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Warner Baxter ACTOR


Warner Baxter was born on March 29th, 1889 in Columbus, Ohio with the birth name Warner Leroy Baxter.  As a child he developed an interest in the life of show business.  At the age of nine he moved with his mother to San Francisco and soon became involved in vaudeville.
His career then moved into working as a stage actor and then into a silent film actor, first as an extra in 1914.  Then he went on to get a starring role in the film, "Sheltered Daughters" (1921) along with a well known role in the silent film "The Great Gatsby" (1926).  
He became most known for his role as, The Cisco Kid in "In Old Arizona" (1929).  He was awarded an Academy Award for Best Actor in 1928-1929.  In total, Baxter starred in forty eight silent films and throughout his career acted in over 100 films.
Some of his more well known roles were in such films as "Aloma of the South Seas" (1926), "42nd Street" (1932), "Slippery Pearls" (1931), "The Prisoner of the Shark Island" (1936) and "Crime Doctor" (1943).   
Baxter married twice throughout his lifetime.  First to Viola Caldwell very briefly in 1911 and then he married his second wife, Winifred Bryson in 1918 and they never had any children together but remained married until he passed away on May 7th, 1951 in Beverly Hills, California after suffering from pneumonia.  He is interred at Forest Lawn Cemetery in Glendale California. 
He was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame


1950 State Penitentiary
1949 Prison Warden 
1949 The Devil's Henchman 
1949 The Crime Doctor's Diary 
1948 The Gentleman from Nowhere 
1947 Crime Doctor's Gamble 
1947 The Millerson Case 
1946 Crime Doctor's Man Hunt 
1946 Just Before Dawn 
1945 Crime Doctor's Warning 
1945 The Crime Doctor's Courage 
1944 Shadows in the Night 
1944 Lady in the Dark 
1943 Crime Doctor's Strangest Case
1943 Crime Doctor 
1941 Adam Had Four Sons 
1940 Earthbound 
1939 Barricade 
1939 Return of the Cisco Kid 
1939 Wife, Husband and Friend 
1938 I'll Give a Million 
1938 Kidnapped 
1937 Wife, Doctor and Nurse
1937 Vogues of 1938
1937 Slave Ship 
1936 White Hunter 
1936 To Mary - with Love 
1936 The Road to Glory 
1936 Robin Hood of El Dorado
1936 The Prisoner of Shark Island 
1936 King of Burlesque 
1935 Under the Pampas Moon 
1935 One More Spring 
1934 Hell in the Heavens 
1934 Broadway Bill 
1934 Grand Canary 
1934 Such Women Are Dangerous 
1934 Stand Up and Cheer!
1934 As Husbands Go
1933 Penthouse
1933 Paddy the Next Best Thing 
1933 I Loved You Wednesday
1933 42nd Street 
1933 Dangerously Yours 
1932 6 Hours to Live 
1932 Man About Town 
1932 Amateur Daddy 
1931 Surrender 
1931 The Cisco Kid 
1931 The Squaw Man 
1931 Their Mad Moment 
1931 Daddy Long Legs 
1931 Doctors' Wives 
1930 Renegades
1930 The Arizona Kid
1930 Such Men Are Dangerous
1929 Romance of the Rio Grande
1929 Happy Days
1929 Behind That Curtain
1929 The Far Call
1929 Thru Different Eyes 
1929 Linda 
1928 In Old Arizona 
1928 West of Zanzibar 
1928 Danger Street
1928 Craig's Wife
1928 Three Sinners
1928 Ramona
1928 The Tragedy of Youth
1928 A Woman's Way
1927 The Coward
1927 Singed 
1927 Drums of the Desert
1927 The Telephone Girl
1926 The Great Gatsby
1926 Mismates 
1926 Aloma of the South Seas 
1926 The Runaway 
1926 Miss Brewster's Millions 
1926 Mannequin 
1925 The Best People 
1925 A Son of His Father 
1925 Rugged Water 
1925 Welcome Home
1925 The Awful Truth
1925 The Air Mail 
1925 The Golden Bed 
1924 The Garden of Weeds 
1924 Christine of the Hungry Heart 
1924 The Female 
1924 Those Who Dance 
1924 His Forgotten Wife 
1924 Alimony 
1923 In Search of a Thrill 
1923 Blow Your Own Horn 
1923 St. Elmo 
1922 The Ninety and Nine y
1922 If I Were Queen
1922 A Girl's Desire 
1922 The Girl in His Room 
1922 Her Own Money
1921 First Love
1921 Cheated Hearts
1921 The Love Charm
1921 Sheltered Daughters
1919 Lombardi, Ltd.
1918 All Woman
1914 Her Own Money 

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