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Victor French ACTOR


Victor French was born on December 4th, 1934 in Santa Barbara, California with the birth name Victor Edwin French.  His father, Ted French, was a actor and stuntman which is what first peaked his interest in the entertainment industry. Victor had many movie roles, some of which were "The Magnificent Seven" (1960) starring Yul Brynner, Steve McQueen, Charles Bronson and James Coburn just to name a few, "Charro!" (1969) starring Elvis Presley and "Rio Lobo" (1970) starring John Wayne in the latter part of Wayne's career.
He began acting in his early twenties, mostly also doing stunt work.  He appeared on such television series as, "Two Faces West" (1961), "Hawaiian Eye" (1963), "The Dakotas" (1963), " 77 Sunset Strip " (1963), "The Virginian" (1962-1964), "The Wild Wild West" (1965), "Rawhide" (1965), "Dr. Kildare" (1965), "Batman" (1966), "Death Valley Days" (1966), "Lassie" (1965-1966) and "Get Smart" (1965-1966), portraying Agent 44.
One of his most well known roles was as Mr. Edwards, on the television series, "Little House on the Prairie" (1974) which lead to his own sitcom titled, "Carter Country" (1977).  Some of his latest roles were on the television movies, "Little House: Look Back to Yesterday" (1983), "Little House: The Last Farewell" (1984), "Little House: Bless All the Dear Children" (1984) and the television series, "Highway to Heaven" (1984-1989) co-starring with Michael Landon
In addition to his career as an actor he worked on the other side of the industry as a director for a number of Los Angeles based local theaters.  He also directed such television series as, "The Fantastic Journey", "Buck Rogers in the 25th Century", "Dallas", "Father Murphy", "Fame" and "Highway to Heaven" among others.
In 1998, Victor French was inducted into the Western Performers Hall of Fame at the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. 
He married twice throughout his lifetime, first to Judith Schenz in 1959 and they had three children together before the marriage came to an end in 1975.  He then married Julie Cobb in 1976 however by 1978, this marriage came to an end.  He did not re-marry and on June 15th, 1989 he passed away at the age of fifty four, in Los Angeles, California after suffering from lung cancer.  


1984-1989  Highway to Heaven 

1984   Little House: Bless All the Dear Children

1984   Fame 

1984   Little House: The Last Farewell 

1983   Little House: Look Back to Yesterday 

1974-1983  Little House on the Prairie 

1982   An Officer and a Gentleman 

1981   The Cherokee Trail 

1980-1981  Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color 

1981   Choices

1980   The Ghosts of Buxley Hall

1980   The Golden Moment: An Olympic Love Story

1980   Riding for the Pony Express 

1977-1979  Carter Country

1979   Amateur Night at the Dixie Bar and Grill

1976   Sara 

1976   Petrocelli 

1966-1975  Gunsmoke

1974   The Tribe 

1974   The House on Skull Mountain 

1974   The Nickel Ride

1974   The Waltons

1970-1974  Mannix 

1967-1973  The F.B.I.

1973   The Rookies 

1973   Kung Fu

1973   The Streets of San Francisco 

1972   Chato's Land

1972   The Other

1971   O'Hara, U.S. Treasury 

1968-1971  Mission: Impossible

1971   Longstreet

1971   Wild Rovers

1962-1971  Bonanza

1970   Rio Lobo 

1970   Dan August 

1970   Flap 

1970   There Was a Crooked Man...

1967-1970  Daniel Boone

1970   Cutter's Trail 

1969   Death of a Gunfighter 

1969   Lancer 

1969   Charro! 

1968   Gentle Ben 

1967   The Danny Thomas Hour 

1967   Cimarron Strip 

1967   The Beverly Hillbillies 

1967   Captain Nice 

1967   Iron Horse 

1967   F Troop 

1967   Tarzan 

1966   The Hero 

1966   Branded 

1965-1966  Get Smart

1965-1966  Lassie

1966   Death Valley Days 

1966   Batman 

1965   My Favorite Martian

1965   Ben Casey 

1965   Dr. Kildare

1965   Slattery's People 

1965   Rawhide 

1965   The Wild Wild West 

1965   Mister Ed 

1965   Hogan's Heroes 

1964   No Time for Sergeants

1962-1964  The Virginian 

1963   Kraft Suspense Theatre 

1963   Temple Houston

1963   Spencer's Mountain 

1963   77 Sunset Strip

1963   The Dakotas 

1963   Hawaiian Eye

1963   The Quick and the Dead 

1961   The Clown and the Kid 

1961   Hazel

1961   Two Faces West 

1960   The Magnificent Seven

1955   TV Reader's Digest

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