970 Death Valley Days
1970 Love, American Style
1968-1970 Mannix 
1970 Adam-12 
1969 The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes 
1967-1969 The Guns of Will Sonnett 
1969 The Lottery
1968 The Ghost & Mrs. Muir 
1965-1968 The Big Valley 
1968 The Name of the Game 
1968 Blackbeard's Ghost 
1968 I Dream of Jeannie
1968 Ironside 
1967 Dundee and the Culhane
1967 Hostile Guns 
1967 The Gnome-Mobile
1967 Lassie
1964-1967 Daniel Boone
1967 Mr. Terrific
1967 Pistols 'n' Petticoats
1967 T.H.E. Cat
1966 The Road West 
1966 Jesse James Meets Frankenstein's Daughter
1966 The Wild Wild West 
1966 The Munsters 
1966 A Man Called Shenandoah  
1965 Hazel 
1965 The Smothers Brothers Show 
1965 King Rat 
1965 Kraft Suspense Theatre
1965 Petticoat Junction
1965 Bob Hope Presents the Chrysler Theatre
1965 Dear Brigitte 
1964 Sex and the Single Girl
1964 The Rogues
1964 The Alfred Hitchcock Hour
1964 The Quick Gun
1964 Mary, Mary 
1958-1964 Wagon Train 
1959-1964 Rawhide
1964 Destry
1964 The Travels of Jaimie McPheeters 
1964 Temple Houston 
1964 The Great Adventure
1963-1964 Perry Mason 
1963 The Wheeler Dealers 
1963 The Fugitive 
1963 The Dakotas
1963 Mr. Smith Goes to Washington 
1961-1963 The Rifleman
1963 Ripcord
1960-1962 Laramie 
1962 Gypsy 
1962 Period of Adjustment 
1962 The Interns 
1962 The Music Man
1962 Frontier Circus
1962 Bronco
1962 Ben Casey
1959-1962 Lawman
1962 Saintly Sinners
1962 Twilight Zone
1957-1962 Tales of Wells Fargo
1959-1962 Maverick
1961 The Investigators 
1961 Bachelor Father 
1960-1961 Outlaws 
1961 87th Precinct 
1961 The Comancheros 
1961 Straightaway 
1961 Dr. Kildare 
1961 King of Diamonds 
1957-1961 Cheyenne
1961 Claudelle Inglish 
1960-1961 77 Sunset Strip 
1959-1961 Peter Gunn 
1961 Mister Ed 
1959-1961 The Untouchables
1961 The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp 
1961 The Law and Mr. Jones 
1960 Riverboat 
1960 The Deputy 
1960 Harrigan and Son 
1960 The Barbara Stanwyck Show 
1960 The Walking Target 
1960 The Dennis O'Keefe Show
1960 The Slowest Gun in the West 
1960 The Texan 
1955-1960 G.E. True Theater 
1960 Law of the Plainsman
1955-1960 Fury
1960 Pony Express 
1960 Bat Masterson
1953-1960 The Loretta Young Show 
1960 Hennesey
1959-1960 Wanted: Dead or Alive
1960 Mr. Lucky
1960 Shotgun Slade
1959 Go, Johnny, Go!
1958-1959 Sugarfoot
1958-1959 The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour
1959 The Wild and the Innocent
1957-1959 26 Men
1957-1959 The Restless Gun
1955-1959 The Millionaire
1959 Alcoa Theatre
1959 The D.A.'s Man
1959 Good Day for a Hanging 
1958 Trackdown
1958 Damn Yankees!
1958 No Time for Sergeants 
1958 The Return of Dracula 
1958 Sergeant Preston of the Yukon 
1958 M Squad 
1957 Dragnet 
1957 Colt .45 
1957 Leave It to Beaver
1957 The Tijuana Story
1957 Have Gun - Will Travel
1954-1957 The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin 
1957 Band of Angels
1957 Gun Glory
1949-1957 The Lone Ranger 
1957 The Storm Rider 
1957 Matinee Theatre 
1957 Panic
1957 Whirlybirds 
1957 Circus Boy
1957 Zane Grey Theater
1956 Tension at Table Rock 
1956 Gun Brothers 
1954-1956 Annie Oakley
1956 Jane Wyman Presents The Fireside Theatre
1956 The First Traveling Saleslady
1956 Canyon River 
1956 Dakota Incident
1955-1956 Buffalo Bill, Jr. 
1956 Science Fiction Theatre
1956 The Proud Ones 
1956 The Kettles in the Ozarks
1953-1956 The Cisco Kid
1955 The Spoilers
1954-1955 Captain Midnight
1955 You Are There
1955 Brave Eagle
1955 Commando Cody: Sky Marshal of the Universe
1955 Lay That Rifle Down
1955 Tall Man Riding
1955 The Man Behind the Badge  Simon
1955 Seminole Uprising
1955 Murder Is My Beat
1955 Pirates of Tripoli
1954-1955 Father Knows Best 
1955 Timberjack 
1955 TV Reader's Digest
1951-1955 Fireside Theatre
1955 Prince of Players 
1951-1955 The Adventures of Kit Carson 
1955 The Adventures of Falcon 
1952-1954 The Roy Rogers Show 
1951-1954 Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok 
1954 So You Want to Know Your Relatives
1954 The Yellow Mountain 
1954 Riding with Buffalo Bill 
1951-1954 The Gene Autry Show 
1954 Two Guns and a Badge 
1954 Dawn at Socorro
1954 The Law vs. Billy the Kid
1954 The Public Defender
1954 The Desperado
1954 Stories of the Century
1954 Gunfighters of the Northwest
1954 Duffy's Tavern
1954 Waterfront
1954 Alaska Seas
1954 Mayor of the Town
1952-1954 Hopalong Cassidy
1954 Meet Corliss Archer
1953 The Ford Television Theatre
1953 The Pride of the Family
1953 Prisoners of the Casbah
1953 The Great Adventures of Captain Kidd
1953 Sweethearts on Parade 
1953 Canadian Mounties vs. Atomic Invaders 
1953 Run for the Hills
1953 The Neanderthal Man
1952-1953 My Hero
1953 The Marksman 
1953 Gunsmoke
1953 The Homesteaders
1953 Star of Texas
1953 Cowboy G-Men
1953 The Abbott and Costello Show
1951-1953 The Range Rider
1952 Racket Squad
1952 The Raiders
1952 Springfield Rifle
1952 Montana Incident
1952 Barbed Wire
1952 Blackhawk: Fearless Champion of Freedom
1952 Has Anybody Seen My Gal
1952 The Lion and the Horse
1952 Kansas Territory
1952 King of the Congo
1952 Oklahoma Annie
1952 Jungle Jim in the Forbidden Land
1952 Rose of Cimarron
1951 Captain Video, Master of the Stratosphere
1951 The Longhorn 
1951 Valley of Fire
1951 Cattle Queen
1951 Honeychile 
1951 The Magic Carpet
1951 The Hills of Utah 
1951 Mysterious Island
1951 The Lady from Texas
1951 Comin' Round the Mountain 
1951 Stagecoach Driver
1951 Ace in the Hole 
1951 Hollywood Story 
1951 Roar of the Iron Horse, Rail-Blazer of the Apache Trail
1951 Canyon Raiders
1951 Wanted: Dead or Alive
1951 The Mating Season
1950 Revenue Agent
1950 Pirates of the High Seas
1950 Last of the Buccaneers
1950 Chain Gang
1950 Atom Man vs. Superman 
1950 State Penitentiary
1950 Cody of the Pony Express
1950 House by the River
1950 The Kid from Texas
1950 Tyrant of the Sea
1949 The Adventures of Sir Galahad
1949 Roll, Thunder, Roll!
1949 Barbary Pirate 
1949 Batman and Robin 
1949 Ride, Ryder, Ride! 
1948 Words and Music 
1948 An Act of Murder
1948 Congo Bill
1948 Black Hills
1948 Superman 
1948 The Tioga Kid 
1948 Tex Granger: Midnight Rider of the Plains
1948 Check Your Guns
1947 High Wall
1947 Green Dolphin Street
1947 The Sea Hound 
1947 Ghost Town Renegades 
1947 Pioneer Justice
1947 Range Beyond the Blue 
1947 The Michigan Kid
1947 Wild Country
1946 Stars Over Texas
1946 Driftin' River
1946 Tumbleweed Trail
1936 The King Steps Out 

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