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Timothy Dalton ACTOR


Timothy Dalton was born on March 21st, 1944 in Colwyn Bay, Wales with the middle name Peter.  He was the oldest of five children, born to Dorothy and Peter Leggit Dalton. In the late 1940's, his family relocated to Manchester.  During Dalton's early educational years, he excelled in sports and from a young age, developed an interest in acting.
At the age of sixteen he left Herbert Strutt Grammar School and joined the Michael Croft's National Youth Theater.  He then continued pursuing acting by enrolling at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art for almost two years.
Dalton was then given the chance to join the Birmingham Repertory Theatre and he worked on a number of stage productions.  Soon he decided to try and break into the television industry.
Some of his early television series roles were on, "Judge Dee" (1969), "Sat'day While Sunday" (1967) and such television movies as, "The Three Princes" (1968), "Five Finger Exercise" (1970) and "Candida" (1973).
Timothy also began to add a number of film credits to his resume appearing on such features as, "Wuthering Heights" (1970), "Cromwell" (1970), "The Voyeur" (1970) and "Mary, Queen of Scots" (1971).
Dalton then decided to put television and film on hold for a bit and returned to stage acting signing with the Royal Shakespeare company as well as the Prospect Company, performing in such plays as, "Romeo and Juliet", "King Lear", "Henry V", "Love's Labours Lost" and "Henry IV". 

He returned back to acting with a roles on the films, "The Executioner" (1975), "The Man Who Knew Love" (1978), "Sextette" (1978) and "Centennial" (1978).  Other highly successful film roles followed such as, "Flash Gordon" (1980), "Chanel Solitaire" (1981), "The Doctor and the Devils" (1985) and two James Bond films, "The Living Daylights" (1987) and "Licence to Kill" (1989).  

Along with his return to films he continued to add numerous television credits to his resume on such series as, "Jane Eyre", "Faerie Tale Theater", "Sins", "Tales from the Crypt", "Framed" and he portrayed, Rhett Butler in the eight-hour mini-series, "Scarlett".   

While the third "Bond" film was on hold, he continued working on television, film and even returned to the stage on occasion.  He appeared in the film, "The King's Whore" (1990), "Salt Water Moose" (1996), "The Informant" (1997), "Passion's Way" (1999), "Timeshare" (2000), "American Outlaw" (2001), "Hot Fuzz" (2007) and "The Tourist" (2010).
He had decided not to participate in the 3rd James Bond film which had changed it's title to, "Golden Eye" after witnessing too many legal issues between MGM and the film's producers.  He was later replaced by Pierce Brosnan and Dalton went on working other projects.
Dalton has also used his voice for numerous voice over projects such as on the films, "Toy Story 3" and the television series, "Stories from My Childhood" as well as the short films, "Small Fry" and "Hawaiian Vacation".  
He has one child from a relationship with Oksana Grigorieva and remains un-married fathering no other children besides his one son Alexander.  


2013   Ivan the Fool 

2012   Tinker Bell: Secret of the Wings

2011   Small Fry

2010-2011  Chuck 

2011   Hawaiian Vacation

2010   The Tourist

2010   Toy Story 3: The Video Game

2010   Toy Story 3

2009-2010  Doctor Who

2008   Unknown Sender

2007   Hot Fuzz 

2006   Tales from Earthsea

2006   Agatha Christie Marple: The Sittaford Mystery 

2005   Hercules 

2004   Dunkirk

2003   Looney Tunes: Back in Action

2001   American Outlaws

2000   Possessed

2000   Time Share

1999   Passion's Way

1999   Made Men 

1999   Cleopatra 

1998   Stories from My Childhood 

1997   The Informant

1997   The Beautician and the Beast 

1996   Salt Water Moose

1994   Scarlett 

1994   Red Eagle 

1993   Naked in New York

1992   Framed 

1992   Tales from the Crypt 

1991   The Rocketeer 

1990   The King's Whore

1989   Licence to Kill 

1989   Brenda Starr

1988   Hawks 

1987   The Living Daylights

1986   Sins

1985   Faerie Tale Theatre 

1985   The Doctor and the Devils 

1985   Florence Nightingale 

1984   Mistral's Daughter 

1984   The Master of Ballantrae

1983   Jane Eyre 

1983   Antony and Cleopatra 

1981   Chanel Solitaire 

1980   Flash Gordon

1979   The Flame Is Love 

1979   Charlie's Angels 

1979   Agatha 

1978-1979  Centennial 

1978   The Man Who Knew Love 

1978   Sextette 

1975   The Executioner

1971   Mary, Queen of Scots 

1970-1971  BBC Play of the Month

1970   The Voyeur

1970   Cromwell 

1970   Wuthering Heights

1969   Judge Dee

1968   The Three Princes 

1968   The Lion in Winter

1967   Sat'day While Sunday

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