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Wallace Ford ACTOR


Wallace Ford was born on February 12th, 1898 in Bolton, Lancashire in England with the birth name Samuel Jones Grundy.  After he was separated from his parents at a young age, he was raised for part of his childhood in an orphanage and later was being sent from foster home to foster home.  
At the young age of eleven he ran away and joined a vaudeville troupe known as, the Winnepeg Kiddies.  After staying with this troupe for quite some time, he joined up with a friend named Wallace Ford and moved to the United States and then after his friend was killed by a train he assumed his name to honor his friend.
His stage name comes from his friends honor who he lost later when he was crushed by a railway car.  Ford continued to perform as a stage actor and later even began appearing on Broadway adding such productions to his credits as, "Abie's Irish Rose" and "Bad Girl". 
After gaining some more experience as a stage actor he soon broke into the film industry signing a film contract with MGM and in the early 1930's began appearing on such films as, "Possessed" (1931) starring Joan Crawford, followed by small roles in such films as, "Freaks" (1932), "The Beast of the City" (1932), "The Lost Patrol" (1934) starring Victor McLaglen and Boris Karloff, "The Whole Town's Talking" (1935), "The Informer" (1935), "They Were Expendable" (1945) starring John Wayne, Donna Reed and Robert Montgomery and "A Lawless Street" (1955) starring Randolph Scott and Angela Lansbury, "The Man From Laramie" (1955) starring James Stewart and Donald Crisp, "The Last Hurrah" (1958) and "Warlock" (1959) starring Henry Fonda and Anthony Quinn.

Throughout his movie career Wallace appeared in over 200 films, thirteen of which were directed by John Ford, no relation.
Along with film came a variety of television appearances such as, "The Andy Griffith Show", "Climax!", "Playhouse 90", "Studio 57" and his most well known role on the series, "The Deputy" (1959-1960).  His final film role was in 1965 on, "A Patch of Blue" for which he received a Golden Laurel nomination for Best Supporting Actor.  
He married only once to Martha Harworth in 1922 and they had one daughter Patricia and remained together until she passed away in 1966.  He did not re-marry and soon after losing his wife, he lost his life on June 11th, 1966 in Woodland Hills, California after suffering from a heart attack.  His remains are buried at Holy Cross Cemetery in Culver City, California.   


1965   A Patch of Blue 

1964   The Andy Griffith Show 

1963-1964  Vacation Playhouse 

1964   Lassie 

1964   The Travels of Jaimie McPheeters 

1964   Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color 

1964   The Great Adventure

1963   Alcoa Premiere 

1962   The Wide Country 

1961   The Dick Powell Theatre

1961   The Barbara Stanwyck Show 

1961   Peter Loves Mary

1960   Tess of the Storm Country

1960   Klondike 

1959-1960  The Deputy 

1960   Tales of Wells Fargo

1959   Whirlybirds 

1959   Warlock

1954-1958  Father Knows Best 

1958   Westinghouse Desilu Playhouse 

1958   The Last Hurrah 

1958   Trackdown 

1958   The Matchmaker

1958   Twilight for the Gods 

1957-1958  Studio 57

1957-1958  Playhouse 90

1957   The Court of Last Resort

1952-1957  Schlitz Playhouse

1955-1957  Climax!

1956   Stagecoach to Fury

1956   The Rainmaker

1956   Thunder Over Arizona

1956   Johnny Concho

1956   The First Texan

1956   The Maverick Queen

1956   Screen Directors Playhouse

1955   Jane Wyman Presents The Fireside Theatre 

1955   The Spoilers

1955   A Lawless Street

1955   Star Stage

1955   The 20th Century-Fox Hour

1955   Lucy Gallant 

1955   Celebrity Playhouse 

1955   Kings Row

1955   The Man from Laramie 

1955   Wichita

1955   Damon Runyon Theater 

1955   The Ford Television Theatre

1955   The Whistler

1954   3 Ring Circus

1954   Destry

1954   Inner Sanctum

1954   Justice

1953-1954  Armstrong Circle Theatre 

1954   The Boy from Oklahoma 

1954   She Couldn't Say No 

1954   Studio One in Hollywood

1953   Campbell Summer Soundstage 

1953   The Nebraskan 

1953   The Motorola Television Hour

1953   Goodyear Playhouse 

1953   The Great Jesse James Raid 

1953   Death Valley Days 

1953   G.E. True Theater 

1952   Flesh and Fury 

1952   Rodeo 

1951   Warpath 

1951   Painting the Clouds with Sunshine

1951   He Ran All the Way

1950   Harvey 

1950   The Breaking Point 

1950   The Furies 

1950   Dakota Lil 

1949   Red Stallion in the Rockies 

1949   The Set-Up 

1948   Belle Starr's Daughter

1948   Embraceable You 

1948   Coroner Creek

1948   Shed No Tears

1948   Man from Texas

1947   T-Men

1947   Magic Town

1947   Dead Reckoning 

1946   Crack-Up

1946   Black Angel

1946   Rendezvous with Annie

1946   Lover Come Back 

1946   The Green Years 

1946   A Guy Could Change 

1945   They Were Expendable

1945   Spellbound

1945   On Stage Everybody

1945   The Great John L.

1945   Blood on the Sun 

1944   Machine Gun Mama 

1944   Secret Command

1943   The Cross of Lorraine

1943   The Ape Man

1943   Shadow of a Doubt

1942   Seven Days' Leave 

1942   Scattergood Survives a Murder

1942   The Mummy's Tomb 

1942   Inside the Law

1941   All Through the Night 

1941   Blues in the Night 

1941   Murder by Invitation 

1941   Roar of the Press

1941   A Man Betrayed

1940   Give Us Wings

1940   The Mummy's Hand 

1940   Scatterbrain 

1940   Love, Honor and Oh Baby!

1940   Two Girls on Broadway

1940   Isle of Destiny 

1939   Back Door to Heaven

1938   The Marines Come Thru

1938   Mad About Money 

1938   Swing It, Sailor

1937   Exiled to Shanghai

1937   Jericho 

1937   You're in the Army Now

1936   A Son Comes Home 

1936   The Rogues Tavern 

1936   Absolute Quiet 

1936   Two in the Dark 

1935   Another Face 

1935   Mary Burns, Fugitive 

1935   She Couldn't Take It 

1935   Get That Man

1935   Men of the Hour 

1935   Swellhead 

1935   One Frightened Night 

1935   The Informer

1935   The Nut Farm 

1935   In Spite of Danger

1935   The Whole Town's Talking

1934   The Man Who Reclaimed His Head 

1934   The Mysterious Mr. Wong 

1934   Money Means Nothing 

1934   I Hate Women

1934   Men in White

1934   The Lost Patrol

1934   A Woman's Man

1933   East of Fifth Avenue 

1933   Headline Shooter 

1933   My Woman

1933   Goodbye Again

1933   Three-Cornered Moon

1933   The Big Cage

1933   Night of Terror 

1933   Employees' Entrance 

1932   Hypnotized

1932   Central Park

1932   Skyscraper Souls

1932   Are You Listening? 

1932   The Wet Parade 

1932   Freaks

1932   The Beast of the City 

1931   X Marks the Spot 

1931   Possessed 

1930   Absent Minded

1930   Fore

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