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Victor McLaglen ACTOR


Victor McLaglen, born December 10, 1886, was a British actor most noted for his American films. He was born in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, in England. When he was only a child, his family moved to South Africa, for his father was a bishop.  At age fourteen, McLaglen left home to fight in the British Army during the Second Boer War. However, he did not advance very far, because his true age was discovered. Four years following, he relocated to Canada and became a successful boxer. In 1913, McLaglen went back to England and served in the Royal Regiment during World War I. He also continued boxing, and was even named Heavyweight Champion of the British Army in 1918. When the war ended, he decided to look into a new hobby: acting. Ironically, four out of his eight brothers went on to become actors, too.

In the early twenties, McLaglen was most seen in British silent films. His very first starring role, which was also his debut role, was in “The Call of the Road” (1920). He was well received for his part. This led to appearing in more movies like “The Prey of the Dragon” (1921), “A Romance of Old Baghdad” (1922), and “The Romany” (1923). In a great deal of his first films, he had the lead part. A few years after his opening role, McLaglen was presented the opportunity to play the main character in an American western film titled “The Beloved Brute” (1924). He took up the offer and moved to Hollywood. Here, he received both lead and supporting roles in a large number of films, including parts in “Men of Steel” (1926) “A Girl in Every Port” (1928), “A Devil with Women” (1930) with Mona Maris and Humphrey Bogart, and “The Captain Hates the Sea” (1935) starring with The Three Stooges, Arthur Treacher, Walter Catlett, Akim Tamiroff, Leon Errol and Walter Connolly. McLaglen quickly transformed into a popular character, often portraying a large (he was 6’3”), rough, but good-hearted man of action. He also, however, had a flair for playing drunks. This ability of his was proven when he played Irish rebel, heavy-drinking Gypo Nolan in the drama “The Informer” (1935) also starring Heather Angel, Preston Foster, Margot Grahame, Wallace Ford, Joe Sawyer, Una O'Connor and J. M. Kerrigan. For this part, McLaglen won an Oscar for Best Actor in a Leading Role.

Into the 1940's, he continued to portray villains, heroes, and brutes alike in a cornucopia of movies such as “China Girl” (1942) co-starring Gene Tierney, George Montgomery, Lynn Bari, Sig Ruman, Robert Blake, Philip Ahn and Tom Neal, in which he plays a hero, “Tampico” (1944) with Edward G. Robinson and Lynn Bari, where the actor is a brute, and “The Princess and the Pirate” (1944), in which the villain is played by McLaglen. The actor was given a new momentum when he was cast as a lovable and mischievous Irishman in films alongside of John Wayne such as “She Wore a Yellow Ribbon” (1949) which also starred Joanne Dru, John Agar, Ben Johnson, Mildred Natwick, Harry Carey Jr., George O'Brien and Tom Tyler, and “The Quiet Man” (1952) starring with Maureen O'Hara, Mildred Natwick, Ward Bond Barry Fitzgerald and Francis Ford which was director John Ford's brother. For his part in “The Quiet Man”, McLaglen was again nominated for an Oscar, but this time in the Best Supporting Actor category. Also, in this case, he was not the winner of the award.

In the 1950's, he continued acting in lots of movies, and additionally starting appearing on television shows like “Schlitz Playhouse” (1952) and “Have Gun – Will Travel” (1958). His final movie was the adventure “Sea Fury” (1958), and in it he portrayed Captain Bellow. However, McLaglen’s final contribution to the performing arts was actually in a television show titled “Rawhide” (1959) featuring Clint Eastwood. This action/adventure/drama series was, in fact, directed by the actor’s own son, Andrew V. McLaglen.

About a month after the appearance he made on his son’s show, McLaglen passed away. On November 7, 1959, at the ripe age of 73, he died of a fatal heart attack. For his involvement in the motion picture industry, the actor was given a permanent place in Hollywood: a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.


Year       Title

1959       Rawhide

1958       Sea Fury

1958       The Italians They Are Crazy

1958       Have Gun - Will Travel 

1957       The Abductors

1957       Studio 57

1956       Around the World in Eighty Days

1955       Jane Wyman Presents The Fireside Theatre

1955       Lady Godiva of Coventry

1955       The Eddie Cantor Comedy Theater 

1955       Bengazi

1955       City of Shadows

1955       Many Rivers to Cross

1954       Trouble in the Glen

1954       Prince Valiant

1954       Lux Video Theatre 

1953       Fair Wind to Java

1952       Schlitz Playhouse

1952       The Quiet Man

1950       Rio Grande

1949       She Wore a Yellow Ribbon

1948       Fort Apache

1947       The Foxes of Harrow

1947       The Michigan Kid

1947       Calendar Girl

1946       Whistle Stop

1945       Love, Honor and Goodbye

1945       Rough, Tough and Ready

1944       The Princess and the Pirate

1944       Roger Touhy, Gangster

1944       Tampico

1943       Forever and a Day 

1942       China Girl

1942       Powder Town

1942       Call out the Marines

1941       Broadway Limited

1940       Diamond Frontier

1940       South of Pago Pago

1939       The Big Guy

1939       Rio

1939       Full Confession

1939       Captain Fury

1939       Ex-Champ

1939       Let Freedom Ring

1939       Gunga Din

1939       Pacific Liner 

1938       We're Going to Be Rich

1938       The Devil's Party

1938       Battle of Broadway

1937       Wee Willie Winkie

1937       This Is My Affair

1937       Nancy Steele Is Missing!

1937       Sea Devils

1936       Magnificent Brute 

1936       Under Two Flags

1936       Klondike Annie

1935       Professional Soldier

1935       The Informer

1935       The Great Hotel Murder

1935       Under Pressure

1934       The Captain Hates the Sea

1934       Murder at the Vanities

1934       Wharf Angel

1934       No More Women

1934       The Lost Patrol

1933       Laughing at Life 

1933       Hot Pepper

1933       Dick Turpin

1932       Rackety Rax

1932       Guilty as Hell 

1932       While Paris Sleeps

1932       Devil's Lottery

1932       The Gay Caballero

1931       Wicked

1931       Annabelle's Affairs

1931       Women of All Nations

1931       The Stolen Jools

1931       Three Rogues

1931       Dishonored

1930       A Devil with Women

1930       On the Level

1929       Hot for Paris

1929       The Cock-Eyed World

1929       I Happy Days

1929       The Black Watch

1929       Strong Boy

1929       Captain Lash

1928       The River Pirate

1928       Hangman's House

1928       A Girl in Every Port

1928       Mother Machree 

1927       The Loves of Carmen

1926       What Price Glory

1926       Beau Geste

1926       Men of Steel

1926       The Isle of Retribution

1925       The Fighting Heart

1925       The Unholy Three

1925       Winds of Chance

1925       Percy

1925       The Hunted Woman

1924       The Passionate Adventure

1924       The Beloved Brute

1924       The Gay Corinthian

1924       The Boatswain's Mate

1924       Women and Diamonds

1923       Heartstrings

1923       M'Lord of the White Road

1923       In the Blood

1923       Woman to Woman

1923       The Romany

1922       The Glorious Adventure

1922       Little Brother of God

1922       The Crimson Circle

1922       A Sailor Tramp

1922       A Romance of Old Baghdad

1921       Carnival

1921       Corinthian Jack

1921       The Sport of Kings

1921       The Prey of the Dragon

1920       The Call of the Road  

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