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Tim Conway ACTOR


Tim Conway was born on December 15th, 1933 in Willoughby, Ohio with the birth name Thomas Daniel Conway. After completing High School he attended Bowling Green State university and majored in Speech and Radio.  When he graduated he chose to join the Army and when he completed his military service he found work at a radio station answering mail and then was soon promoted to being a promotional writer.   
He then found work in Cleveland writing material for the comedic skits that were aired between movie intermissions.  Conway did some film work with another comedic actor, Anderson and when another female actress, Rose Marie came to visit the television studio and viewed some of Conway's work, she took an interest in him and took him under her wing.
He relocated to New York City and found work with ABC on "The Steve Allen Show" for which he remained on the show for two seasons billing as Tim not to be confused with another actor named Tom Conway.  He then began to gain even more recognition with a number of other roles. He is primarily remembered for his roles in a number of sitcoms, films and television roles such as on the popular 1960's WWII sitcom titled "McHale's Navy" and also for his co-star role alongside Carol Burnett on "The Carol Burnett Show" (1967-1978). 
In the mid 70's Disney began paring Conway in a number of their films with comedian, Don Knotts such as "The Apple Dumpling Gang" (1975) and it's sequel "The Apple Dumpling Gang Rides Again" (1979).
He also did a couple independent films such as "The Prize Fighter" (1979) and "The Private Eyes" (1981).  
Conway has married a total of twice throughout his lifetime.  His first wife was Mary Anne Dalton whom he wed in 1961 and together they had six children before their marriage ended in 1978.  He then married his second wife, Charlene Conway on 1984 and they remain together today.
Some of his more recent work includes a series of videos in which he portrays the character, Dorf in a number of films. A total of eight "Dorf" films are now available.  In 2010 he appeared on an episode of "Hot in Cleveland" and was also a guest star in 2011 in an episode of "Batman: The Brave and the Bold".  


2011 Batman: The Brave and the Bold
2011 Dorf and the New Toga
2011 Dorf and the Angry Fan
2011 Dorf and the Trial
2011 Dorf and the Tee Time
2011 Dorf and the Confession
2010 Hot in Cleveland
2010 Hermie and Friends: Who's in Charge Anyway?
2010 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
2010 Hermie and Friends: Antonio Meets His Match
1999-2010 SpongeBob SquarePants
2009 Santa Buddies
2009 Hermie & Friends: The Flo Show Creates a Buzz
2009 Skeeter and the Mystery of the Lost Mosquito Treasure 
2009 Rainbow Valley Heroes 
2008 Legend of the Paddle: The Oldie Hollis Story 
2008 Garfield's Fun Fest
2008 30 Rock
2008 Huntin' Buddies
2008 Hermie and Friends: Hermie and the High Seas 
2007 Buzby and the Grumble Bees
2007 Certifiably Jonathan 
2007 Hermie & Friends: Milo the Mantis Who Wouldn't Pray
2006 Scooby-Doo! Pirates Ahoy!
2006 Hermie & Friends: To Share or Nut to Share
2006 Hermie & Friends: Stanley the Stinkbug Goes to Camp 
2005 Hermie & Friends: A Fruitcake Christmas 
2001-2005 Yes, Dear 
2005 Hermie & Friends: Buzby, the Misbehaving Bee
2004 Hermie & Friends: Webster the Scaredy Spider
2004 Hermie & Friends: Flo the Lyin' Fly
2004 Rainbow Valley Fire Department
2004 Hermie & Friends
2003 SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom 
2003 On the Spot
2003 Hermie: A Common Caterpillar 
2002 The Proud Family 
2002 SpongeBob SquarePants: Employee of the Month
2002 Scooby-Doo: Night of 100 Frights 
2001 Dorf da Bingo King 
2001 SpongeBob SquarePants: SuperSponge
2000 The View from the Swing 
1999 The Wild Thornberrys 
1997-1999 Diagnosis Murder
1999 Mad About You
1999 O' Christmas Tree
1998 7th Heaven
1997-1998 Clueless
1998 Hercules
1998 Air Bud: Golden Receiver
1998 Ellen
1997 Hiller and Diller
1997 The Drew Carey Show
1997 Suddenly Susan
1997 Touched by an Angel
1997 Speed 2: Cruise Control
1997 Cosby
1996-1997 Coach
1997 The Larry Sanders Show
1996 Dorf on the Diamond
1996 Dear God
1995-1996 Married with Children
1996 Cybill
1995 The Tonight Show with Jay Leno
1993 Dorf Goes Fishing
1992 The Golden Palace
1991 Carol & Company
1990 Dorf Goes Auto Racing
1988 Dorf's Golf Bible
1988 Dorf and the First Games of Mount Olympus
1987 Faerie Tale Theatre
1987 Dorf on Golf
1986 The Longshot
1984 Cannonball Run II
1983 Ace Crawford, Private Eye
1983 Great Day
1980 The Private Eyes
1980 The Tim Conway Show
1979 The Prize Fighter 
1979 Carol Burnett & Company 
1979 The Apple Dumpling Gang Rides Again 
1978 They Went That-A-Way & That-A-Way 
1967-1978 The Carol Burnett Show 
1977 The John Davidson Christmas Special
1977 The Billion Dollar Hobo 
1977 The Chevy Chase Show 
1976 The Shaggy D.A. 
1976 Gus
1975 The Apple Dumpling Gang
1974 Roll, Freddy, Roll!
1974 ABC Afterschool Specials
1974 The Boys
1973 The World's Greatest Athlete
1972 Love is... Barbara Eden
1970 The Tim Conway Show
1969 Turn-On
1966-1967 The Red Skelton Hour
1967 Rango
1962-1966 McHale's Navy
1965 McHale's Navy Joins the Air Force
1964 McHale's Navy 
1963 Channing
1961 The New Steve Allen Show
1960 The Steve Allen Plymouth Show 

Matinee Classics - McHales Navy starring Ernest Borgnine, Joe Flynn, Tim Conway, Gary Vinson, Carl Ballantine, Billy Sands, John Wright, Gavin MacLeod, Edson Stroll, Yoshio Yoda, Bob Hastings, Jane Dulo, Roy Roberts, Bill Quinn, Jacques Aubuchon, Henry Blackman, Simon Scott, Jay Novello and Dick Wilson
Matinee Classics - Rango starring Tim Conway
Matinee Classics - Rango starring Tim Conway
Matinee Classics - The Carol Burnett Show starring Carol Burnett, Harvey Korman, Vicki Lawrence, Lyle Waggoner and Tim Conway
Matinee Classics - The Carol Burnett Show starring Carol Burnett, Harvey Korman, Vicki Lawrence, Lyle Waggoner and Tim Conway

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