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Tige Andrews ACTOR


Tige Andrews was born on March 19th, 1920 in Brooklyn, New York with the birth name Tiger Andrews to parents Selma and George Andrews. His parents were immigrants from Syria and named him after a strong animal following Syrian custom.  At the age of three his mother passed away and soon after his father remarried.  

During World War II he served in the United States Army but after being wounded in Sicily he returned home and was discharged.  He then graduated in 1946 from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York and began his career as a stage actor.
In 1955 he performed, "The Three Penny Opera" as a street singer and won great praise from critics for his performance.  When he was performing on stage in, "Mister Roberts" in the early 50's, film director, John Ford saw him and cast him in the film version in 1955 which followed with a role in the film, "The Wings of Eagles" (1957). 
He worked on a number of television shows as well as such as, "The Phil Silvers Show" (1955-1957), "The Lawless Years", "The Big Valley", "The Fugitive Gunsmoke", "Star Trek" and "Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C".  He is most well known for his role on the series, "The Detectives" which ran from 1959-1961 and as Captain Adam Greer in, "The Mod Squad" (1968-1973) for which he received both an Emmy and Golden Globe nomination and also won a Logie Award.    

In 1963 he was one of the original founding members of the Covenant Players International Repertory Theater Company this still operated today and in the early 1970's he recorded two record singles, "Keep America Beautiful" and "The Mod Father".  He was also an artist and would have the occasional gallery show.    

He did return to the big screen in 1979 for the made for TV movie, "Return of the Mod Squad" and for the remainder of his career he would make occasional guest appearances on such series as, "Police Story", "CHiPs" and "Murder, She Wrote". 

Andrews married only one time to Norma Thornton on December 19th, 1950 and they had six children together, Barbara, Gina, Julie, John, Steve and Tony, before she passed away in 1996.  Andrews did not remarry again and he passed away on January 27th, 2007 in Encino, California from a heart attack at the age of eighty six.  


1991 Murder, She Wrote 
1987 Sledge Hammer! 
1985 Misfits of Science
1985 Street Hawk
1984 Hawaiian Heat 
1982 Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
1982 Quincy M.E.
1978-1981 CHiPs
1980 Vega$
1980 Gypsy Angels 
1979 The Return of Mod Squad 
1978 Flying High
1974-1978 Kojak 
1976 Raid on Entebbe 
1976 The Last Tycoon 
1976 Good Heavens
1975 Police Woman 
1974-1975 Police Story 
1975 Barbary Coast
1975 Amy Prentiss 
1975 Wide World Mystery
1974 Skyway to Death 
1973 Marcus Welby, M.D.
1968-1973 Mod Squad
1965-1969 Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C.
1968 In Enemy Country
1957-1968 Gunsmoke
1968 Premiere
1967 Star Trek
1967 Dundee and the Culhane
1967 Bob Hope Presents the Chrysler Theatre
1967 The F.B.I.
1967 The Fugitive
1967 The Big Valley
1966 Run for Your Life 
1966 Jericho
1965 12 O'Clock High
1965 Slattery's People
1962-1965 Ben Casey 
1964 Dr. Kildare
1963 Mr. Novak 
1963 Sam Benedict 
1962 Ensign O'Toole
1962 Alcoa Premiere
1959-1961 The Detectives Starring Robert Taylor
1961 The Dick Powell Theatre
1961 Adventures in Paradise
1961 The Best of the Post
1959 A Private's Affair 
1959 The Lawless Years
1958-1959 Playhouse 90
1959 Zorro
1959 The Grand Jury
1958 Steve Canyon
1958 Onionhead
1958 Imitation General 
1958 The Walter Winchell File
1958 China Doll 
1958 U.S. Marshal
1957 Until They Sail
1957 The Wings of Eagles
1955-1956 The Phil Silvers Show
1955 Mister Roberts 
1954 Inner Sanctum
1952-1953 Armstrong Circle Theatre
1953 The Plymouth Playhouse
1953 Suspense
1951 Kraft Theatre     

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