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Walter Huston ACTOR

Walter Huston was born on April 6th, 1884 in Toronto, Canada with the birth name Walter Houghston.  His initial career goal in life was to pursue a job as an engineer, however he also had an interest in acting and wanted to see where that could take him.

Huston began with working on vaudeville and in 1905 also married his first wife a journalist, Rhea Gore with whom he had one son with, John Huston.  He decided to quit vaudeville and work as an engineer at a water plant to support his family, however when he almost suffered a near fatal flooding disaster, he returned back to his true love of acting.  

In 1909 he dedicated himself completely to the theater and finally in 1924, Huston made his Broadway debut in, "Mr. Pitt" which helped him obtain other Broadway roles.  Then in 1929 he traveled west to Hollywood to give a try at a film acting career.  

Film roles came naturally to him and he worked on a number of silent and talkies throughout his career such as, "The Virginian" (1929), "Abraham Lincoln" (1930), "The Beast of the City" (1932), "American Madness" (1932), "Rain" (1932) starring a young Joan Crawford, "Gabriel Over the White House" (1933) and "Dodsworth" (1936) which is known as one of his finest performances. 
Along with a highly successful film career he also worked as a stage actor and achieved great success in such productions as, "Othello" (1937) and "Knickerbocker Holiday" (1944).  

He received a total of four Academy Award nominations throughout his career and a number of awards.  In 1941 he received a best Actor nomination for his role in the film, "The Devil and Daniel Webster" followed by a Best Supporting Actor nomination for his role in, "Yankee Doodle Dandy" (1942) starring James Cagney, Rosemary DeCamp, Jeanne Cagney and George Tobias.  In 1943 Walter starred with Jane Russell in the Howard Hughes film The Outlaw".  Then in 1946 he teamed up with Gregory Peck and Jennifer Jones in the western "Duel in the Sun".  Walter then won a Best Supporting Actor Award in 1948 for his role on "The Treasure of the Sierra Madre" also starring Humphrey Bogart and Tim Holt.  His last film was "The Furies" in 1950 with Barbara Stanwyck.   

Walter Huston married a total of three times.  His first marriage was to Rhea Gore on December 31st, 1904 and together they had one child, John Huston who later became an actor, director and Hollywood screen writer.  Rhea and Walter divorced in 1909 and his second marriage was to Bayonne Whipple in 1915 and they remained together until October 14th, 1931 and never had any children.  His third and final time to marry was to Ninetta Sunderland whom he wed on November 9th, 1931 and they remained married until he passed away on April 7th, 1950 in Hollywood, California from an aneurysm.  Walter Huston was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for his contribution to the Motion Picture Industry. 


1950 The Furies
1949 The Great Sinner 
1948 Summer Holiday 
1948 The Treasure of the Sierra Madre
1946 Duel in the Sun
1946 Dragonwyck
1945 And Then There Were None 
1944 Dragon Seed 
1943 The North Star
1943 Mission to Moscow 
1943 Edge of Darkness
1943 The Outlaw
1943 December 7th 
1943 For God and Country 
1942 Yankee Doodle Dandy 
1942 In This Our Life 
1942 Always in My Heart
1941 The Shanghai Gesture 
1941 Swamp Water 
1941 The Devil and Daniel Webster 
1941 The Maltese Falcon 
1939 The Light That Failed 
1938 Of Human Hearts 
1936 Dodsworth 
1936 Rhodes 
1935 Transatlantic Tunnel
1934 Keep 'Em Rolling 
1933 The Prizefighter and the Lady 
1933 Ann Vickers 
1933 Storm at Daybreak 
1933 Hell Below 
1933 Gabriel Over the White House 
1932 Rain 
1932 Kongo King 
1932 American Madness 
1932 Night Court 
1932 The Wet Parade
1932 Law and Order
1932 The Beast of the City
1932 The Woman from Monte Carlo 
1931 A House Divided
1931 The Ruling Voice
1931 The Star Witness 
1931 The Criminal Code 
1930 The Virtuous Sin
1930 The Bad Man 
1930 Abraham Lincoln 
1929 The Virginian
1929 The Lady Lies
1929 Two Americans
1929 Gentlemen of the Press 
1929 The Bishop's Candlesticks 
1929 The Carnival Man     

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Matinee Classics - Rain starring Frederic Howard, Ben Hendricks, William Gargan, Mary Shaw, Guy Kibbee, Kendall Lee, Beulah Bondi, Matt Moore, Walter Huston, Walter Catlett and Joan Crawford

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